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Pinoy Entrecard: The Entrecard for Filipinos

Entrecard without a doubt is still the hottest community nowadays. Many bloggers around the blogsphere are crazy about it, including Filipino Bloggers. Apparently, there is now an Entrecard exclusively for Filipinos, which is called the Pinoy Entrecard. This site was designed and owned by Gomby, a 22-year old Filipino based in New York, USA. For Filipinos like me, here are some advantages you may get from joining:

1.0 You will know how many Filipinos have extreme talents in blogging and you can share them with each other.

2.0 You will have special bonding with your fellow Filipino Bloggers, no matter where you are.

3.0 Since the site is fast growing, it will somehow add attraction to your blog considering that you are an Entrecard holder.

4.0 It is always exciting to know that your fellow Filipino is doing well in whatever field he is joining.

We can show to the world that Filipinos are united whatever happens, and in spite of the problems our country is facing.

Although we may be typecast as “great imitators”, we can always make our own version and still be competitive.

All other races will be amazed on how many Filipinos can be equally great as other citizens of the world.

With all of these, I am strongly encouraging all Filipinos to join this community. Let us wave our flag on top of our blog and shout as loud as we can…Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

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What I Learned From A One-month old Blog

Three months ago, I started to blog about parenting tips, and immediately followed by facts about marriage. Then finally, I launched this blog exactly a month ago. I learned how to blog from a friend of mine who also blogs and he was a good mentor to me, who is still helping me until now. I am also glad that I met nice people here, and child bloggers who inspired me to do better with my first blog. Now, I feel that it is time for me to share some of what I have learned and hopefully, to inspire new bloggers:

1.0 I learned my purpose. I knew the reasons why I am blogging, before I even started. I have targets and goals, and I am monitoring my status regularly.

2.0 I learned the basics things first. I acted like a grade school student who keeps on reading and researching for the things I should know before I blog . I did not hesitate to ask things that I am not sure of. I did not jump into complicated things that I cannot appreciate yet.

3.0 I learned the qualities of successful bloggers. I know that I cannot be successful overnight. Although I suppose bloggers are born with equal rights, there are still some unique qualities a blogger should possess.

4.0 I learned how to do things properly. Things like how to reply on comments and how to post a good post, are some of the simple things I have learned. I also learned some ethics because I know it is what makes bloggers more admirable.

5.0 I learned how to get tips. I found a lot of blogging tips everywhere. And I am getting them easily, without so much time and effort finding them.

6.0 I learned how to share. Whenever I found useful blogging tips, I share it with everybody. I learned to submit my blogs and articles to useful directories, and also to decline the useless ones.

7.0 I learned how to be trustworthy. I may be telling the truth but people find it hard to believe me simply because they do not see me. Posting my own picture in all of my blogs helped me a lot.

I am sure what I have learned is very much far away from my target. But with my eagerness and inspiration I know I can still learn a lot because blogging is like life, it is a never ending journey of learning.

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My First List of Article Directories

As I have mentioned before, I am now submitting my blogs and selected articles to directories. This is because I truly believe that such directories can help a lot to expose my blogs. Now I would like to share with you the current article directories where I submit my quality articles regularly:

Article Marketer

Their small but proud banner that states that they are the world leader in article submission is very believable. This is because of its popularity worldwide and quality articles they approved. Their moderators are very strict in terms of everything, from grammar to punctuation marks, headings and capitalization. No wonder one must wait for five business days before the article will be approved. But initially, they have this automatic checker that check and suggest changes if needed. Right now, I am still waiting for their approval of my post because I have to re-write my previous posts because of their suggestions.


This site was originally launched in 2005 and has nine rules they try to follow. Besides submitting articles to them which they call “clips”, you can also post discussions on different categories which they call “notes”. Moreover, you can vote for your favorite clips by simply clipping it and special awards will be given to users with high points. Lastly, you can “pimp” your profile by buying headers from their store using earned points.

Copy Paste Articles

What is so unique about this directory is that you do not need an account to submit an article, and there is no limit of number of articles you submitted. After your article has been approved by one of their moderators, you will receive an email for your confirmation. In addition, you can use tags or keywords that you think that are suited for your articles, which means there are no specific categories.

