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How to Reduce the Possibility of Receiving Spam Emails

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According to Wikipedia, a spam email is a bulky or junk email being sent to numerous recipients without solicitation. All of us email users are aware of this but spammers are almost everywhere and no matter what we do, we cannot seem to avoid them. However, there are many things we can do to minimize the possibility of receiving them. Here are some of them that are very easy to do.

Ignore them

If you receive emails from unknown sources, simply ignore them. Do not even dare to unsubscribe to them through the link at the end of the message. Note that the purpose of the spammers is to know if our email address is live and they can just change the title and send it again to you. Avoid chain emails talking about religious stuff, Viagra, horoscope and others. Instead of sharing them to others, delete them at once. If you will be receiving them from your friends and relatives, advise them to refrain from doing this.

Avoid free trials

Free trial software is very tempting to try but downloading them is not advisable. Worst is you will be submitting some of your personal information and if you do this, expect more spam emails. Do not even purchase from any unconfirmed products on line. Although they may be legitimate, your personal information may not be safe enough to reveal. Remember, there is really no such thing as free enterprise. If you need to purchase something, search the web and double check its authenticity.

Hide your email address

Do not expose your email address anywhere. If you really have to inform your readers, use the word at instead of the symbol @. This is because most spammers get email addresses through scanning. In your blog, use a contact from wherein your email address cannot be seen. For contests, comments and other not so personal purposes, use a separate email address to protect your primary email address. But the most important thing is to share it to trusted people only.

Finally, protect and educate yourself. Use the tools provided by your email service provider. Read articles about them and educate yourself. There are also a lot of free spam blockers and filters around to help us like Stop Spam Center.

An off-topic piece of advice, do not capitalize the word spam unless you are referring to SPAM canned foods.

This is not a paid post, only a message of concern.

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Understanding your PC easily without frustrations

Computers are common to offices, schools and homes, and all of us just need to learn how to use it. Although they come with different features, sizes and speed, all of them have a common task, to make things easier. The nice thing about it now is that they are affordable which makes it a common medium of communication and learning.

However, some of us are still afraid to try it especially the ones who are not technically inclined. They become frustrated and the learning becomes stagnant. They limit their knowledge for the fear for damaging it and are humiliated by others when they learned that they do not know to use it. I must admit, I am no expert in using computers. I am still learning from experience as well as from others.

But now, I am glad I found a very informative blog that can provide me useful computer tips. When I first saw this blog, I was struck by the title and immediately paid a visit. I was even more surprised to know that it has a bunch of computer tips from the basic to the more complicated scenarios. It has even posts on how to clean your computer, inside out. There are also complex topics but the author makes them simpler and easier to understand.

The site is still new, but I can sense that it will go a long way because of its advocacy to give us computer tips in a very user-friendly way. Now, I will not be among the frustrated computer users because I know this site will help me a lot.

But of course, do not take my word for it. Feel free to visit to prove me wrong. But if I am correct, I am not expecting you to thank me. I am happy to help others in my humblest ways.

Blog Advertising

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My Last Post to Blogging 101

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I would to share my excitement to everybody as I have reached this point in this blog – my 100th post. After I revealed my wildest dreams on my first post six months ago, I realized I have now moved one step forward. I already made a gratitude speech on my Happy Family Matters blog when it reached its century post, so I want to make it different here. I would like to announce my plans on this blog as the continuation of my wildest dreams. Here they are and hopefully, I can reach them through your help.


I want to make some interviews with different kinds of bloggers. Since I love communicating with people, I think I can also be a good interviewer. There are some of my favorite bloggers whom I want to meet, not necessarily in person. There are interesting facts about them that I know will serve as inspiration to us, even to non-bloggers. Similarly, I also want to be interviewed and anyone can approach me and let’s discuss the possibility. I am now preparing to be interviewed by Alexys of Soul meets World which I recently won in a blog contest.


