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5 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

Affiliate marketing is now a popular and effective way to make money on line. Earnings can be achieved through joining affiliate programs and promote different products in your site or blog. You can earn payments through commissions when someone sees a product that interests him and buy it through you link. However there are different strategies on how to improve your self as an affiliate marketer. To earn deep knowledge, you can join informative forums, and here are the Five Best according to Affiliate Tips:

1.0 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forum. This forum is very friendly to affiliate marketing beginners. It has informative threads that contain affiliate marketing strategies, resources, article marketing, blogging and SEO. Also included are inspiring tips and advises from the owner herself and one of the most influential and well respected experts of the affiliate marketing world, Linda Buquet.

2.0 Wicked Fire Affiliate Marketing Forum. This is a very strong forum in terms of discussions about affiliate marketing, hosting and domains, design development and latest news about affiliate industry. Although their threads look aggressive, you can expect very informative topics about affiliate marketing. You can also sell, buy and trade websites, tools and other things.

3.0 Associate Programs Affiliate Marketing Forum. This forum hosted by Allan Gardyne contains affiliate marketing programs, making money on line, blogging issues, web creation and maintenance, and marketing strategies such as SEO and article submission. This is also friendly to beginners and has decent threads that you can learn from.

4.0 SEO Chat forum. Although this forum does not have many visitors as the others, it contains a lot of information about Google, SEO and search engine strategies, directories, and affiliate marketing news which is being updated hourly. The thread masters also provide hot issues about affiliate programs, resources and techniques.

5.0 Top Affiliate Marketing Forum. Although there have no numerous members yet, they have a lot of informative tips about affiliate marketing. However, they focus on their affiliate networks like Commission Junction (CJ), Linkshare and Sharesale. Also included are web site promotion and top affiliate marketing news and announcements.

Learning more about affiliate marketing before joining can help you achieve your target easily and smoothly.

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Guest Blogging: The Effect of Good Article Writing

I would like to reserve this post to thank Kevin Muldoon of Blogging Tips who gave me this great experience to be a guest blogger to his very informative and clean blog. This was my first time for me to be a guest blogger, and I am very enthusiastic about it. For the record, I have been viewing his blog for a quite some time. In fact, I am also planning to submit this blog to his directory just like I did to my parenting tip and marriage tip blogs. But for now, I would like to share to all of you how I felt when I saw my post on his blog:

1.0 I felt like a professional. If you are a new blogger, being a guest blogger in a huge site will make you feel like a professional. This will upgrade your status as a blogger and you will strive to write more good quality articles. It can also make you more competitive, and you can now think that you have a space in this blogging industry.

2.0 I felt challenged. If you can write just one good article, you can write a better one next time. You will not be contented on a single result. Therefore you will be stricter in your writing style and you will be able to face new challenges in writing good articles. You also tend to be more creative to be able to surpass your first time.

3.0 I felt dignified. It will be such a great honor when someone better than you are will trust your ability. Take note that not all bloggers are given the chance to be a guest blogger. Since the site has more readers than you have, it will be a step ahead for your blogging career.

4.0 I felt confident. Sometimes, it is frustrating when you think that your articles are good but no one seems to notice them. By being a guest blogger, it will add confidence to your self and you will realize that you deserve to be noticed. However, confidence must only be in your heart, not in your mind.

5.0 I felt I belong here. Sometimes, you might be wondering if blogging is really for you. You have been blogging for months but your traffic is still low as well as your earnings. You have tried all the possible blogging tips but it seems nothing works for you. Do not loose hope, for it is one of the painful reasons why some bloggers quit.

With this, I am cordially inviting you to view my post entitled “The effects of Good Article Writing” and you can see it now live at Blogging Tips. Please feel free to apply to be a guest blogger and you can be sure of his kind assistance especially if this will be your first time.
You can also submit your blogs to his growing directory, or you can join the forum.

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Discovering the Right Blogging Strategy

Every blogger is doing his best to find the right blogging strategy that can increase his traffic as well as revenue. Some bloggers even spend money to be able to achieve this. Blogging tips are almost endless. In fact, more strategies are being discovered every now and then. Old blogging styles are being improved also. But no matter how many blogging tips you use, it will not be effective if it will not fit your capabilities and interest. Here are some of the effective blogging tips and learn to discover which will fit you:

1.0 Be an article marketer. This is very time consuming and a mind torturing strategy. Most of the time, you need to be alone in order to finish a good article. However, it really pays off because a lot of people like to read them. If you will get noticed by some, you can easily get noticed by many. But if you are always in a hurry, this is not for you.

