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As I am approaching my seventh month in blogging, I realized how hard it is to be one. While I know that there are many ways to earn money on-line as well as to be popular, I feel that I am slow on both as compared with my contemporaries. Although I can say that this blog has improved a lot since day one, I still have a lot of things to do to improve more. However, I just cannot do what others are doing just to be popular and get easy money. Here are some of them that I cannot take.

Useless posts and comments

Making informative posts require patience, effort and time. Some bloggers think it is enough to make regular posts even though they are meaningless. Search engines love the attractive keywords if you are good in using them. But unfortunately, there are bloggers who post comments to gain for themselves and not really intended to share honest point of views. There are even those who just ride on the popularity of a blog but if you dig deeper, there is no sincerity in their words.

Character assassination

It is very easy to destroy someone in the Internet using Youtube and through a blog. There are blog topics that are about scandals, malicious content and full of hatred. While blogging is a personal journal where we are free to say everything we want, this freedom is being abused. I do not believe that a popular personality or artist should suffer from opinionated and judgmental eyes. It is also sad that some bloggers join the blogosphere just to express their revenge over someone instead of doing it legally. Freedom is not free, it is a responsibility.

Sexual harassment

Although these filthy creatures are not rapist, they use their blogs to expose their sexual desires. I may sound hypocrite if I will say that I do not want to see naked girls, but I truly believe that blogs should not be used as mediums. They forget that blogs are for everybody including children as young as 12 years old. If they want to want to post adult content, they should give very strict restrictions. Although it is the duty of parents to guide them, we as bloggers also have a share of responsibility.

Users and re-users

It is annoying that some bloggers pretend by using popular names just to be popular too. Apparently, the poor owner does not realize that he is being used improperly until such time that he will feel the effect. On the other hand, it is easier to copy quality content from others, or change a few words and call it their own. Although there are ways to track them, the damage has been done. It is time consuming and frustrating for the real owner of the content. If you are not a smart reader, you will barely notice it.

Greed for money

It is but natural to monetize our blogs to get something in return for our effort and hard work. However, there are bloggers who are impatient and they thought that it is easy to be rich through blogging. They will do anything just to earn money. There are those who intentionally hide their ads so that you will accidentally click on them. There are also fake members of popular communities who use the opportunity to invite visitors to their sites. We should avoid them or better yet, we should report them at once.

It is easy to be human, but it is hard to be humane.

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Blogsvine – A Fast Rising Social Bookmarking Site

Top social bookmarking sites are fun to join with and you will enjoy the result if you learn how to use them properly. However, you have to work hard because of the stiff competition. This may consume a lot of time and effort, instead of spending it with your blog. But since freshman bloggers like me needs to be noticed, I did not give up and through Entrecard, I found Blogsvine. At first, I was hesitant to join since it is new, but I gave it a try.

I was surprised that all of my submitted posts had reasonable number of votes. No other social sites treated me that way. In addition, they have this revenue sharing where they share 65% of the Google Adsense Ads shown on the member-submitted pages.

Incidentally, I found an interview post to the owner himself Nandeibam as posted by David of General Marketing Blog, one of the few blogs I admire.

So if you are looking a fresh social site, check them out. After all, there’s no harm in trying.

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A Reward to My Very Serious Droppers

This post has been replaced with a another post, and you can find it here.

As I have mentioned in my recent post, here is my list of My Very Serious Droppers. They are the Entrecard members who religiously drop their cards on my blog, and some of them are even my regular readers and commenters now. This also includes my very serious droppers on my other blog – Happy Family Matters.

To be included here, you must be dropping your card here or to my other blog more than 15 times for the last 30 days as of this post. If you think you should be included in this list but I missed you or I had an error somewhere, please leave a comment here together with the link of your blog. I will check it out and correct this list at once if necessary.

So here they are together with their recent number of drops to this blog AND to My Other Blog.