Recommend US

Another simple but growing article directory where you can submit unlimited articles based on different categories. You can submit articles from other blogs, too. Moreover, viewers can recommend and bookmark their favorite articles, as well as post their comments, provided that they are logged in. As of this posting, I have submitted them 24 quality articles which makes me the 2nd top submitter.

Article Highlight

This is my favorite article directory so far. This is because once your article has been approved by the owner himself who has very strict standards; there is a big chance that he will post them on his showcase which will lead to one of his high quality blogs, depending on the category. Another great thing is that your link and username will be highlighted in his other blogs which proves that you are still the author of your own article.

If you have comments on these directories or suggest other directories, please feel free to do so. Thank you very much.

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How To Maximize Your Entrecard

There is no doubt that Entrecard is getting hotter these days. In fact, you can find it in so many blogs and forums. I myself made a short post about it. Although there are some who criticize and removed their cards from their site, more and more bloggers are still joining. However, I just learned some things how to maximize its usage:

1.0 Make your Entrecard more clickable. Instead of using one of their usual Entrecard style just like I used to have, my mentor and friend advised me to use an uploaded image from my own collection of pictures. But you can also create your own stylish caricature with your blog name of course. Please take note that they are only allowing a 125 x 125 picture.

2.0 Do not foget to drop your card or advertise on major blogs that are members of Entrecard which you can choose from on their Campaign page. You can visit many sites while promoting your own blogs. Please visit their site on how to do it.

3.0 Join their contest. They have this contest wherein you can buy from their store, using your Entrecard points of course. There will be six winners, and content will run until December 27, 2007 only. So, visit their blog at once for more details. It is a good chance to increase your traffic that must not be missed out.

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My Articles Directories

This is a list of Article Directories where I submit my quality articles. So if you want to view them, please choose any or all of them. I will try to submit more in the next days and update this list if I find them interesting to submit to. They are helping me in my traffic and I am pretty sure they can also help you.


Thank you and enjoy reading.

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Useless Directories

While I am searching for some directories where I could submit my blogs, I came across with Dave X. Smith’s site. According to him, he has been experimenting with the most popular blog directories and rating services for more than six months. He complied this and I think it is my responsibility to share it to you. - No traffic, no juice, Uses Popup link, cluttered with Adsense - Absolutely usless spammy service - Plain junk, search engine doesn’t even work. - No traffic, no juice, Uses jump link to link out - No traffic, no juice, Uses jump link to link out - No traffic, no juice, Uses jump link to link out - No traffic, no juice, Uses jump link to link out - No traffic, no juice, Uses jump link to link out - No traffic, no juice, Uses jump link to link out - No traffic, no juice, Uses jump link to link out - No traffic, no juice, Uses jump link to link out - No traffic, no juice, Uses jump link to link out

And finally, this one really strikes me. - Never, ever submit here, they will spam you to death

These Blog directories all flow “link juice” and are organized and not cluttered with junk ads in the viewing area. Don’t waste your time submitting to the blogs listed above and certainly don’t pass your valuable linking power to them. The blog directories below are your best bet for promoting your blog and for passing linking power (because they pass it back).

Although I already replied to his post, I would like to thank him again here. If I will still find similar directories, I am very much willing to make a separate post.

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Why Bloggers should show their Pictures on their Blogs

Photo credit to tassiesim

Showing your own pictures on your blog is not really a requirement while there are there are bloggers who choose not to do so; there are also those who proudly let the visitors see it. Most of them are posting it on their About page, in which you can also find mine. Although this could be also dangerous in terms of stolen identity and lost of privacy, here are some of the reasons why I think all bloggers should also do the same.

To continue reading

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How To Reply On Comments

Comments, whether good or bad means that the reader took time to give their views on your posts. It also means that your posts have been reviewed carefully and the reader found it interesting to comment on. Therefore it is your responsibility to reply, and such replies are so important to readers. Moreover, here are some useful tips:

1.0 If the comment looks sarcastic, do not do the same. Be calm while explaining your side, and pacify him. If he continues to, then you can block his future comments. However, do not forget to thank him; he viewed your site anyway.