2.0 Participate in forums and discussions. This is quite simple and you can learn a lot too. You can easily meet the top bloggers if you can be able to share useful ideas. However, you must also be updated with the latest trend to be able to participate well. If you are not capable of having enough resources, you will be left out.

3.0 Join social bookmarketing sites. This is very easy. Joining groups and communities is very simple. You can just click any image that you see without viewing the sites. If people find yours quite intriguing, they will visit your blog. Promoting your blog only needs a few sentences. However, this is quite boring for people who are not sociable.

4.0 Join the controversy. If you will write about hot issues like politics and show business, you can also be popular. By merely being a critic or sharing your opinion about a well known figure can also make you a star. However, you need to be a talkative person who always has something to say about the current issues. If you are a shy type person or cannot win a debate, find another strategy.

5.0 Do the SEO thing. This requires a technical knowledge somehow. Although keyword is the heart of this strategy, there are still a lot of processes to study. There are a lot of experts and ebooks to learn from but you should be capable of dealing with softwares and search engines. So if you are not a technical person, progress will be slow.

There is no harm in trying all kinds of strategies, but using all of them simultaneously might make you running through circles and achieve nothing.

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The Right Time to be a Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is another effective way to increase traffic. It opens a window for you to be recognized especially if you are still new in blogging. It is also a proof that you can be good article maker. However, finding the right time to do it is quite hard because there are a lot of you waiting for the approval of site owners. Therefore, you must analyze yourself first, and here are some useful clues.

You can write well

This is the top requirement among them all. This is how you will be judge. Being very fluent in English is not really a must, but choosing the right words is very essential. Readers have a high expectation and you must attract the readers like the site owner does.

You are an analytical reader

You should put yourself in the shoes of site owners and their followers. Reading a lot can help you to learn the proper words to use, and can gain you a deeper knowledge about the topics you choose to write. It really helps if you are a wide reader.

You must be creative

You must also possess a creative writing capability, beyond how you usually write on your blog. You must be on a higher level of writing because the site owner will be spending a page just for you. He is looking for the uniqueness of a post. This is because there is more to loose from him, than from you.

Your posts attract comments

Besides being creative, having comments on your articles should also be your target. Remember that it is not your site that you are writing for. This time, the readers are different from your blog visitors. If you cannot attract comments on your blog, it is not yet time for you to be a guest blogger.

You must have a strong personality

This should be the first impression of the site owner, and it will be seen through your blog posts. You must maintain a good composure in every article that you make. It does not matter if you have been denied a couple of times. What matters is that you are getting stronger every time it happens.

Being a guest is like having a second home.

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Useful Tips for Effective Blog Directory Submission

Submitting your site or blog to directories can help you a lot to increase your PR, especially if you have the right keywords and useful contents. However, if you submit it the wrong way, chances are you will be just wasting your time. With this, you may want to check out these useful tips before doing such.

1.0 Browse each directory before submission. Read and understand the guidelines very carefully and follow them. Some directories require different length of description from the others. Use the keywords properly and not just to attract search engines. Remember that the directory editor who will approve your blog is also human like you, who get annoyed when something is not right.

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You can also visit my latest blog - Father Blogger dot Com as it is being updated daily. Well, almost.

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75 Free SEO Friendly Directories (No Reciprocal Links Required)

If you are submitting your blog to directories in order to get high traffic, here are some of the Free SEO Friendly directories that do not require reciprocal links. This means that you do not have to put links on your site, or no need to display too many widgets on your blog.


If you want more free and paid directories, you can visit Info Vilesilencer.

You can link to this page and share it to everyone, but please include my resource box.