1.0 Webomatik 0 and 16
2.0 Majik's Thoughts 18 and 7
3.0 Beauty Denominator 5 and 16
4.0 Polisicks 18 and 2
5.0 Mama Flo's Place 7 and 19
6.0 A Investor 18 and 5
7.0 EZ DIY Electricity 3 and 18
8.0 iT-AID 19 and 12
9.0 Trend Spike 19 and 13
10.0 The Entrecarder 17 and 12
11.0 Sourkandy 18 and 4
12.0 Personal Finance Management Guide 18 and 18
13.0 The Sewing Mom 8 and 19
14.0 My SEO Blog 18 and 9
15.0 16 and 9
16.0 Charismaborn's BlahBlogBucks 17 and 1
17.0 Environmentastic 17 and 17
18.0 The Sports Dollar 18 and 8
19.0 Crayon Writer 16 and 1
20.0 Saxon 17 and 18
21.0 Photos from Northern Norway 17 and 12
22.0 60 Were Enough 12 and 17
23.0 Adsense Addict 16 and 6
24.0 Timothy Adam Designs 15 and 16
25.0 Reenashwina 18 and 8
26.0 Make Money online with EJ Cooksey 18 and 19
27.0 Nessa's Place 2 and 19
28.0 Sense to Save 3 and 17
29.0 EZ Great Life 4 and 18
30.0 Pinoy Raket Online 18 and 2
31.0 Greatest Quotes 0 and 16
32.0 Blissful Weddings Philippines 5 and 16
33.0 Palanthir 0 and 16
34.0 Fatherlyours 3 and 16

Now, here is the list of the droppers who dropped their cards more than 19 times on the last 30 days on this blog AND to my other blog.

1.0 Worldwide Travel Blog 27 and 23
2.0 Article Specialist's Blog Network 24 and 17
3.0 Prove Me Wrong 26 and 7
4.0 Razzball 23 and 14
5.0 Paperkraft 24 and 6
6.0 Search Engine Panel 24 and 3
7.0 Diet Pulpit 18 and 23
8.0 Read My Mind 18 and 23
9.0 Trainee Trader 3 and 23
10.0 Marriage and Beyond 19 and 22
11.0 About Offshoring 22 and 14
12.0 Joan Joyce Dot Com 14 and 22
13.0 CK Marketing 22 and 9
14.0 Mother’s Got A Dot Com 7 and 22
15.0 Ten Forty 22 and 5
16.0 Dot Com Mogul 21 and 6
17.0 Cheaper by the Half Dozen 5 and 21
18.0 Happier Life 21 and 2
19.0 Bloggin-ads 0 and 21
20.0 Stir the Cauldron 20 and 14
21.0 Mommies Home 7 and 20
22.0 Juliana's World 20 and 3
23.0 Not A Day Goes By 20 and 2
24.0 Life with Roxxymetal 20 and 1

Now, where’s the reward? If your drops reached more than 19 as of this post, you will receive a FREE AD Space on my sidebar for three (3) consecutive days.

Every three days starting today, I will choose 3 blogs to appear on this blog and another three on my other blog. I will start from top to bottom. If you are also a very serious dropper on my other blog, your card will appear there. If you do the same on both of them, then you will enjoy FREE ADS on both blogs but may or may not be simultaneously.

This is my simple way of thanking you for all the support. In addition, I will be the one to post your ad widget on my blogs and all you have to do is to enjoy your reward.

But I will appreciate it more if you read my posts because somehow, you will learn from them.

So what about the rest? Don’t worry, I am thinking of other ways to reward you. I have categorized my droppers from Very Serious Droppers to Serious, Regular, Casual, Plain and Aspiring. This long list is now approaching 200 droppers and visitors, and still increasing.

If you are new to Entrecard, just continue dropping here and to my other blog. I may think of other ways to thank you.

I will be updating this post on a weekly basis or as necessary until the count will be 300.

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My Entrecard Contest Grand Prize Winner

Finally, my contest is over. I am now going to announce the lucky winner of 1,000ec.

But before I do so, I would like to invite all of you to continue dropping your cards and become one of my Very Serious Droppers. This is because I will be making a special post about you very soon and you may receive a special reward.

I would also like thank everyone who participated and made a post out of my posts. Here are them and their number of entries.

Mia of That Blog 4 me (1)

Sherry of Sherry Rambling (2)

Valmg of A Contest Blog (1)

Venn of VeNN (1)

Each of them received 100ec for each entry. A total of 500ec has been sent to all of them.

After checking them one by one, I would like to give the grand prize to…

Venn of VeNN who made a post about Five Qualities of a Successful Problogger

Congratulations and hope you enjoy your prize. I will send you the 1,000ec grand prize right after I submit this post.

