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When to say that Content is King

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Content is king! I think this phrase has been overused and if you Google it now, it will give you 22,700 results. But when does a particular content becomes great, or king for that matter? What factors constitute the crown to be on its throne? Darren Rowse of Problogger recently asked his readers this question – How do you define Great Content? Since I am one of them, here are my thoughts.

For me, content is king when the following characteristics are present.

It is powerful

The word of a king is very powerful that every thing he says is a law. A great content can convince readers that the post is true by adding facts and data needed to support the content. It also uses simple but attractive words that can magnetize even the ones who seem not to be interested in it. Although it seem to be the strongest of them all, humility is still present and with a pleasant image.

It is invincible

Although it may have some opposition or distraction, the post seems not to be affected. Just like a wounded warrior, it even becomes stronger. It is being shielded by a deep research before it was published. Gladiators must pass through many training before the fight, and this can be compared to a well-written post wherein it was rigidly checked for misspelling and grammatical errors. It has a strong armor against any force such as plagiarism and spamming.

It gains a lot of respect

A great leader must portray a role model. A great content guides the readers and provides useful information. It is easy to understand that makes it friendly to the readers. Thus, it receives a lot of real praises from commentators, and not for the sole purpose of agreeing on it. Although it may receive some negative feedbacks, the respect remains intact and the admiration is still alive. Ageless posts are not being easily forgotten and in fact, readers will bookmark them for future reference.

It can rule a kingdom

A king cannot be called a king if he has no kingdom. A great content can capture the pages of social sites such as Digg. It can drive a lot of quality traffic without buying them; and it can also invite a lot of subscribers and regular followers. It was also written with a little application of SEO wherein keywords are carefully chosen and placed accordingly to be available for humans and search engines simultaneously.

A great king does not try to be perfect for himself, and this is what makes him great.

So if you were to be asked the same question, what are your thoughts?

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