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License your Work with Creative Commons

Another way of protecting your work is to require others to use have a proper license before they use it, and this is what Creative Commons is all about. This has been advised to me by a fellow Filipino blogger from Pinoy Entrecard, but recently it was also being suggested by a guest blogger of Problogger, named Patrick who is the owner of Piggy Bank Pie.Com. So, here are some of its features I found that you might be interested of:

1.0 You can choose what type of license you want, which you can allow others under the following conditions: attribution, non-commercial, no derivative works, and share alike. Each license has unique html codes that can be recognized by some search engines. These are being represented by unique icons which are explained further in their About page. You can find mine on the top right side of my blog just under the waving Philippine flag.

2.0 They have a detailed explanation on how they operate; from FAQ, videos and comics. They also provide some things to consider before choosing them. You can also use it for your off-line works. But of course, there will be no metadata and therefore will not be recognized by search engines.

3.0 Since the licenses are non exclusive, you can still use your site for commercial purposes. Non-commercial in item # 1 is for the licensor and not for the content owner. Actually, this is their main goal to help bloggers and sites owners to maximize their revenue.

4.0 Their services are not limited to blogging industry only. They also cover artists, scientists and other professionals who want to protect their works from illegal copyrights. Moreover, their services are free of charge since they belong to a non-profit organization.

For more information, you can visit their site and be sure you understand the whole context first before joining.

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Roboform: The Faster Way to Submit your Blogs to Directories

Submitting your blog to directories is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic. However, providing your blog details in every submission manually will take you time. It is good that my friend and mentor in blogging recommended me to check this video. After I studied it carefully and started using it, I realized how fast it could be so I want to share this with you.

In addition, a great list of SEO Friendly Free directories is being provided by Info Vilesilencer. To avoid problems, please read carefully their Submission Guidelines before submitting your blog.

Additional Tip: Make sure that you use the appropriate version with your Mozilla browser.

You can also submit your site for free to Zenith Design Directory.

If you find this tip useful to you, please share this post with others so we can all enjoy the good benefits of blogging.

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What Makes A Blogger Quit

Photo credit to mayhem

Blogging is not as easy as non-bloggers would think. It is not the usual type of career that anyone can just stay alive without making a lot of sacrifices. There are a lot of things to think about and acted upon. Although it is not quite obvious, blogging has many obstacles too. A blogger may not have a boss to satisfy, no dress code to follow, and no time limit to work; but there are still some who decided to quit. Here are some of the reasons why.

Too many interests

Bloggers with many interests can have a problem in terms of priority. Instead of focusing on a particular niche topic, he is confused on what to write first. Since he cannot handle the pressure of managing too many blogs, he will feel exhausted and then decide to quit. He will prefer collecting valuable information but not capable of sharing them. A blogger cannot be Jack-of-all-Trades because he will be Master of Nothing.

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20 Uncommon but Effective Ways to Increase Traffic

All SEOs / SEMs are Spammers

You can get a lot of blogging tips everywhere, and all of them may be effective one way or another. Some are difficult to do, while some are easy but the result will take more time. Some are common and some are not. The uncommon ones are usually ignored because they seem to be ineffective. But after you understand the list below and try them, you will be surprise with the result:

1.0 Create ageless posts. You can post it again with a new look. Great articles are not boring to read again and again.

2.0 Use an intriguing username, but related to your blogging style and content. People will be curious about you and has a higher chance to visit your blog.

3.0 Do not join numerous social bookmarketing sites that you cannot maintain. Chances are you cannot visit them all regularly.

4.0 Create a list of top article directories where you submitted your quality articles. It will not only help you have a high page rank, readers will also be amazed how you did it.

5.0 Post a summary of your previous posts and provide a link to them. It makes you look like a genius.

6.0 Create a follow up post on your previous keyword-rich posts. Remember that keywords are attractive to search engines.

7.0 Post an article about a high quality blog, include the owner’s name and then inform him. He might even thank you by posting a comment.

8.0 Do not create a useless post just to impress your readers that you are blogging regularly. Readers are the best critics.

9.0 Make your group discussion or thread title a question rather than a sentence. Readers are eager to provide the best answer.

10.0 Do not rely too much on free advertising. Spending a bit to promote your blog in huge directories pays off in the long run.

11.0 Promote a contest even you are not the initiator. Being a bridge to a big event will also make you famous.

12.0 Post a good comment on a controversial post even if it is not related to your blog content. At least, your blog is being exposed.