Incidentally, I want to say thank you to Mr. Art of Article Specialist for sponsoring this contest and always ready to lend a helping hand.

Again, thank you to everybody and hope to see you all again.

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Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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How to avoid burying your Blog

Photo credit to Doc Tony

Success in blogging requires a lot of patience, time and effort. There are even times that you should spend money just to keep your blog alive. However, some bloggers commit mistakes unconsciously that make their blog deteriorate until it dies unnaturally. The worst thing is that the blogger is not even aware about it. With him barely noticing it, his subscribers are gradually withdrawing and traffic becomes static. To have an idea, here are some situations you must avoid.

Posting irregularly

There are times when we are busy with other things, and posting will not be our priority. While you cannot avoid it, your blog status might suffer the consequences. To save your blog, you can invite guest bloggers to post for you. However, you must be sure they can help your blog while you are away. If you cannot find one, be courteous to your readers by informing them about your temporary absence and when they can expect you to return.

To continue reading

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An Amazing Blog Contest from an Amazing Blog @ Party Contest!

logo from hochstadt

After winning a free banner ads from a blog contest recently, I told myself that I will join another one again. Actually, I am seeing a lot of running contest but I am quite choosy. This will be only my third one. It is not because their prizes are low and the mechanics are weird, but because I am looking for the one who can amaze me again. Besides that, the blog must contain useful topics and should be posted magnificently.

Right now, I am frequently joining a generous giveaway by Article Specialist since I really love reading his quality articles from his Blognetwork.

And now, I am so glad I found another one. This is from Marcus Hochstadt of Internet Business Guide. So who’s he? Well, when I was starting at Entrecard, a widget is so popular and I am sure you noticed it too. It has a picture of a gorgeous office lady displaying a big card with a picture of a man.I hope my memory searched me right. If you are missing this widget, he changed it to promote his contest which you can see within this post.

So who is he again?

Well, when he was still a bachelor he was once among the top 5 Sales Executive of a French chemical company who eventually found himself loosing the job. But being a smart guy, he moved from Germany to Brazil and now enjoying the cool place near the beach with her wife. Since 2005, he is producing video demo for a well-known Canadian Internet Marketing company and currently owning three web sites. How do you do that, man?

And what is he blogging about?

As a token of gratitude to his learning about Internet Marketing, he decided to unselfishly share it to everyone through his blog. After making his first post on January 1, 2008 (yes, New Year’s day), his succeeding posts were remarkable. I should know because he is included in my Very Serious Droppers list in which I will make a surprise post some time soon.

So what is so amazing about his contest?

Before I continue, I advise you keep a glass of cool water on your side and sit comfortable. This will be quite long, not because of the mechanics but because of the amazing prizes that came from a bunch of generous Entrecard members and friends. This means that the contest is for EVERYONE!

Are you ready to drop off from your seats? Then let’s get ready to rumble!