Although I made some reviews about some bloggers, they are the ones I consider my virtual friends and mentors. I am now starting to make some blog and product reviews to monetize this blog but I carefully choose them to avoid harm in my blog. Anyway, I am also planning to make reviews about useful blogs for free, just like I did for Daily Writing Tips and Blogsvine. Of course, I would also like this blog to be reviewed. It can be a paid service, but of course I would prefer someone who already knows me here to make a review about me.

Guest posts

I made three guest posts at and I know the feeling of being allowed to make a guest post on other blogs especially if the blog is popular. It did not only help me with my traffic but also increased by self-confidence that I can write good posts. My blog may be far from being among the top blogs, but I am inviting everyone to be my guest blogger. I have only simple requirements: your topic is about blogging tips and has original content which means it has not yet been posted anywhere even on your own blog. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Adding a forum

This is one of the wildest dreams in my other blog, but I think it would also be nice if I also have one here in this blog. This is because I want different kinds of bloggers to be connected as one, sharing thoughts and experiences as bloggers. Although I know some useful forums around, I would like my forum to concentrate about blogging for the masses. This means that posts should be readily accessible to common bloggers and newbies as well. I really have many things to do first before having a forum, but I will patiently wait.

Be a problogger

I am being advised to have my own domain if I am really serious in blogging. Many also were written about the advantages of not using a free host. And since I am a dead serious blogger, I would love to hear from you some great tips on how and where I can buy my own domain. This is because to be a problogger is my ultimate goal in blogging. I want to get rid of working for someone else while I know I can work for my own. I want to be with my family everyday while working for them. This is not an easy decision but I am now working hard to be one.

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Great List of Free Blogger Templates Resources

If you are among my regular readers, you will notice that this blog is wearing a new template. Although the former template looks professional and attractive to readers, I decided to change it again to maximize the space and yes, I am still using free hosting from Blogger but you barely notice, don’t you?

Definitely, I really love the new look of my blog and I want to share with you where I got it and other sources of free blog templates. Here they are and hope you can also make a good choice.

Blogger Buster - Not only that she designed templates, but also a big help to all Blogger users by giving tons of advises about blog design improvement.

Final Sense – Not just a blog with tons of free and attractive blogger templates, but also with useful articles about blogging and making money on line.

Jackbook - A similar blog recommended to me by a fellow Filipino blogger named Fitz, to which I consider virtual friend since he is always following my blogs and giving me blogging advises.

Other free blog templates sources that you cannot just ignore.

Blogger Templates and Tips
Free Blogger Templates
Free Templates
Gecko & Fly
Suck my Lolly
Eblog Templates
Blogspot Template

With this, I am also planning to change the template of my other blog.
Now, what do you think about my new template? Isn't it wonderful?

If you are encountering problems viewing this through your browser, please be kind enough to inform me.

Thank you.

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Is my English Good-looking Over There?

I really want to blog but I am afraid because I cannot speak and write good English. So, what I did is I read many blogs as many as I can, everyday. They say that if I read and read I will also be able to write good English later on.

But I noticed on some blogs I read, they are also find it difficult to write in English. But when I check their number of readers, they have small numbers of subscribers even if their blog is already old. Then I read their posts one by one and I found them very enjoyable to read. Some are also very useful, too.

So, meaning I can also blog even if my English is not good-looking over there. So I become happy. But I discovered some problems. My articles are not being allowed by paid to write sites and also by some bloggers where I want to be guest blogger. This mean that I cannot make my traffic a lot and my source of income is very limited. Sometimes, I also feel as if nobody’s reading them anymore at all.

Now I learned my lesson very well. Even if I cannot write very good English I can still make a blog. But however, I still have to improve my English because I want to earn more money and I also want to have many visitors in my blog. I also understand that I should not be ashamed if I am not that good in English because I am sure many will help me here.

Seriously speaking, I made this post to let everybody know that it is hard to make a good post if you are not fluent in English. I am also not insulting anyone here because I know I still have plenty of improvements to do with my writing.

So if you think you have to improve your English, there are some sites that can help you. I personally read posts from Daily Writing Tips and visit their forum. Sometimes, I also ask Dr. Grammar.

This is not a paid post.

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Finally, Entrecard allows Multiple Blogs!