2.0 If the comment is out of topic or asking a non-related issue, reply still. Answer his question then lead him to a proper forum where he can get more discussions. But do not be offensive; he might just do not know where to ask.

3.0 If the comment is to correct your mistake, be humble. Say sorry and thank him for the advice he gave you instead of ignoring it. Then post a reply to correct your mistake. But you may do some research before making another mistake.

4.0 If the comment is rewarding, be enthusiastic about it. Thank him with all your heart and invite him to visit again. Reply in such a way that he will comment again, and others will be encouraged to comment too. You may also visit his site and do the same if it is worthy to give. The more good comments, the more attractive your site will be.

5.0 In any case, reply quickly. A comment deserves a reply at once. A simple Thank You is very appreciable not only for him but for other readers, too. But it is better if you add some flowers to your reply to make your readers smile a bit and a chance to be your regular visitor .

To reply on comments is a very healthy attitude. This means that you are deeply concern with your readers, and this is one of the best ways to promote yourself.

Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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Common Unethical lines of Bloggers

Blogging is a good form of communication, and anyone who can read and write can be a blogger. This is the chance of everybody to enjoy the freedom of communication. But sometimes, this freedom is being used improperly. Although it may not look intentional, there are lines that are unethical in nature. Here are some of them:

1.0 Let’s exchange links. You can usually see this as thread title in forums, especially in the Introduction or off-topic discussion. Actually, there is nothing wrong with asking anybody to link to your site. But if you are to link other site just because you want your site to be linked with others, that becomes unethical. I believe that if someone likes your site, he will provide a link to your site whether you ask it or not, and vice versa.

2.0 Fave me and I’ll fave you. This is somehow the same as asking for an exchange link, except that it is usually applicable for Technorati. Again, if a site has good content, it will be a favorite by many, and you do not even need to ask them to fave you. More so, you cannot ask force anybody to fave you if they do not like your site, even if you fave them.

3.0 Click Here. This is the most unethical line we always encounter. This means a direct instruction is given to the readers, which is very annoying. Remember that readers are your customers, and you do not give instructions to customers. There are so many friendly ways to lead a customer on what he needs to do. You can use a simple sentence with hyperlink on words your readers need to go, without really requiring him.

In addition, there are bloggers who forget to use the magic words such as “Please” and “Thank You” especially when asking for a favor. I guess one does not need a high education to do this; all he needs is just a little bit of breeding.

Again, blogging is a good form of communication, but it becomes bad if it is not being made with humility and ethics. Hope this post will be thought about even after raising some eyebrows.

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Blogging Tips from the original Blogger

According to Wikipedia, it was Jorn Barger who coined the word “weblog” on Dec. 17, 1997. Now, after 10 years of blogging he is back to share his Top 10 Blogging Tips.

Below are some of my favorites:

1.0 You can certainly include links to your original thoughts, posted elsewhere … but if you have more original posts than links, you probably need to learn some humility.

2.0 If you spend a little time searching before you post, you can probably find your idea well articulated elsewhere already.

3.0 Being truly yourself is always hipper than suppressing a link just because it's not trendy enough. Your readers need to get to know you.

4.0 You can always improve on the author's own page title, when describing a link. (At least make sure your description is full enough that readers will recognize any pages they've already visited, without having to visit them again.)

And for me, the best tip in which I believe bloggers must always do:

5.0 Credit the source that led you to it, so your readers have the option of "moving upstream."

For the complete list, you may want to view his post at WIRED.COM.

Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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Add This: A simple but powerful Bookmarketing widget

If you are into social bookmarking, the number of the bookmarketing sites you belong to must be the number of widgets installed in your page, and this is quite messy. To solve this problem, Add This has provided a special widget for us. Below are some advantages you will get from it:

1.0 It will help your visitors to bookmark your site.
2.0 It is easy to install.
3.0 It supports all major blogging platforms such as Wordpress and Blogger.
4.0 It has free views of statistics of your readers on your bookmarketing sites.
5.0 Best of all, it is FREE.