Consultations, Products & Services

* Max from SiteHoppin gives 10 Beer Stock Pages worth $20-$100 each = $200-$1,000 PLUS 50 One Buck Wiki pages worth $20 each = $1,000, altogether making it to a whopping $2,000!
* Martin Russell from Word of Mouth Marketing gives 50 (!) accounts of 10 cards each at worth $25 each = $1,250!
* Gary Evans from Law of Attraction Secrets gives 10 (!) of his Manifest A Miracle systems worth $97 each = $970!
* Marcus Hochstadt from Internet Business Guide For First Class Progress gives respectively 1 of each of his 4 DVD products worth $100 each = $400 PLUS one 2-hour Multimedia Coaching Session worth $300, altogether making it to a $700!
* Debbie Lane from Wisdom Hypnosis gives 7 of her Living The Lucky Life! audio CDs worth $23.77 each = $166.39 PLUS a personal 1.5 hour Hypnosis Session by phone, worth $250, making it a total of $416.39!
* Pat King from FitnessLifeClub gives 1 month of his Premier Health Coaching Package worth $357.98!
* Keith Goodrum from On Becoming a 2%er gives 2 of his DVDs 10 Minute Blog Post worth $100 each = $200!
* Andreas from gives 5 one-year VIP memberships to worth $35 each = $175!
* Larry Brauner from Online Social Networking gives a personal 1 hour consultation worth $150!
* Jason from The University Kid gives two 60 minute Blogging Consultations worth $60 each = $120!
* Leisa Watkins from Dream Act Plan Believe gives 3 Robert G. Allan books that are personally signed by Robert (!), as well as 3 Richard Paul Evans books, also personally signed by Richard himself!
* Karl Gechlik from Ask The Admin gives a professional technical e-mail support session worth $50!
* Wayne from Ez DIY Electricity gives $50 in hard earned PayPal cash!
* Borzack from Making Myself Extra Money gives 5 of his Page Peel Ads scripts worth $8 each = $40!
* Stephan Miller from Stephan Miller gives one copy of Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate worth $29.95 PLUS a Special Report he wrote specifically for the person who wins this e-book!
* Crystal from Ubiquitous gives a Site Review worth $20 PLUS a link on her Blogroll for one month worth $10, making it a total of $30!
* Sam Freedom from Internet Marketing Controversy Blog gives a 2-month membership to a large Private Label Rights (”PLR”) membership site worth $30!
* Kelly Naylor from Aerten Art gives one of her unique art work Acid Rain, an original water color painting worth $25!
* Dwayne from Pro Blog Reviews gives a Blog Review worth $25!
* Frank from Technology Blog and more gives a StumbleUpon advertisement campaign worth $20 (400 targeted visitors)!
* Kacie from Sense to Save gives a StumbleUpon advertisement campaign worth $10 (200 targeted visitors)!
* The Fool from Foolsville 2.0 gives $10 in hard earned PayPal cash!
* Lightening from Lightening’s Blogworld gives 2 Blog Reviews worth $5 each = $10!
* Constantin Codreanu from INconstantIN gives a one year .com domain registration worth $10!
* Iris from thebuzz gives a link on her Blogroll for one month worth $10!
* Layne from Reward Rebel gives 1 copy of Reward Rebel LOOT worth $7!
* Fitz Villafuerte from Ready To Be Rich gives 2 stumbles & diggs per week for one month!
* Theda K. Rogers from Crayon Writer gives a full-blown site review on her blog which will certainly increase the buzz for her winner’s blog!
* Mert Erkal from Search For Blogging gives an Invitation to the May issue of, which has more than 3,000+ subscribers!
* Alexys Fairfield from Soul Meets World offers to interview her winner (about his/her product, service, Web site, life, etc) PLUS providing a link from her site to his’/hers! (She used to interview celebrities, so this one is PRICELESS!)

Hope you’re still at your seats…

Ad Space

* KiwiPulse from KiwiPulse gives 3 x 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $15 each = $45
* Deimos Tel´Arin from gives a 468×60 top ad banner box for one month worth $36
* Anna from My Cornerstone Trio gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $35
* Turnip from Turnip of Power gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $35
* Wayne from Ez DIY Electricity gives a top ad space (125×125 or 468×60) for one month worth up to $30
* Caleb Hartley from environmentastic! gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $25
* Kathleen from Entrepreneurs Only gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $25
* Marty from Money Maker Times gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $25
* Constantin Codreanu from INconstantIN gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $15
* Mirjam from Me Myself and I gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $10
* Lee Doyle from Lee Doyle - Contains Nuts gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $10

