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How would you like your Blog to be remembered?

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As a person, how would you like to be remembered? Good deeds, power and respect are some of the possible answers and some may include being rich. Two days ago, Michael Jackson celebrated his 50th birthday and I am sure all of us still remember his moves, songs and being extremely unique. The latter is the best choice, I guess. In terms of blogging, it is very important that our visitors will remember us so they will be reminded to visit again. But how do we that? Is being different enough? Here is my analysis.


Each of us has a different signature from the other, which means being unique is not enough. It does not mean readers will not forget you. With this, why don’t we think of a signature that can easily be remembered? While the King of Pop is extremely different, his fans love him for that. On the other hand, you cannot have a popular blog as Seth Godin’s blog by just making your blog as simple as his blog. So what’s my point? Our signature must fit to us and our readers can identify you through your signature. But most of all, they will like to see it again.


No matter how good you copy a style, people will always refer to the originator. In addition, you can change your style anytime you like although it is quite risky. If you are comfortable in writing long posts like Steve Pavlina, then your visitors will be surprised once you make a two-word post entitled Wordless Wednesday. But then again, readers love surprises. Another problem would be the trend, as it may affect you somehow if you will not dance to the music. Although not everybody will agree with you, the more important thing is they will remember you. After all, we cannot please everybody.


Although some bloggers became popular even they talk about nonsense, we cannot deny that they are still being remembered. Some people like junk as a good form of entertainment. But this is dangerous as most of us would still go for quality. This maybe very hard to maintain as many newcomers will arrive and can do better than you. Quality and consistency always go hand in hand. Have you ever wondered why Levi’s jeans are still being liked even it is simple and expensive? They are over 130 years old but still on top. Well, as their promotional statement says, quality never goes out of style.

My conclusion

There are so many ways to let our readers remember us and sometimes we do not even need to use words. However, to convince them to come back is the hardest part. As I do not believe in luck, hard work and being smart are two major factors I believe in.

In short, we must be the right blogger at the right place and at the right time.

But if you will ask me the same question, this will be my answer. I want my blog to be remembered as the blog that contains blogging tips for humans.

Hope you won’t forget that.

We can forget the people who held our hands but not the ones who touched our lives.

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