So if you want to increase your traffic and ranking, visit ADD THIS and they are most willing to assist you. Hopefully, you can also get the same benefits that I am enjoying.

This post hopes to answer the question of one of my visitors Stephanie and to help somehow all new bloggers who want to get the most out of their blogs.

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Five Qualities of a successful Problogger

Experts have been talking about high page rank, great traffic, social bookmarking sites and directories as some of the major keys to be a successful problogger. These are all true, and nobody denies that. However, to get there needs a lot of good qualities and here are some of them:

1.0 Humility:
A successful problogger posts inspiring comments on other blogs rather than insulting words. He also provides time to reply on comments to his blog even just to say “thank you” and “sorry” if necessary. Visitors are glad to visit them regularly.

2.0 Originality: A successful problogger do not just copy articles from others without permission or least mentioning the originator’s name. Moreover, he uses his own words to discuss an old topic to make it fresh again. His mentors will appreciate it and will even help him to improve more.

3.0 Credibility: A successful problogger do not posts false articles, disgusting topics and blind items that might destroy personalities. He makes deep researches on each detail before sharing it. His articles can easily be approved by huge directories, thus creating great traffic to your blog.

4.0 Generosity: A successful problogger unselfishly shares his knowledge without asking for anything in return except maybe for a backlink. He engages himself in helping neophytes through responding to queries in forums and threads. He also suggests improvements even without being asked for. His name will be passed on even without his self-promotion.

5.0 Consistency: A successful problogger is consistent and firm with his ideas. He does not change his mind easily, nor give up on something he believes in just for the sake of money or popularity. His followers will do the same thing and therefore, his community will grow continually.

In short, a successful problogger is a human problogger but sometimes being human is the hardest part.

Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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Delve into the mind of a Human Blogger

I would like to reserve this post to acknowledge a young Indian girl named Meghna who has been reading my parenting blog regularly and even share it to her parents. For all you know, she has excellent talent in writing poems and articles; and shares her views as a student, daughter and human. I can also see that she has a great potential to be a professional writer/blogger someday. I also learned that there are other probloggers who wrote an article about her, because she has many admirers and friends on line.
With this, I am much honored to be among the bloggers who appeared in her 100th post, while she gives her sincerest gratitude. To prove this, I took time a make a poem just for her, though I have not done it to anyone for a very long time. Here it goes:

Delve into the mind of a Budding Blogger

In this wonderful world of blogging
Where all kinds of humans have bonding
No race, no status, no age, no religion
All humans are invited to join the session
As long as your mind is firm and clean
It does not matter where you have been
You can talk about anything under the sun
You can even shout, pout and point a gun
Everybody here has his or her own purpose
Money, fame, or just even a pink rose

Some experts have high talent fee
While some of them do this for free
But beware of the devils on line
Disguising as a guest who talks fine
They may look like a certified email
But if you open it, your PC will fail
And there are also non-humans
Who can join in without hands
Viruses are just out there
Waiting for the chance to enter

But you can also meet a friend
Who will be there until the end
He can be nice, wise and wild
Or she can be just a simple child
But with a lot of hidden talent
Even if she is only a student
She is just as young as my daughter
Eleven, twelve, it does not matter
Because she is such a sweet and deep writer
Delve into the mind of a budding blogger!

I hope this girl would continue inspire a lot more bloggers and just hope she will still keep her feet into the ground when she reached her dreams.

Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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Contact Page

Hi everyone,

This is a page where you have the opportunity to ask me anything that you want to know more about me or anything under the sun. I will try my best to give you the best answers immediately.

You can also give suggestions and opinions that you think I must improve or correct on the way I blog. But no hurting words please, only reasonable criticism.

You are also free to offer me here your services and product promotion.

So go ahead, let me hear your voice. I will be glad to serve you. Please do not hesitate to
Contact Me anytime.

Thank you very much and more power!

