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Useful Tips for Effective Blog Directory Submission

Submitting your site or blog to directories can help you a lot to increase your PR, especially if you have the right keywords and useful contents. However, if you submit it the wrong way, chances are you will be just wasting your time. With this, you may want to check out these useful tips before doing such.

1.0 Browse each directory before submission. Read and understand the guidelines very carefully and follow them. Some directories require different length of description from the others. Use the keywords properly and not just to attract search engines. Remember that the directory editor who will approve your blog is also human like you, who get annoyed when something is not right.

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January 25, 2008 at 7:31 PM

Very good guidelines.
I own a popular directory!
I decline submissions that do not follow the simple guidelines!
On my submit page I have [?] by each field giving information, but it seems that people still ignore the helpfull information when submitting.

Even a handy FAQ's site is ignored a lot by submitters!.

I do send emails with the submission status, I even send out a link confirmation email.

When I see a submission that has been completed by a auto form tool, I notice that many fields are incorrect.
I figure that when people do not take a minute to review their submissions, I will not spend time correcting the submission either.

Reciprocal links on many directories are without value, on mine, my listings are in an order that when there is a valid reciprocal link, they are shown above links without reciprocal.

btw. my directory when searched for "free general directory" on google, yahoo and msn are in the top 3, mostly even in first place.


  Guardian Angel

January 25, 2008 at 9:51 PM

Hi wesece! I am very surprise to know that a directory owner appreciates my post and even find time to post an inspiring comment. It is such a great honor for me coz I know you are a busy man.
Anyway, what makes me more happy is that I have submitted this blog to your directory and has already been approved by your editors even before you made this comment.
Now, I know where I should submit my other blogs, to a directory that has a high quality standard like yours.
Thanks for the appreciation and trusting this blog.