Do not fall yet, there’s still more…

Entrecard Credits

* Marcus Hochstadt from Internet Business Guide For First Class Progress gives 12,966ec
* Layne from Reward Rebel gives 5,000ec
* Caleb Hartley from environmentastic! gives 3,000ec
* Constantine Balbozar from Ideas and Money gives 3,000ec
* Kacie from Sense to Save gives 3,000ec
* Larry Brauner from Online Social Networking gives 2,500ec
* Joan Joyce from Joan Joyce Dot Com gives 2,000ec
* Tim from Yimto Affiliate Marketing Blog gives 2,000ec
* Crystal from Ubiquitous gives 2,000ec
* Lee Doyle from Lee Doyle - Contains Nuts gives 2,000ec
* Art from Article Specialist gives 2,000ec
* Jonathan from Archon Digital gives 2,000ec
* Jonathon from Tech News Source gives 1,500ec
* Gary Evans from Law of Attraction Secrets gives 1,000ec
* Suzanne from Dot Com Mogul gives 1,000ec
* Dwayne from Pro Blog Reviews gives 1,000ec
* Michael Aulia from Michael Aulia’s Tech Blog gives 1,000ec
* Stephan Miller from Stephan Miller gives 1,000ec
* Dave from Is A Man’s World gives 1,000ec
* Scott Main from Scott’s Space gives 1,000ec
* Kumo from Toast & Egg & Me… gives 1,000ec
* Mirjam from Me Myself and I gives 1,000ec
* Jasmine from Pixelated Thoughts gives 1,000ec
* Lincoln from Canucklehead gives 1,000ec
* KiwiPulse from KiwiPulse gives 1,000ec
* Lightening from Lightening gives 1,000ec
* Wangbu from Hulag gives 1,000ec
* Juliana from Juliana’s World gives 1,000ec
* Juliana from Juliana’s Lair gives 1,000ec
* Juliana from My Library gives 1,000ec
* Iris from thebuzz gives 1,000ec
* Anna from My Cornerstone Trio gives 1,000ec
* Wayne from Ez DIY Electricity gives 1,000ec
* Collin LaHay from Mixed Market Arts gives 600ec
* Shelia from Black Tennis Pros gives 500ec
* David Thorne from Media Morgue gives 500ec
* Stan from Fantasy Baseball gives 500ec
* Borzack from Making Myself Extra Money gives 500ec
* The Fool from Foolsville 2.0 gives 500ec
* Marty from Money Maker Times gives 300ec
* Fitz Villafuerte from Ready To Be Rich gives 300ec

Now, arrange your seats again and don’t bother to get a calculator. He computed it well for us.

These are contributions for 200+ winners (!) with a monetary value of more than $7,000+ (!!) and exactly 66,666ec (”ec” = Entrecard Credits)!!! This is by far the BIGGEST Party Contest in Entrecard’s History!

Now, I will let you visit his post for the easy mechanics. But do not delay in joining; the drawing of winners will be on May 1, 2008.

By the way, of all the prizes at stake I will be hypocrite if I say I would not want to win one of the BIG prizes worth up to $357 per single prize!

But then, I will still be honored if it’s the interview by Alexys Fairfield from Soul Meets World. Besides being priceless, it’s fun to feel like a celebrity. Seriously speaking, the main reason is I want people to know more about me and hopefully, I can share a part of me that they can learn from.

So what are you waiting for? Check his contest post immediately before the time runs out.

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Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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How to Socialize within your Blog

Photo credit to opus bucket

Blogging is socializing. Although you must make your blog content king, it will look useless if you do not know that they are being read. To have a proof that they are, you must socialize with others. Social sites such as Digg, SU and Twitter are helpful, but it is more fascinating if you socialize within your blog. Besides, it is a direct way of inviting visitors to your blog. While there are a lot of ways how to do it, here are only some of them that I am currently doing in which I found very effective.

Share your experience

People love to know what you have been through whether it is a success or failure. By sharing them, readers will be interested to know you better. You can also create a community within your blog by inspiring them with your success. On the other hand, readers would also like to learn from your mistakes. This is also a sign of humility. However, be sure that you are not inventing them because readers are intelligent enough. They can sense if you are untrue to them. If they do, your blogging life will end up miserable.

Share useful tips

Useful tips do not only include the How To posts, but also What Not To Do things. If you are posting the How To tips, be sure that they are really applicable. You must have tried and tested them, and had a positive effect on your blog. Readers will be also thankful to you if you post the What to Avoid things and warn them about the bad effect they may cause on their blogs, and will waste their precious time. However, write only the proven facts. Be a keen observer and do some research.

Be accommodating

To show that you are really accommodating, you must be easy to contact with. Besides putting a contact link on every end of your post, have an easy to access Contact Page. In this page, tell your readers that they can ask anything under the sun, and that you also accept suggestions, criticisms, and even service and product promotion. However, be sure that you have enough time to entertain them if they come abundantly. If you fail to do so, they will be disappointed and you may loose them.

Love your commenters

There are commenters who really took time to thank you for your interesting posts. Some also share their experiences. Replying to them immediately makes them happy. They will be glad that you are pushing an effort to communicate with them. I strongly advise that you show your Top Commenters and Recent Comments widgets on your sidebar. Who knows, they may be your regular followers and commenters someday. However, replying to comments need strategies too. You should also know how to deal with the not so good ones.

