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How to promote your Blog to Non-bloggers

Sometimes, we are just too busy with other things and we do not have time to socialize with fellow bloggers. But then, we must continue to promote them even to non-bloggers. However, these people may not understand what we are doing and therefore, different approach must be made. Convincing them to do what they do not usually do is the hardest part, and it is not enough that we invite them to visit our blogs without telling them some details. Here are some techniques I have been doing lately.

Choose potential visitors

Not all Internet users are interested in opening blogs, so you must choose them carefully. Know what they like to read and make sure your topic belongs to their point of interest. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time. It is also better if you do it within your circle of friends like parties, meetings and when you are speaking in front of a crowd. Choose the ones who are fond of reading, and avoid the busy people who do not have spare time.

Do not invite them at once

Inviting them at once is like driving them away because reading blogs can be scary to them. Do not expect them to know what a blog is, although they may have heard of it before. A better start is to tell them what they can get from opening your blog, and why should they spend time reading your posts. Never tell them that you are the best blogger and your blog is the best blog in the world. Instead, leave a mystery so they can be thrilled while you are inviting them.

Guide them

Treat them like a child, and guide them patiently. Find the shortest keyword that can lead to your blog on when they Google it, and make sure it really does. Tell them everything they should know about a blog such as the sidebars, the archives as well as your ads. I also think they should know what will happen when they click your ads. This is not only being honest, but also to avoid your ads to be abused which may harm your blog. To guide them effectively, be accessible at all times.

Invite them to subscribe

There is nothing better than to convert them to regular readers, so invite them. This is better than inviting them to visit your blog again. However, they must know that it is totally free and they can unsubscribe anytime they like. Inform them also about your blogging frequency especially when they seldom check their mails. They may get annoyed when they are see a lot of messages in their inbox, and may think that your posts are spam messages.

Treat strangers nicely because first impression lasts.

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