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20 Free Blog Directories Without So Many Restrictions

As I continue to search for free directories, I found out there are some that have no strict restrictions. Although some of them require me to add their widgets on my blogs and submit my RSS Feed, I had no problem submitting my blogs to them. So here are some of them with no particular order or ranking:

1.0 Add Link Suggest
2.0 Boing Boing
3.0 Blogging Tips
4.0 Blog Listing
5.0 Feed Fury
6.0 RSS Micro
7.0 Million RSS
8.0 Bloggers Directory
9.0 Blogger Sites
10.0 WOW Internet Directory
11.0 All The URL
12.0 Blogio
13.0 Bloggapedia
14.0 Top Blog Directory
15.0 Blog Search
16.0 5 Star Blogs
Blog Rate Directory
18.0 Top Web Blogs
19.0 My Blogging Area
20.0 2RSS

Submitting to free directories is a great way to increase traffic to your blogs, but you must be careful in choosing so because some of them are useless and your precious time and effort are just being wasted. If you have comments to a particular directory or the whole list above, please feel free to do so.

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January 5, 2008 at 9:36 PM

Hi Angel,
Nice links. I'll try joining some of them soon, I think they'll sure increase traffic, Btw, on which blog directories are you registered ?

  Guardian Angel

January 6, 2008 at 12:17 AM

Hi Meg! Yes, it will help you increase traffic somehow, and there are thousands of them yet to be discovered. However, I am not encouarging you to join this early. You are still too young for this and you might see things you are not yet supposed to see.
But guess what? I think it is better if you submit your quality articles to top article directories in which I have a great list too.
By the way, I am almost finished joining all of them, and planning to find more.
Thanks for dropping by...again.