Run a valuable contest

For me, a valuable contest is not only about the amount of prize. It is also how it can help the contestants grow as a blogger. If you will notice my running contest, I am trying to help other bloggers by giving them ideas on what to post. I know how hard it is to make one especially if you are in a writer’s block. However, I am not saying that other types of contest are useless. In fact, I joined one and even won a free banner from Mr. Javo’s Birthday Contest.

Finally, do not treat your followers as fans. Consider them as friends who are helping you in reaching your goals as a blogger.

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Tips on how to give Blogging Tips

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Blogger’s Name – To Use or Not to Use

Photo credit to foreversouls

As I came across to Darren Rowse’ post at Problogger about associating your name on your blog, I think I was right by not using mine. But I suppose it is interesting to know its pros and cons. So I read the long listed comments on Darren’s post and choose the best answers for me, including my own comment. I hope Darren won’t mind if I summarize them here and add some more of my thoughts.


1.0 If your blog becomes successful, your name will follow. It is easy to identify that the blog is yours. It is quite easier to be engaged in other businesses or if you have been invited to be a conference speaker.

2.0 Transparency is one of the best approaches to readers. They tend to like you more simply because they are responding to a real person. It is like baring all.

3.0 It personalizes your blogging style more. It is as if you are just talking in front of your audience.

4.0 It is a better thing to do if your blog is to share your experiences and want others to learn from you. Say, if you are survivor of the 9 -11 attack.

5.0 It looks more professional especially if you have a very serious blog topic like health concerns and religion.


1.0 You will loose your privacy for sure. Although it feels good to be popular, there are times you wish someone does not know about you.

2.0 It is quite humiliating if your blog is not working out right. There are rude people around who thinks that teasing is fun.

3.0 It will not help if your name is hard to spell or write at Google Search. Arnold Swarzenneger is an exemption though.

4.0 It will be difficult for you to have a co-author to your blog. Your potential partner would not want his name not included in your blog.

5.0 For obvious reasons, it is hard to sell your blog if you decide to do so.


As I have mentioned in my About Me page, I choose not to use my real name on my blogs not because I want privacy. I use Guardian Angel because it is my dream to become one, and it looks more attractive in forums and signatures. Anyway, a part of it is my real nickname. No, it is not the first one of course. . But I do not hide my real name. I sometimes use it when I submitted articles for sale and in article directories.

Associating your name in your blog depend on how you blog and how you would like to be remembered. For me, including your name in your blogs does not really matter to the readers. It is still the content that counts and the impact you make to them.

But there is one pen name that I discovered that really fits his blog. It is none other than Article Specialist. His name really attracted me and I was not surprised that his blog is full of quality articles.

So if you feel like using a pen name or you are already using one, I made a post about it that you might find interesting to read.

Related post: How to Choose an Attractive Pen Name

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Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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Responsible Parenting – A Guide to Effective Blogging

We all know that parenting is a very hard task and an endless obligation. I am a father for almost 12 years and I can say that it is more than being a good provider. But responsible parenting can also be applied to blogging and doing this can make us more effective as a blogger. Although some of you are not yet parents, I believe you still can understand their duties and apply them when you are blogging. By enumerating some of their major responsibilities, let us find out how they can be useful towards effective blogging.

Proper Communication

This is more than just a simple conversation. As a parent, we must communicate with our children properly. It includes understanding their needs, accepting suggestions and talk with humility. As a blogger, these three aspects of communication are very essential to our readers. We must serve the needs of our readers and should also be willing to change if readers suggest activities for improvement. In addition, we must not use foul language. We must create a harmonious community.

Quality Education

All parents want their children to gain knowledge, not only from school but also from their daily lives. We work very hard to send them to the best schools. Just like teachers, we as bloggers must also educate our readers. To do this, we must do a lot of research before we submit our posts. Provide data and references if applicable. Just like children, some readers easily believe on our posts. Bloggers should share their knowledge unselfishly to others to help them grow.

Protection from danger

Children are naughty by nature. As they grow, they discover things by their own. This is a sign of an active child. However, we should be capable of protecting them from danger. We must see to it that they are safe at all times. If there are bloggers and advertisers who are not being fair with others, we must report them to proper authorities. Some bloggers do not realize that they may be victims of fraud and misinformation. It is our responsibility to warn them.