13.0 Be an animal and human at the same time. An animal has strong looks while humans have kind posts.

14.0 Make a better post out of a good post by others and submit it to top article directories. Just make sure that you do not spam.

15.0 Make inspiring posts about your mentors. Readers will love your humility.

16.0 As much as possible, find a unique photo or cartoon and insert it to a related post. It makes it more attractive.

17.0 Maximize your resource box. Add some fancy lines depending on your blog content, but never use click here. Readers are offended when they are given commands.

18.0 Create a loud but gentle noise. Join the controversy of Britney Spears and the like, but do not use hurting words. Most bloggers are women and parents as well.

19.0 Ask a non-blogging friend to visit your site. It will help you know how newbies identify whether your blog is good to see for the first time or not.

20.0 Make a nice list of blogging tips like this one. People will refer you to others.

Uncommon blogging tips can be more effective than the common ones if you use them wisely.

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Qassia: An Effective Way to Increase Traffic while Earning

As I am hoping to find other ways to increase traffic to get more earnings, I found this unique site called Qassia. This is not your usual blog directory or article directory. They do not require reciprocal links, when you submit your sites. Another good thing about them is that you can get unlimited back links and earnings through easier ways, and here are them:

1.0 Add Intel. Intels can be of short sentences or simple paragraph about a product, a place, an event or anything that you like to describe, related or not to your own blogs. You do not have to make a long post; just make sure it is understandable to readers. Each Intel that you add can carry a backlink to your site so the more Intel you add, the more backlink.

2.0 Screen the Intels. When you screen or rate an Intel, you will get credit which is called Qassia dollars, the more Intels you screen, the better chance to be on top of their tag-based directory. Likewise, members can get credits when they screen your Intel. You can earn also them through referring their site to others.

3.0 Earn 100% of your hard work. You can do that through Google adsense running on each Intel you make. These ads are registered at your Google account so you are sure that you can get all the earnings from your hard work. It is just like making a new blog but with more simple content.

It is very seldom that I write a separate post to promote a single site. But do not take my word for it, visit their site and register so you can confirm if I am telling the truth or not.

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How to Start Earning from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be a good alternative source of income on-line. Although it is much better to have a website or blog, you can also do this even without having one. It is just like recommending to someone your favorite food, clothing, movies and others while being paid to do so. Basically, it is an art of selling something without cash out. Do not get confused, this is different with MLM (Multi-level Marketing) where you have quota or hard selling. However, before getting started, here are some basic tips:

1.0 Whenever you visit a site with an affiliate program, read carefully the details especially about the product and the commission you will get before joining. It is hard to promote a product just for money, but never understand it. Besides, some affiliate programs might deny your application if they feel that you are not capable in doing so. As for the commission, study very well how much you can earn before joining. Compare one affiliate program to another and choose carefully.

2.0 If you have a blog or site, use an affiliate program that fits to the content of your site. If you are blogging about good parenting, you can use baby products or food for kids. It will be very helpful to guide your readers to visit the link. Although some bloggers do not follow this, they are usually the ones who have already the powerful sites. That means that they are like good-looking commercial models which can be trusted when endorsing a product.

3.0 Although you can choose to have banners on your site, they sometimes annoy the readers and decide to get off your site and never come back again. Choose the right colors that will not blind your readers, and do not place them where the readers will find it difficult to read your posts. They visited your site because of the content, and not to buy something. A site which has a lot of banners makes it slower which can drive your readers away.

4.0 If you prefer using email only, you can add your affiliate link in your signature to promote the product while send mails to family and friends. Although you can send emails to strangers to promote the product, make sure you will not look like a spammer. You can also join forums which allow affiliate links but make sure your content is valuable and not obviously promoting a product. For both circumstances, write a simple phrase about the product, instead of the link or banner only.

5.0 Read articles about affiliate marketing so that you can learn other techniques. Just like any other business venture, it requires knowledge and strategies that will fit in with your capabilities. There are some affiliate marketing secrets you can learn from experts that help you how to be good in this field of business. Feasibility is also important to help you achieve your target earnings. This will also help you to be attached easily with the system.

Affiliate marketing is not just earning some money by promoting a product; it is also about earning trust by making people take your word for it.

