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SPOTTT – A Fast Growing Free Link Exchange Habit

logo from SPOTTT

As a consistent Entrecard dropper, I noticed there are some blogs who have another 125 x 125 widget but with the word SPOTTT on the lower part. Since I am seeing it almost everywhere, I became curious and check the site through Google Search. To my surprise, it is a free tool for link exchange for everyone.

Being still a new blogger, I read their blog and learned about the history of free link exchange tools. According to an article at Fortune, the original free link exchange site was which was found in 1996 and used the banner size ad. However, Microsoft shut it down after nine years although it was very successful. This is because the pop-up banner is getting unpopular due to the rise of text ads by search engines like Google.

Now after 12 years, Philip Kaplan the co-founder of AdBrite thought of reviving the strategy, but this time using a 125 x 125 widget. Last February 12, 2008 if my calendar searches me right, SPOTTT was launched. As of this posting, more than 2,000 websites owners and bloggers have joined including me. My blogs were approved yesterday and you can check out the widget on my sidebar.

Although I still have many questions in my mind, I think there is no harm in giving it a try. Who knows? It may boom more than I can imagine. At least, I can still consider myself as a pioneer member. Apparently, Philip Kaplan the owner himself just made a separate post asking for suggestions for improvement in which I plan to submit some, especially regarding to tracking of impressions.

If you are interested, simply visit their site and let us cross our fingers for the benefit of all. I will be closely monitoring the effect on my blogs and find time to update you.

Thank you.

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  Dennis Edell

March 23, 2008 at 9:03 AM

I've seen it lots but didnt have the time to check it out.

Thanks for the healthy explanation.

So it's like Entrecard but no credits?

  Guardian Angel

March 23, 2008 at 11:05 AM

Hi Dennis,

Just like Entrecard, it has credits too but I really did not include it in my post coz I still have some questions.

I suggest you visit their site. Thanks for dropping by.