Photo from Entrecard

I would like to reserve this post to update all Entrecard members about their latest feature. Now, we can add multiple blogs in a single account, or link your other existing blogs. I remember this issue was highly raised since they started, including me. This is because it is very hard for bloggers with multiple blogs like me (I used to have 3 blogs, but now it’s down to 2) to use different accounts for different blogs.

Anyway, it is now easy to switch from one blog to the other or simply adding a blog under your account. All you have to do is to click the Linked Blogs located at your dashboard and it will lead you there.

In addition, they have now released their official E-book where you can learn tons of strategies for members and newbies. Of course, it is free to download it anytime.

With all the intrigues and difficulties Entrecard is passing through recently, it is nice to know that Graham still finds time to improve their services. So I think I have no regrets in staying.

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When Blogging can be an Honorable Career

Photo by Guardian Angel

Blogging is a freedom of expression, and anyone may blog about anything they like. In fact, it is now one of the best careers of today according to Yahoo Education. Unfortunately, scams and harassment are all over the blogosphere and still rising fast. These bad eggs must be stopped before we eat us alive. However, I still believe that it can be a decent career. I still see many of them who I can consider honorable, and here are some of the reasons why.


It is very difficult to earn trust when you are blogging because most of us here are totally strangers to each other and even oceans apart. It is easy to make a pirated post, but once you loose trust from your readers it will be the end of the world for your blog. Similarly, it is also hard to trust someone you do not know, so much so if you cannot meet him in person. Money is one of the major reasons why we blog but on-line business transactions are based only in trust and word of honor. Would you trust your hard-earn money to strangers?


Bloggers are one of the most patient workers in the world. A good blogger usually spends long hours before completing a post, not to mention the research he has made just to satisfy his readers. Reaching the targeted audience is much harder while maintenance is pure hard work. Blogging is not an easy task like some expects wannabe are telling us. Making good money consistently through easy blogging is a false tip. It is all about finding the right strategy and giving what the readers like to see. Are you patient enough?


There are millions and millions of blogs around the world but how many of them are original and how many of them are just practicing plagiarism? When we say originality in blogging, this includes the style and how it attracts the audience. For me, blogging is a science of sharing facts and all of us are making experiments out of what we read. It is the creativity that makes the difference among us. I believe all of us are born artists. Artists live forever and that is what makes them honorable.


Are you blogging with your heart, or are you just using your common sense? Although the latter can be effective, it is our passion that can make us honorable. A blog topic does not have to be serious, it can also be fun. But it will be different if sincerity is not applied. Readers are very sensitive, they like sincere bloggers. You may pass the criteria of the search engines, but it is hard to win the heart of the readers. Language is just a bridge, but the sense of every word is truly that counts. Use you mind, but follow your heart.


Anyone who knows how to use a PC can make a blog, and that’s the hurting truth. While there are formal rules to make a decent blog, they are not enough to control everybody. Any crazy blogger can easily make a disturbing post. It is sad that some of us tolerate them and even support them. Although they can be penalized or banned later on, we cannot erase the damage and the bad influence it brought to the reading public, especially to child bloggers. Blog like everyone is watching. After all this is what we want.

Blogging is not magic; it is all about character.

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Two Ways to shorten your long Blog URL

It is not a secret that my blogs has super long URL, and I must admit this is one of my biggest mistakes in blogging. Actually, my idea was to create phrases as my blogs’ URLs to make them unique. In fact, their former titles are also the URL. But I decided to change them to make them easier to type and to minimize typographical errors.

In case you do not notice, the URLs of my blogs are and which are composed of 47 and 45 characters respectively. Whew!

But after reading a great post from Kumo of Toast & Egg & Me, I learned that there is a solution to my problem. I can now transform my long URLs to shorter ones. Although my URLs are permanent and can never be changed, these shorter URLs are their equivalent.

This will be very helpful for me especially when I am at Twitter which has limited number of characters to be used. Another advantage of this tool is you can hide your affiliate links if you want to.

With this, I strongly suggest that you visit TinyURL and SnipURL, and choose what will fit you. Both of them has each unique feature and of course, free to use.