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Copyscape: A Good Way to Fight against Plagiarism

Plagiarism is stealing content from a site or blog, and anyone can do it by simply copying them and paste it on other’s site. After changing a bit, these thieves are now the new authors of your hard work. Although this increasing problem has been here for a long time ago, there are also simple but effective ways to fight against this nasty act. One sure way of doing it is by using Copyscape. They offer great services protect your site content and here is what they offer:

1.0 They have a free banner that you can place on your site to scare these culprits. By having this, they will know that you can detect them easily. If they learn about it, they will more or less think twice before they steal your site content. Find the best location for your banner where it can easily be seen.

2.0 They have a free service where you can simply copy paste your URL page and presto! All blogs and sites with the same content as yours will appear. But since it is free, they offer limited number of service.

3.0 They offer Copyscape Premium if you want more than ten page searches a month with unlimited result. It will save you a lot of time, and the cost is very reasonable. Moreover, they can search text content that is off line.

4.0 They also offer Copysentry if you want to do the search automatically and send you all the information through email. You have a choice of weekly or daily checking. Again, it will save you a lot of time and the price is very reasonable.

5.0 They have also useful tips on how to respond if you prove that your site content has been plagiarized. In addition, they have a forum where members are welcome to join. Testimonials of successful members are also posted.

Plagiarism is a crime and we should protect ourselves at all times.

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A Funny Way to talk about Serious Dangers in Blogging

Investor Yossi Vardi here talks about the dangers in blogging, in a funny way. This is probably his style to make his work attractive, and he is very successful in it. But you have to take his warning very seriously, especially male bloggers. This video was featured on TED which stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, a highly respected annual conference that brings together the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers. For more information about the speaker, you can visit his bio in this site.

This is my first venture in using a video as a post, and I will post more of them if I found them worth sharing.

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How to Make Your Readers Post a Comment

Comments are feedbacks from your readers, and a post without a comment is like a post that nobody has read. It is also the living proof that your post is interesting to read. It is quite frustrating to learn that your hard work has seem to vanish in thin air, and this might stop you from making your next post as good as the previous one. With this, consider these tips and make your readers interact with you.

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The ABC of SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a great way to increase traffic. It is like submitting your blog to thousands and thousands of blog networks simultaneously. By this method, your blog will attract search engines that will help you climb to the top. Spiders are called to these unique programs since they are crawling to millions of sites around the blogosphere searching for the best site and show it to human researchers. Although deep study and different strategies are required to achieve that, you can start with the basic. Here are some very simple but essential techniques:

1.0 Use attractive keywords. This includes your title, description, blog content and resource box. Let us say your blog topic is about blogging tips like mine, therefore the phrase “blogging tips” must be included in your title. This is the main reason why I changed the title of this blog.. However, being very rich in keyword content is not also healthy for your readers. Remember you are blogging about a readable topic, not a bunch of keywords.

2.0 Provide links. The quality and quantity of links you have goes together. Therefore, the more number of powerful links you have, the better chance of getting easy to search. This is why most bloggers are requesting for exchange links. Subsequently, you are forming a network of links. Joining huge blog networks and top social book marketing sites are very helpful to invite others for link exchange. However, broken links must be avoided.

3.0 Learn from experts. There are a lot of SEO experts around to assist you, custom paid and for free. Joining SEO enriched forums like digitalpoint will be very helpful to gain more knowledge. At first, you may not appreciate their topics but as you go along reading, you will be enjoying the show and later participate. However, there are those who misunderstood the principle of SEO and there are also who claims that they are expert but as dumb as he can be, so you must be very careful.

4.0 Submit your site to search engines. if you think your site is ready enough, submit it to top search engines like Yahoo and Google. There are a lot of search engines around but submitting to all of them is not also healthy. Just like links, if a search engine is not powerful enough, then you are just hoping for nothing. Moreover, you should ensure that you are in the nearest topic related category. If you fail to do this, you will be transferred to the right category but of course, to the last spot of long lines.

5.0 Patience, my friend. This is the most humane way to get traffic through SEO. SEO is a very long journey, and not all kinds of SEO techniques are applicable to all. Choosing the fast way may also be a success, but definitely not for long. Search engines are so powerful that they can detect spammers and have them easily removed from their system.