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Tips on how to give Blogging Tips

Giving blogging tips is a very popular type of blogging. Actually, they are selling like hotcakes and are endless. Not only that you can have a greater chance of high page rank because of the keywords, but it is also a great help to others especially to beginners. However, giving blogging tips is a responsibility and therefore you must be careful in doing so. Here are some tips you need to realize:

1.0 Be considerate. Remember that you are giving advises, especially to beginners. Imagine that you are the teacher, and the visitors are your students. Use layman’s term as much as possible. But if it is unavoidable, use hyperlink to let your visitors go to the source with a more detailed explanation of your tip.

2.0 Be humble. Although you may be an expert in giving such tips, you must not be too proud about your status. Give tips in the most pleasant way, and you will receive good comments. If the viewer feels that you are bigheaded, then he will go to other sites and will not come back to visit you again. You do not need to act like an expert; you are already an expert to the eyes of your visitors after all.

3.0 Be creative. Give tips on a very convincing way. You can use youtube or actual picture of to help the viewer readily understand your tip. You can also site some simple examples. By doing this, visitors will mention your site to others as a token of thanking you and this is a very good traffic for all you know.

4.0 Be honest. If you think that your tip may not be applicable for others, say it. If there are restrictions to your tips, explain it well. Viewers are expecting that it is effective for all, where in fact you are not really sure it is. Do not add or subtract any important part of the tip. If you are over exaggerated in your tip, you visitor will turn you down.

5.0 Be original. Do not just copy-paste the tip you read from other sites. Although your tip might not be that geniune, you can still explain it using your own words. If not, the tip you copied may have a copyright that will get you into deep trouble.

6.0 Be the user, too. If you are giving tips that you are not using, then how can you prove that it is effective to others? Do not give tips that you did not verified and proven effective, it is just the same as telling a lie. If visitors learned that you are not using your own tips, then people will think that you are just a user, a people user.

Giving blogging tips is more advantageous to you rather than to your visitors. This is because if they will be successful someday because of your tips, they will consider you as their mentor, and it is equivalent to more than millions of traffic.

Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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An Article About an Article Specialist

During my first month of blogging, I met a problogger through MyBlogLog, by the name of Article Specialist. Just like any blogger, he invited me to visit his site so I did. Since he has many useful blogging tips that I need, I keep visiting his site. As I go along, I noticed some of his unique characteristics that truly made him a specialist, in which I want to share them with you:

1.0 He has a
showcase of his very informative blogs that is updated daily except on Sundays. When I asked him if he still has enough time to sleep, I was surprised that he sleeps more hours than I do. I guess Sundays are for his family, his church obligation or maybe a simple day-off.

2.0 He collects great blogging tips from other sites and posts them with his own words, without forgetting to give credit to the originator, and he calls some of them as mentor. You will notice the link.

3.0 He includes parenting tips, family tips and other personal development related topics in his blog, which means he is also concerned in making our world a better place to live in, just like me.

4.0 He is a humble and down-to-earth human. With his status; he said sorry to me one time when he forgot to click to PM (Private Message) in which it does not even matter to me even if his message was send publicly.

5.0 He is a human problogger. He tells me my petty mistakes and provides detailed tips on how to improve my craft, of course with free of charge. I felt his human heart when I included him as my mentor in this field, and motivated me more by telling me that he also learns from my blogs.

6.0 He owns a site where you can submit quality articles, even from your own blog; and enjoy a free real promotion to your site. As of this posting,
Article Highlight has 19,005 excellent articles from 1,376 authors for 20 different exciting categories.

If this article did not strike you, then you must visit one of his
quality blogs and you will see that one of my favorite posts I submitted to him is right there.
However, if this article did strike you, please feel free to visit both of us again and again.

Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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About Guardian Angel

Who is Guardian Angel?

I am a Filipino engineer who recently discovered himself more comfortable in writing letters instead of numbers, and more at ease interacting with humans rather than machines. I am happily married for almost 12 years and a doting father of two wonderful children.

Why do I blog?

Frankly speaking, I really want to write since I was in high school maybe because my father also writes and read a lot. However, time did not allow me and as I grow up, I feel that writers do not earn good money to provide the needs of a family. But since it is really my passion to communicate through writing, I decided to blog. I feel that in terms of audience and speed it is better than just writing.