By the way, below is the Input box for TunyURL for you to try it on. Good luck!

Enter a long URL to make tiny:

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How to use Blog Contests to increase Readership

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Blog contests are now popular in the blogosphere, and it seems that everybody is crazy about them, and that includes me. I already joined 3 of them and won 2 times, and that is not bad for me. I also ran a small giveaway on my blog and I was satisfied with the result.

Nowadays, prizes and mechanics are getting more exciting, and more bloggers are getting interested to be part of these blog contests. But what some bloggers do not realize is that contests also serve as a good medium of increasing readership. However, one must be able to find good strategies to maximize the opportunities. Here is what I learned and for you to think about.

For Contest Owners

Give reasonable instructions

Although you may be giving attractive prizes, contestants will think twice before joining if your instructions are not reasonable. Reasonable instructions include making a post about you and your blog, instead of the contest alone. You can also choose from your best posts and ask them to make a post about it. Requiring them to add you to their favorites is also a good idea. On the other hand, subscribing to you may also increase your readership, but they can easily unsubscribe anytime after the contest.

Don’t forget to post

Promoting your contest takes a lot of time and effort. To save time, you can place an attractive banner on your blog, and use its URL when posting comments on other blogs. Running a contest may increase your readership but it will only be temporary if you neglect your blog posts. Do not run a contest just to tell others that you are generous. If you do this, they will only visit you again if you will run your next contest. Go back to the basic; readers will always look for quality content.

For Contest Sponsors

Maximize your exposure

Sponsors are allowed to have a small text to let the readers know who the contest sponsors are. Grab this chance by using the best resource box you can make. Make it attractive to win the readers. If other sponsors are your competitors, check their signature and make yours the better one. In addition, use your link URL to your best post, instead of your homepage. So every time a contestant checks your blog, he will realize that you are not a simple sponsor, you are also worth to visit.

Share a priceless prize

Instead of sharing a cash prize, offer a free service to the winner such as banner ads, lectures, reviews and interviews. Use your expertise to help the winner. This is not only free promotion on your part; it will also increase your credibility when someone learns from you. When he becomes successful because of you, he will be eager to introduce you to others. Therefore, readers will come to you automatically and it will go on almost endlessly. You will be a well-respected mentor someday.

For Contestants


Socializing is an effective tool to convince readers to your blog. Although winning the grand prize is your main goal, you can also be friends with the contest owner and other contestants as well. That is why it is also important to join a popular contest. Although you may have a lesser chance of winning, being a contestant is great opportunity to promote your blog. Making your entry post attractive to potential contestants can also increase your readership. If your entry post is convincing, the news will be passed to others and most likely, they will be interested in reading your other posts.

Be prize conscious

If you are allowed to choose a prize among money, points and interview or blog review, I suggest you choose the latter. While prize money is direct income, blog review or interview is better in the long run. Actually, it is priceless as many would call. This is because a post about you does not only attract readers but also search engines as well, especially if the blogger is influential. If you win one, it will be your passport towards future readership. Grab this chance to tell everybody about yourself and your blog.

Incidentally, I won an interview prize from joining The Party Contest. In due time, this will materialize and through the help of the interviewer, Alexys Fairfield of Soul meets World, I hope it can create a one-step forward for me as a blogger.

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A Simple Thanks to My Very Serious Droppers

While I temporarily stop from giving a FREE ADS reward to my very serious droppers (droppers with more than 20 drops), I would like to reserve this post to thank them by mentioning them here. This includes the droppers to my other blog - Happy Family Matters

Humane Blogging Tips

Worldwide Travel Blog
Article Specialist's Blog Network
Prove Me Wrong
Search Engine Panel
Diet Pulpit
Read My Mind
CK Marketing
Ten Forty
Majik's Thoughts
Juliana's World
About Offshoring
Stir the Cauldron

Happy Family Matters

CK Marketing
Marriage and Beyond
Joan Joyce Dot Com
Cheaper By the Half Dozen
The Sewing Mom
Mother's Got A Dot Com
Trainee Trader
Worldwide Travel Blog

If I may be missing some of you, please bare with me. Nevertheless I really thank you and hope you continue supporting my blogs.