Remember, SEO is only one way to increase traffic. If you feel it is not working for you, try other techniques instead of wasting your precious time.

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20 Free Blog Directories Without So Many Restrictions

As I continue to search for free directories, I found out there are some that have no strict restrictions. Although some of them require me to add their widgets on my blogs and submit my RSS Feed, I had no problem submitting my blogs to them. So here are some of them with no particular order or ranking:

1.0 Add Link Suggest
2.0 Boing Boing
3.0 Blogging Tips
4.0 Blog Listing
5.0 Feed Fury
6.0 RSS Micro
7.0 Million RSS
8.0 Bloggers Directory
9.0 Blogger Sites
10.0 WOW Internet Directory
11.0 All The URL
12.0 Blogio
13.0 Bloggapedia
14.0 Top Blog Directory
15.0 Blog Search
16.0 5 Star Blogs
Blog Rate Directory
18.0 Top Web Blogs
19.0 My Blogging Area
20.0 2RSS

Submitting to free directories is a great way to increase traffic to your blogs, but you must be careful in choosing so because some of them are useless and your precious time and effort are just being wasted. If you have comments to a particular directory or the whole list above, please feel free to do so.

Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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How To Convert Your Good Praises Into Money

Let us say you are now in a stage of being a good blogger, or writer for that matter. Your site is now being noticed and people find your contents very useful and interesting. You have received a lot of good comments and praises for your hard work, but the problem is that your earnings are still small. Though you may have numerous visitors and you think that the ads have the right sizes and in the right place, you are still not satisfied with your revenue. With this, you might be interested in doing the following:

1.0 Review your ads. How many times do your adsense ads have been clicked? If you feel there are some ads that do not work for you satisfactorily, do something about it. There are a lot of tips you can get to have the more clickable ads, or to have your existing ads to be more clickable. Adsense has an audio of ad optimization demo where you can hear their tips.

2.0 Add other advertising networks. Besides adsense, there are other sources of ads like Kontera and others that can fit with adsense. These sites have attractive ads and you can easily find ads that suit your viewers. However, be conscious on adding them. A site with too much ads is like driving your viewers away.

3.0 Write for advertisers. Payperpost is one of the best buyers of posts today. Currently there are more than 50,000 bloggers enjoying this site. However, your blogs must be live for a minimum of 90 days, counted from the date of your first post and with at least 20 pre-existing posts prior to registration.

4.0 Find high paying article directories. There are two kinds of article directories: one is help you increase your traffic and the other one that pays you and then sell them. However, most of them have very strict qualifications so you have to work harder. But since you have good posts, it will be quite easier for you.

5.0 Expose yourself further. One good example of doing it is to find ways to attract search engines and SEO is one of them. This system automatically searches for your site and if you do the right tactics, you can expect more exposure. There are a lot of free tutorials you can learn from.

Money is one of the major reasons why we blog, but do not forget that the first reason why you have attracted visitors is because you make good posts.

Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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TOP 10 Free Article Directories According to Alexa and Google

If you are interested in submitting your quality articles to top article directories, here is a great list for you, together with their page rank and some of their unique submission guidelines:

Ranking as of December 26, 2007 and may be changed from time to time…

1.0 Ezine Articles Alexa Rating: 671; Google Pagerank: 6

1.1 Article must have a minimum of 250 words and no more than 5,000 words. For us, an ideal article size is 400-750 words.
1.2 Example of a Bad Keyword TITLE: Top 9 Ways To Acquire Fractional Jet Ownership
1.3 Example of a Good Keyword TITLE: Fractional Jet Ownership - 9 Strategies to Help You Acquire Your Private Jet
1.4 Example of an invalid URL:,
1.5 Example of a valid URL:

2.0 GO Articles Alexa Rating: 7,717, Google Pagerank: 3

2.1 Submit your article to one category only.
2.2 Submissions that are less than 100 words will be removed from the database.
2.3 Article Title: maximum 150 characters.
2.4 Article: maximum of 15,000 characters or roughly 2,500 words.

3.0 Web Pro News Alexa Rating: 8,031, Google Pagerank: 6

Sorry, no restrictions and FAQ found. But this site is all about BIG NEWS about the blogging industry and I think this is not for simple bloogers like me, not yet. This is a good site to visit though.

