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Tips on how to give Blogging Tips

Giving blogging tips is a very popular type of blogging. Actually, they are selling like hotcakes and are endless. Not only that you can have a greater chance of high page rank because of the keywords, but it is also a great help to others especially to beginners. However, giving blogging tips is a responsibility and therefore you must be careful in doing so. Here are some tips you need to realize:

1.0 Be considerate. Remember that you are giving advises, especially to beginners. Imagine that you are the teacher, and the visitors are your students. Use layman’s term as much as possible. But if it is unavoidable, use hyperlink to let your visitors go to the source with a more detailed explanation of your tip.

2.0 Be humble. Although you may be an expert in giving such tips, you must not be too proud about your status. Give tips in the most pleasant way, and you will receive good comments. If the viewer feels that you are bigheaded, then he will go to other sites and will not come back to visit you again. You do not need to act like an expert; you are already an expert to the eyes of your visitors after all.

3.0 Be creative. Give tips on a very convincing way. You can use youtube or actual picture of to help the viewer readily understand your tip. You can also site some simple examples. By doing this, visitors will mention your site to others as a token of thanking you and this is a very good traffic for all you know.

4.0 Be honest. If you think that your tip may not be applicable for others, say it. If there are restrictions to your tips, explain it well. Viewers are expecting that it is effective for all, where in fact you are not really sure it is. Do not add or subtract any important part of the tip. If you are over exaggerated in your tip, you visitor will turn you down.

5.0 Be original. Do not just copy-paste the tip you read from other sites. Although your tip might not be that geniune, you can still explain it using your own words. If not, the tip you copied may have a copyright that will get you into deep trouble.

6.0 Be the user, too. If you are giving tips that you are not using, then how can you prove that it is effective to others? Do not give tips that you did not verified and proven effective, it is just the same as telling a lie. If visitors learned that you are not using your own tips, then people will think that you are just a user, a people user.

Giving blogging tips is more advantageous to you rather than to your visitors. This is because if they will be successful someday because of your tips, they will consider you as their mentor, and it is equivalent to more than millions of traffic.

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