Rest assured that I will think of other ways of giving you rewards.

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The Best of Humane Blogging Tips

Since I made a similar post on my Happy Family Matters blog, I decided to do the same thing here. This is because my archives are plenty enough as I approaching my one year in blogging. The following list is according to their categories.

Here they are.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

Things You Should Know before you Blog
Why Bloggers should show their own pictures on blogs they own
Tips on How to get Tips from Google
Five Qualities of a Successful Problogger
20 Uncommon but Effective Ways to Increase Traffic
How to convince your Visitors to read your Blog Posts

Blog Promotion

How to make your Blog post land on the top spot of Google Search
75 Free SEO Friendly Directories (No Reciprocal Links Required)
20 Free Blog Directories Without So Many Restrictions
TOP 10 Free Article Directories According to Alexa and Google
Useful Tips in Effective Article Directory Submission
Useful Tips for Effective Blog Directory Submission
How to Post Comments on other Blogs to Promote your Blog

Traffic Generation

How to Post on Forums and Increase Traffic to your Blog
How to convince Blog Owners that you are a Good Guest Blogger
The Right Time to be a Guest Blogger
How to Get High Traffic from your Resource Box
How to Choose an Attractive Pen Name
How to Attract Visitors from Yahoo Answers
How to Make Your Readers Post a Comment
What I am Gaining from Entrecard

News and Views

Welcome to Father Blogger dot Com
Article Directory Submission and Guest Blogging – What is the Difference?
Blogger’s Name – To Use or Not to Use
License your Work with Creative Commons
A Funny Way to talk about Serious Dangers in Blogging
How to be a Popular Blogger in the Newspapers
Z Solutions Inc. – Not An Entrecard!
Blogsvine – A Fast Rising Social Bookmarking Site
Is my English Good-looking Over There?
Are you doing the Right Blogging frequency?

Blogging Tips

Why you should also read Blogs that are Different from your Blog Niche
How to Make your Post a Masterpiece
Responsible Parenting – A Guide to Effective Blogging
How to Blog like a Boxing Champ
Tips on how to give Blogging Tips
How to post a Good Post
How To Reply On Comments
How to Socialize within your Blog
Are you a Humane Blogger?

Blogger's Problems

How not to be a Prisoner of your own blog
How to motivate your self in Blogging
What to do When you Cannot Think of a Good Post
What Makes A Blogger Quit
How to Keep your Health when Blogging
Most Ignored Mistakes by Bloggers
How to fight your Insecurities in Blogging
How to avoid burying your own Blog
How to avoid your Subscribers to Unsubscribe to your Blog

Blogging Resources

Why you should leave Entrecard
Steve Pavlina dot Com: The Smart Site that can make you Smarter
Why you should visit the Blog Network of Article Specialist
Daily Writing Tips – An Effective Guide for Effective Writing
Blogger Buster – A Blog about

I just hope you can learn from them somehow. I will be updating this list as I go long. Enjoy reading!

Last update - July 23, 2008

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Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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Ten Reasons why I Blog

Too Much Blogging = Tumor

I found this tag on one of my virtual friend bloggers, a 12-year old Indian blogger by the name of Meghnak. Although she did not tag me, I feel that my readers will find it interesting to know why I am blogging. So here they are.

1.0 I really love communicating with others through speaking, as well as through writing.

2.0 I love sharing of information. It widens my knowledge and keeps me updated on many things.

3.0 Sharing blogging tips is something I am not getting tired of. It feels great when bloggers are doing good because of my tips.

4.0 I want to be remembered as a person who tries to contribute to make our world a better place to live in. I also have a blog about how to have a happy family and I feel it is my advocacy. This is because I know how hard it is to have none. I am a product of a broken family.

5.0 It increases by confidence when a stranger especially from other countries, visits my blogs and even posts comments.

6.0 It is very rewarding for me to know that someone is learning from me, somehow.

7.0 I want my children to learn the Internet as young as they can. It is expensive to enroll a child in a school where using computer is a part of their curriculum.