Be a role model

This is common knowledge but sometimes, it is a hard-to-follow practice. Parents and bloggers are not perfect, but we should not use this excuse if we commit mistakes. That is why it is very important that we must be careful of our actions. New bloggers depend on us and they admire us through our posts. If we do not do what we say, they will not believe us. If we continue to ignore our mistakes, they will find others who can be their mentors.

Blogging is caring and sharing, and not for money alone.

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Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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Z Solutions Inc. – Not An Entrecard!

While I am busy dropping off cards, I saw this Z Solutions Inc. widget on some blogs and because it has a logo of Entrecard with Drop on it, I dropped a card. To my surprise, I was brought to a site page entitled Making Money with the one of the Most Simple and Profitable Investment Opportunities: FOREX. The title itself obviously talks about Foreign Exchange and the author is inviting us to contact him through email if we are interested. Although the site owner might thank me for promoting his site for free, he is making a big mistake.

This is because this post is warning all Entrecard members that your site page is NOT an Entrecard member simply because you do not have an Entrecard. You are just using the logo hoping that someone will visit you. In fact, the blogs that have this ad has the legitimate Entrecard somewhere else on the blog. Nice try though. You have fooled me once but I will not allow to you to do that to me again. By the way, I suppose this ad is a member of Project Wonderful.

But I want to clear things. I am not saying that this ad has no legitimate content nor his business is not true. What I am unhappy about is how it is being promoted. Although I believe that a business should have a good strategy to invite customers, I also believe that this site should learn more about etiquette. If you have a good business offer, you do not need to use big names to visit you and confuse them. Your product will sell itself.

For blogs with this widget, I must inform you that you are also confusing your droppers. With this, I may NOT drop on you unless you do not have this confusing ad anymore. I think that is fair enough.

To Graham and Phirate of Entrecard, I know that you are now very busy revising the pricing method for the betterment of all, but please consider this trouble that is causing confusion to us.

To the owner of Z Solutions Inc., please use advertising with courtesy. For me, the way you promote is a direct insult to all Entrecard members. With this, I am appealing to you to modify your ad. I am sure you can find other ways to encourage visitors and if you do, who knows? I might visit you again and be even interested in your offer.

Am I being too harsh? I do not think so. I am just trying to be humane.

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Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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Sitehopping – A Better Way to Entrecard Dropping?

logo from Sitehopping@Entrecard

While I was busy dropping cards and reading posts, I noticed that more and more blogs have this widget from I thought this is just another blog who does it good in placing ads on blogs. However, I started to read blog posts about it and some bloggers even invited me to join them. I was hesitant because it might be another burden for me but I will not get something in return. Not until I read this very interesting post at Josh's Unconventional Marketing Blog. This made me visit the blog and took time to read their offer. Here is what I found out.

Free Traffic

After you signed in, you may be able to get free traffic through beer credits. Yes, beer credits my friends and they admit that they actually drink beer at work because they work in an apartment where they treat it like home. Anyway, these beer credits can be earned through multiple ways. But what surprised me is you can earn them through site hopping or visiting other blogs like we do at Entrecard. Other means of earning credits are by rating the blogs, placing comments, blog submission and for the biggest points, putting their widget on your blogs. You can also win them if you will be the King of Hops.

So what are they for? For every 10 beer credits, you will gain 1 unique visitor through their beer algorithm. As of this posting, you just need a minimum of 4 beer credits or more than 3 beers on the wall. This means the higher beer credits or number of beers you have on the wall, the greater chance your blog will be chosen first. Getting more interested?

Browse only your selected blogs

They have this Slide Show mode where you can browse or view other blogs. The good thing is that you can decide if you want to select Shuffle where the blogs are being browsed randomly or Iterative where you can choose what type of blogs you want to view, Entrecard-internet-marketing for example. In addition, you can do it manually or automatically which mean even while you are sleeping. You can also set the time a blog should stay before allowing another to open. You can tag these blogs and visit them later. This is like choosing blogs where you want to drop your Entrecard. This is also like surfing the net in an iPod.

Earn money

I suppose that this is what you are hoping for to read. All members are invited to buy beer stocks from them as investment. The principle is the same as any Stocks Exchange. You can wait until it grows or you can sell them later or immediately after buying them. You can also use them to promote your blogs. Furthermore, as a beer stocks holder, you are also entitled to be their affiliate member. Well, I think that make sense. I do not have these beer stocks yet but hopefully I can have some soon.