4.0 Search Warp Alexa Rating: 8,453; Google Pagerank: 3

4.1 Content must be original material that is solely owned by you.
4.2 Articles which have been given to multiple people to distribute are not accepted.
4.3 Articles must be substantially unique. We do not accept articles which have just been rearranged or have had a few words changed here and there.
4.4 Pictures of authors must be actual images of the author. No graphical representations or logos are allowed.
4.5 Author biography Must contain no more than 2 links or website URL’s.

5.0 Buzzle Alexa Rating: 8,959; Google Pagerank: 6

Although they do not have any requirements of their authors per se, you will be expected to submit original, quality articles written by yourself and owned by you. They also expect you to consider your author status a privilege and therefore they expect that you will make a commitment to submit articles with some regularity.

6.0 ACS Publications (American Chemical Society) Alexa Rating: 9,321, Google Pagerank: 7

No detailed restriction but you may want to view their Ethical Guidelines.

7.0 Articles Base Alexa Rating: 10,589; Google Pagerank: 4

7.1 Article Title must have a maximum of 150 characters and Minimum of 2 words. But it is highly recommended up to 80 chars for search engines better indexing your articles.
7.2 Article Body must have a minimum of 125 words and a maximum length of 12,000 characters.
7.3 Author information may include up to 3 self serving links only.

8.0 Article Dashboard Alexa Rating 10,589; Google Pagerank: 6

8.1 Articles submitted will not be approved if they contain links in the body belonging to the author, but you can use the resource box to link back to your site.
8.2 Articles containing more than 3 links in the resource box will not be approved.

9.0 I Snare Alexa Rating 16,498; Google Pagerank: 3

9.1 Do not use your domain or site name as your article's pen name or author name.
9.2 Articles must have at least 500 words and at most 2000 words.
9.3 Only 5 articles a day for normal members and 7 articles a day for Platinum members. Platinum members are members who paid the platinum membership fee of $59.95/month.

10.0 Amazines Alexa Rating 18,433; Google Pagerank: 3

No unique guidelines but the usual ones like posting your original articles.

Since I only name a few of their guidelines, I am strongly advising you to read their FAQ or Submission Guidelines carefully before submitting; so you do not get upset if your articles will be disapproved.

Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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How To Improve Your Blogging Strategy

ProBlogger Trick Chicks
In any activity that you are into, you want to be great if not the greatest. In blogging, there might be than more than tens of thousands bloggers who have the same topic as yours, and it feels quite frustrating that you think you already did your best, but still the results are unsatisfactory. So if you feel that last year’s scenario needs improvement, here are some of my advices I think would be applicable:

1.0 Focus on a single agenda. There may be a lot of activities in your mind but you must know your priority and focus on it. If you want to blog about making money on line, avoid reading blogs about cats even if you are a cat lover. This will divide your attention and time.

2.0 Make a concrete plan. In making a plan on what to do, make it a concrete one. A plan is will never work if it does not have sufficient data, detailed activities and target date of accomplishment. But make sure it is attainable.

3.0 Write your plan. You will very busy and if you do not write our plan, you will forget some of the details and you might go into circles finding data again and again. Write it on a sequential manner; from step one to the last one. Make it friendly with you when you look at it.

4.0 Follow your plan. This is the main purpose of your plan, to follow it. You might learn that there are other bloggers who have different plans as yours, but it does not mean it will also be applicable to you. Changing of plans frequently will end up achieving nothing but plans.

5.0 Monitor the effect closely. This is the sole purpose of statistics, to know what your current status is. However, statistics sometimes is not that reliable so you may want to have other sources instead of depending on a single group. Moreover, do not expect a rapid change on the effect.

6.0 Do not sleep. You may take a rest once in a while, but do not sleep. Of course, sleep here means to stop for a long time. Although sleeping gives us more energy to work, it also can make you lazy after you wake up.

7.0 Be patient. As the saying goes, Patience is a virtue, my friend. If you will succeed within a very short period of time and with less effort, you cannot repeat it again not with the greater effect. Success in blogging is not magic, and even magic has its own right timing too.

If you fail again, there is always a Plan C to think of. If it fails again, there are 24 other letters to choose from and I am sure one of them will fit into you.

Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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