8.0 Internet has been my fear before I started blogging and I learned how to use e-mail just 8 years ago. . We had no actual contact to computers when I was in college. It is funny, but I am an Electronic and Communications Engineer. Now I enjoy facing my fears.

9.0 I have been working for different companies for 15 years but it is only now that I feel so passionate on what I am doing.

10.0 I am planning to be a full-time blogger and I am working very hard to be one some time soon.

There it goes, so what about you? Why do you blog?

I am not tagging anyone but you can do the same on your blog or share your thoughts with me.

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Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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My Serious Droppers

As I have promised, I am back to update the list of my droppers.

This time, I will include all my droppers who dropped on this blog or to my other blog - Happy Family Matters. However, do not pout if your name is not included here. I am still checking my inbox regularly.

I will be checking this from time to time not just to include others but to remove others if they stop dropping for about a week without information through his post that he will be leaving for a while.

This is because I do not just drop; I read blog posts and even post comments if the topic is interesting. I hate bloggers who do not respect his readers by just leaving their blog. On the other hand, I admire those who say sorry for not posting for awhile, when he comes back. Of course, I love readers who posts useful comments instead of obvious blog or product promotion only.

In addition, I have simple requirements. I will not drop on blogs with offensive posts and adult content.

Now here is the list.

1.0 Happy Family Matters
2.0 Worldwide Travel Blog
3.0 Article Specialist's Blog Network
4.0 Whatever Comes To My Mind
5.0 Belleverlasting
6.0 Random Detoxification
7.0 Search Engine Panel
8.0 Diet Pulpit
9.0 Read My Mind
10.0 Marriage and Beyond
11.0 Templates Treasure
12.0 Joan Joyce Dot Com
13.0 Life Quest
14.0 Ten Forty
15.0 A Second Cup
16.0 Entrecard Blog
17.0 Turnip of Power
18.0 WOW pinoy
19.0 Pinoy Rich Jerk
20.0 Juliana's World
21.0 Time!
22.0 The Clamor of Kalinga
23.0 What About Blog
24.0 Mommieshome dot net
25.0 Cheaper By the Half Dozen
26.0 Manilenya
27.0 Memories Frozen in Time
28.0 The Daily Matters
29.0 A Pinay's Endeavor In America
30.0 Orient Lodge
31.0 Fatherlyours dot com
32.0 Proud Mommy
33.0 Health Nut Wannabee Mom
34.0 My Road
35.0 Earn On The Side
36.0 Sourkandy
37.0 Personal Finance Management Guide
38.0 Kikay Corner
39.0 Gewgaw Writings
40.0 The Sewing Mom
42.0 Environmentastic
43.0 Reap Money Online
44.0 Wahm Cafe
45.0 Thailand Land of Smiles
46.0 MamaFlo's Place
47.0 Blog From Cebu To The World
48.0 60 Were Enough
49.0 My Life's Journey
50.0 HRM Business Practices
51.0 Reenashwina
52.0 Pinoy Raket Online
53.0 Ulupong dot com
54.0 Superficial Gallery
55.0 The Success
56.0 EzGreatLife
57.0 New York Renovator
58.0 A Girl For All Status
59.0 Jude's Eclectic Resources
60.0 Cromely's World
61.0 PlotDog Press
62.0 Pinoy Teens Online
63.0 Sonnie's Porch
64.0 Chica & Pumuckl - Living with Cats
65.0 Mother's Got A Dot Com
66.0 Bloggista
67.0 Unpredictable Life
68.0 All In A Day
69.0 Tidbits Of Tammy
70.0 Dinner and a Blog
71.0 Juuust a Bit Outside
72.0 Forced Green
73.0 Freaky Frugalite
74.0 Reward Rebel
75.0 Red Sox Mommy
76.0 The Mom With Brownies
77.0 Pandora's Casket
78.0 PinayWifeSpeaks
79.0 My Funny Dad, Harry
80.0 Karen & Gerard Zemek
81.0 Mommy Brain Reports
82.0 Internet Marketing Seminar Listing Service by Pam Hoffman
83.0 Joey M.D.
84.0 And That's the Truth
85.0 Work-at-Home-Wealth
86.0 Online Social Networking
87.0 21st Century Dad
88.0 Gourmeted
89.0 Health, Fitness, Lifestyle
90.0 My Absent Mind
91.0 Maternal Spark
92.0 Life With Kim
93.0 Live Love Life
94.0 Rumbling Lankan
95.0 Wisdom Hypnosis
96.0 HotMomma
97.0 Mommy Moments
98.0 My Drift
99.0 Random Thoughts
100.0 Thinking Outloud
101.0 glitchline
102.0 BaReFooTeD Me
103.0 Is 8 Enough?
104.0 You Are Living
105.0 Pink Lemonade
106.0 Points of View
107.0 Warmstone
108.0 The Creative Nerd
109.0 LizzyT Designs
110.0 The Pond
111.0 Urutora no Hi
112.0 MakesYouLaugh
113.0 And Life Goes ON for a Filipino MOM
114.0 Everything Nice!
115.0 ATNIZ
116.0 K.I.S.S.- Keep It Short and Simple
117.0 Waterrose
118.0 Fairy Tale Treasure Shop
119.0 A Hand Me Down Life
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How to fight your Insecurities in Blogging

