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Steve Pavlina dot Com: The Smart Site that can make you Smarter

It is very seldom that I talk about a site or a blog. This is because I want to be careful in what I am sharing. I do make mistakes but I try not to add them especially when it concerns in endorsing people. Another thing, I only want to endorse blogs that are really helpful or serve as an inspiration to me not only in blogging but also as a person. Now, here is a site I think some of you has viewed and are familiar with. But for those who have not learned about this, I am strongly suggesting you visit his site. Here are some of the good reasons why:

1.0 He started as a junk. This is a not a pleasant introduction for a man who has 1.8 million visitors a month in his site. But this is true; he has been jailed for stealing things at the age of 19. In the middle of nowhere to run, he chose to survive and he did. He may not have the same religion that you most of you have but his writings will definitely amaze you and make you think for a while and question yourself. His long but very detailed About Steve Pavlina says it all. This is the most comprehensive and inspiring human life story I ever read.

2.0 He will teach you how to read.
Just like some of you, reading long articles might make us fall asleep, that is if you just read and never stick into your mind what you are reading. I must admit, I feel it is a waste of time reading every word that people write in their site. I am not a wide reader per se. I feel that experience can teach me more rather than just reading. But this man changed my views somehow. When I started reading his articles, I realized that reading is a must and this is more sensible than working long hours in an office just to make others richer.

3.0 He has a forum for humans.
This may sound offensive for other quality forums so I have to clear myself. His forum talks about the real problems about being human. Parenting, relationships, personal problems that you cannot mention to your parents and spouses, personal development, technical knowledge and did I mention earning money? There are other important topics that are being discussed in his forum that makes humans to live decently, and it will be space consuming if I mention all of them.

4.0 He is a normal blogger. His site has no big banners and flashing and irritating ads. But he is making a very comfortable amount of money and that is what makes him normal. I do not mean to be rude to John Chow and Problogger because both of them have equal quality sites in their own rights. The truth is I am an honest to goodness member of their numerous subscribers. However, it is the simplicity and originality that strikes me to Steve Pavlina’s site, as well as to all kinds of bloggers rich and poor, Christians and others. In short, he talks, blogs and response in a normal way.

5.0 He will make you change by yourself. Change is the only permanent thing in this world, and people change every now and then. Steve Pavlina’s site will not convince you to change through his writings. If you will analyze the contents of his writings, he is not selling something very obviously. He is just telling what is happening to his daily life including his shortcomings. What he is always trying to say is that to check ourselves by sharing his ideas and experiences. In short, he will not make you a better person. He will make you look at the mirror and ask yourself, do I really need to change?

With this, I am personally inviting you to visit him at Steve

I am an NOT an affiliate of Steve Pavlina and even if there is an opportunity to sell him, I will still do it for free. This is because I truly believe that the free things that you receive, you should also share it for free.

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