Now is it a better way to Entrecard dropping? Dropping cards while earning beer credits and gaining free traffic, why not? However, I just enrolled my blogs yesterday so I cannot say yet that it is really effective for me. Anyway, I will be monitoring its performance and just like what I am doing for Entrecard, I will try my best to update you some other time.

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Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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What I am Gaining from Entrecard

I have made a couple of posts about Entrecard since I joined in. This includes how maximize it and how to convince users to read our blog posts. But one might ask me, what am I really gaining from Entrecard? For sure, it is not direct money because I am not selling my points, not yet. Although I have already showed the graph of my current standing recently, it is better if I go deeper here.

While it is true that chain droppers cannot be avoided, I was surprised to see my recent statistics. By using statcounter, you can see at the bargraph that I am now enjoying a minimum of 110 unique visitors a day. This has not yet happened to me before. But again, there is an issue of drop and run. This is the reason why I checked the visit length. On the pie chart, you will see the yellow portion which is 23.9% are the ones who stays longer while 65.9% are the chain droppers. Although I have also visitors from other networks, the Recent Came From stats shows that most of them definitely came from Entrecard.

Now, I would like to mention the names of high profile bloggers that I met through Entrecard. I also consider them my friends not only because they drop their cards on my blogs, but also for some very good reasons.

Marriage and Beyond – Jennie is a Filipina blogger who spend a lot of time explaining to me about Paypal. Thanks to her really!

Joan Joyce dot com– Another Filipina blogger who also helped me explained about Paypal and EON.

Mr. Javo dot com – There are many bloggers who invited me to join their contests, but it was his contest that I joined in. It is actually his birthday treat and fortunately, I won a 300 x 250 banner on his posts which will last for a month.

But recently, it was Amanda of Blogger Buster whom I found very interesting. This is because through her useful posts, I am learning on how to improve the looks of my Blogger blogs. Although there are plenty of them, I am only including those I used and planning to use.

A Drop Down Menu for Labels

If you will notice, both of my blogs are now using it. This definitely increased the space of my sidebar.

Top Commenters Widget

This is to give credits to our regular readers who are taking time to post some comments on our posts. Now, you can see them at my sidebar.

Three Column Footer

To minimize the contents of our sidebar, we can transfer some of them at the footer section. Amanda provided simple instructions on how to do it and you can check my footer. I will improve it later.

Expandable Posts

It is a technique where you can have a teaser about your posts. Your readers will then click the link at the end to view the whole post. The good thing about this is your readers can readily see series of your recent posts without going to the next page. A good example is Article Specialist's Blognetwork although the whole post is on his other blogs. I am planning to do this later.

Of course, I also would like to thank other bloggers who posted wonderful recommendation for my blogs. I am planning to make another post about you together with the top droppers and the blogs where my widget gained a lot of visits.

Again, I am inviting all non-members to try Entrecard and discover how it can work for you. For all members, my contest is still going on and you join here.

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Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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Entrecard Giveaway First Weekly Update

I would like to reserve this post to fulfill a promise that I will make a weekly update about my contest. With this, I would like to inform you that as of today three bloggers have submitted 1 entry each who received 100ec from me and a chance to win 1,000ec on April 25, 2008. Here they are with a short description of their blogs.

Sherry Rambling – A blog owned by Sherry submitted one entry and discussed about what we can do when we cannot think of a good post. With that, I immediately consider that as one entry.

A Contest Blog – A blog owned by Valmg and also promotes interesting contests with wonderful prizes submitted one entry.

In addition, both of them also joined my other contest on my Happy Family Matters blog which means they received a separate 100ec.

Blog4me – A blog run by Mia who started blogging since September last year. Although she submitted two entries on my other contest which now makes her 300ec richer, she decided to make a post out of my tips about the most common mistakes of bloggers.

These three bloggers therefore has a chance to another 1,000ec to get a total of 2,000+ ec points just for re-posting my tips.

Again, I am inviting all of you to join my contest not only to win, but also to share to others my useful tips so everyone can learn somehow about blogging and how to have a happy family. For more details, please feel free to visit my special post.

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Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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