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You have been blogging for a year or more, but it seems your lady luck is not friendly to you. Your subscribers are very low no matter how nice your invitation is. Your traffic is far below from what you expected. You have been consuming a lot of time making good posts but no one seem to notice them. After all the social networks, forums and directories you joined in, only few are responding. And worst of all, you have been spending hard-earn money for your blog and the returns are frustrating. But before burying your blog six feet under the ground, here are some thoughts to ponder.

Rest but do not stop

Maybe you just need some rest. Maybe you spend too much time in thinking how to improve your blog, but your mind and body does not function well anymore. Remember, it is not a sin to rest for a while. Do not push yourself to the limit. Try to be away from your PC sometimes, go to a quiet place and relax. Do other things which are not related to blogging. But then, do not stop. When your mind is now at ease, go back and I am pretty sure that you will recover your self-confidence. If computers fail because you overuse it, what could happen to a tired human body and an exhausted mind?

Do not compare

Comparing yourself to a more successful blogger will obviously increase your insecurities. Instead, use him as an inspiration and learn from him. High caliber bloggers need the lower ranks too. If he will not help you, he is not also helping himself. You can always ask help from any blogger, but if he noticed you lack confidence he will assume that his help will not be effective. Readers are after what they can learn from us, and do not care on what we feel. Blogging is a race, but there is not only one winner. Even the last one on the line will be rewarded.

Hide your emotions

Showing your bothered emotions will be your biggest mistake. If your readers and other bloggers noticed that you feel low, they will avoid you unless they are your friends before you start blogging. This is because negative feeling is contagious and will affect others. It is nice to be humble and down-to-earth, but it is totally different from feeling self-pity. Show some pride to yourself and it will manifest in your posts. Readers are intelligent but they cannot see us. If your voice is low, then it will sound low. Bloggers should also be good actors.

Stay focus

Do not get distracted by the noisy crowd. Know what you want and what you can, then just blog it. After all, success in blogging has no time limit. Bloggers come and go and there is a space for all of us. If you will check the history of prominent bloggers, they did not come overnight. Even the highest paid blogger can fall down if he looses his focus. Blogging is an investment, and not an 8-hour work. Do not expect a salary at the end of the day. Maintenance is the second most important factor in blogging, next to planning. If you feel that blogging is for you, then it is for you.

Review yourself

Instead of crying over spilled milk, why not find another cow? Check yourself and the past activities you have done. Be patient in doing this and correct your mistakes if possible. Note that every blogger has his identity. If some things work for someone, it does not mean it will also work for you and vice versa. Internet is powerful and strategies are born everyday. You just need to discover what's best for you. Maybe you are not capable to join the flock, but you may be smart enough to create your own. There is always a Plan B, if it failed then try Plan C. I am sure you will make it before reaching Plan Z.

Insecurity is all about feelings, while blogging is all about thinking but with feelings.

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