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The Three Major Purposes of Bloggers

There are millions and millions of bloggers around the world. Although some have quit, more are coming having different purposes. But there are only three of them that make bloggers stay alive:

1.0 To learn: There is neither educational nor civil status requirement in blogging. Anyone who knows how to read and write has an equal chance of learning. One must be eager to learn about anything and everything about blogging. Although there are millions of sites that you can have as references, it is the learning capabilities that will help you to be successful. Besides visiting sites, you can also learn from asking. There are forums wherein gurus, probloggers and even neophytes who will answer your questions. Learning is a non-stop process and you cannot achieve it without patience, skills and help from others. If you stop learning, then you stop blogging.

2.0 To share: If you do not share what you have learned, you will not get visitors. Visitors or readers are the most important people to bloggers. They will keep coming back to sites where they learned so much. If the content is stagnant or useless to them, they can always find a better one. A good blogger is always a great writer. But being a great writer does not only mean you are great in writing, but basically good in communicating. Readers are composed of all kinds of people, and you must be able to write what pleases them in general. However, there are bloggers who choose their readers. They are the ones who blog for a particular topic like sports, animals, places, etc. Apparently, there are bloggers who just came in to share their personal thoughts, experiences and anything that they want to share. The more you share, the more unique visitors you will have, and they will keep coming back and invite others. Readers are sensitive to what they read. If they feel that you are lying or wasting their precious time, they will also share it to others and you will be dead.

3.0 To earn: This is the major purpose of many of us. Most people blog because they think that it is a very useful source of income, and yes it is. There are even people who call themselves as probloggers since blogging is their bread and butter. But there are those who make this as part time job only. If you have the right topics, right strategies and right visitors, you will earn a lot. Advertisers are willing to pay big money to bloggers who have the most clicks on their ads. Some businessmen also promote their products or services through blogging. There are also sites like payperpost that hire bloggers to write for them, just like in the newspapers and magazines.

However, there are bloggers who do not blog because of money. They just want to learn and share, or just for fun. Some of them even spend money just to share their activities and thoughts. There are also bloggers who came in for free to spread their religion, ministries and other good deeds. These people do not earn money, but they earn friends, friends who are very hard to earn these days.

I am blogging simply because I am learning a lot, and I want to share what I learn; and somehow hoping to add earnings not only money but also friends!

Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips