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How to post a Good Post

You have a bright idea about something and you cannot help but post it, but it is not fun as you might think. A good post is good if and only if it was posted good. Your good post will be the ugliest post ever if nobody would like to read it even if he sees it. So, you might want to consider these things before posting:

1.0 Use an attractive and relevant title: There are posts that have almost the same in content in other blogs, but if the title is attractive, readers will take time to read it again. The title just like the ads, must call the attention of the visitors. However, it must also be relevant because if it is not, then you will loose that visitor. First impression lasts.

2.0 Check for grammatical and spelling errors: No matter how good you speak English, writing is different from speaking. Errors also occur if you are excited to post, so better be calm. I use MS WORD as a scratch for making a post, which informs me when there is something wrong. This also serves as my original copy.

3.0 Use common English words: No offense, but there are readers who cannot understand deep English. Although it is fine to teach such words, but I suppose there is a proper place for that. I myself do not understand some deep English words so I do not use them.

4.0 Talk to your readers: I do not mean just talking, I mean talking to them like they are just in front of you. If you are giving blogging tips. or instructions where to go, better link it.

5.0 Make it readable: Not all humans have good reading eyes, some are color-blind too. Use font size and color that matches the background. Consider also using numbering system rather than long paragraphs. Make your reader feel relax while reading.

6.0 Provide visual aids: You can use relevant pictures or cartoons. But be cautious, it can distract your reader and he might be contented by looking at it without reading your post. Moreover, it might slower your blog and as they say, the FIRST TEN SECONDS of your viewer is the most important time of your post.

7.0 Proof read it: I strongly advise that you read your post repeatedly after posting it and put yourself in your reader’s shoes. It would be better if you ask a friend to read it and ask for his criticism, not appreciation.

If you are using all of these tips, then get ready to reply for comments on your post, coming from everywhere.

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