Right now, I am only doing this a part time job since I still have an office work not related to blogging. But I am trying my best to do it full time as soon as possible.

Why Guardian Angel instead of real name?

I chose Guardian Angel as my pen name simply because it is my dream to be one. I would like to use my experience, strength and knowledge to give tips in all the best I can. Anyway, Angel is my real nickname. But I use my real name in some communities and in submitting articles to directories. For social sites such as Technorati and Blog Catalog where Guardian Angel is already taken, I use Pandong which is my nickname in our province at Bulacan, Philippines.

Why Humane Blogging Tips blog?

Actually, the first title of this blog is Where Humans and Bloggers Meet which is also the URL. However, for SEO purposes and for readers to easily recognize it, I changed it to the current one. When I started bloggingg, I noticed that there are blogs that teaches how to blog so I read them. In fact, I am still learning until now.

I chose the word Humane because I believe that blogging should be done humanely. I think that although most of us are here to earn money, we still have to consider that our readers are human who needs to be treated like one.

Why not blog about other topics?

Actually, I have another blog entitled Happy Family Matters which contains useful tips on how to maintain a happy family. I used to have three blogs but I deleted my Successful Marriage Tips and combined it to my other blog. Right now, I am contented with my two blogs and I do not have any plans of adding them.

Through this blog, I will be able to share what I have learned as a token of gratitude to my mentors.

My Agenda

Just like other serious bloggers, I truly believe that we can still earn good money through humane blogging. I know that this is very hard but I am willing to exert extra effort and spend a lot of time just to achieve my goal.

I will never join any fraud and post misleading information just to earn money. Although I will still be committing mistakes, you can be sure that I am willing to correct myself anytime and apologize to people concern.

I am now working hard to improve them and hopefully, I can have my own domain later.

Finally, I am not trying to be nice or to create an angelical image. I only feel that it is better to be humane instead of being human.

Thank you very much.

This page has been updated last April 15, 2008 and may be updated again whenever necessary.

If you want to receive my future posts regularly for FREE, you can subscribe in a reader or by e-mail. If you have concerns, please do not hesitate to Contact Me anytime.

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How to post a Good Post

You have a bright idea about something and you cannot help but post it, but it is not fun as you might think. A good post is good if and only if it was posted good. Your good post will be the ugliest post ever if nobody would like to read it even if he sees it. So, you might want to consider these things before posting:

1.0 Use an attractive and relevant title: There are posts that have almost the same in content in other blogs, but if the title is attractive, readers will take time to read it again. The title just like the ads, must call the attention of the visitors. However, it must also be relevant because if it is not, then you will loose that visitor. First impression lasts.

2.0 Check for grammatical and spelling errors: No matter how good you speak English, writing is different from speaking. Errors also occur if you are excited to post, so better be calm. I use MS WORD as a scratch for making a post, which informs me when there is something wrong. This also serves as my original copy.

3.0 Use common English words: No offense, but there are readers who cannot understand deep English. Although it is fine to teach such words, but I suppose there is a proper place for that. I myself do not understand some deep English words so I do not use them.

4.0 Talk to your readers: I do not mean just talking, I mean talking to them like they are just in front of you. If you are giving blogging tips. or instructions where to go, better link it.

5.0 Make it readable: Not all humans have good reading eyes, some are color-blind too. Use font size and color that matches the background. Consider also using numbering system rather than long paragraphs. Make your reader feel relax while reading.

6.0 Provide visual aids: You can use relevant pictures or cartoons. But be cautious, it can distract your reader and he might be contented by looking at it without reading your post. Moreover, it might slower your blog and as they say, the FIRST TEN SECONDS of your viewer is the most important time of your post.

7.0 Proof read it: I strongly advise that you read your post repeatedly after posting it and put yourself in your reader’s shoes. It would be better if you ask a friend to read it and ask for his criticism, not appreciation.

If you are using all of these tips, then get ready to reply for comments on your post, coming from everywhere.

Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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