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Tips on How to get Tips from Google

If you are a freshman in blogging like me, then you need some tips to improve your skills and posts. However, because you are new in this field, you do not even know yet where and how to start. With this, I would like to share to you some of the things I do to get tips:

1.0 Whether you want to blog or just simply researching about something, go to google search. Type a word, phrase or sentence that you want to know and I am sure there are thousands and thousand of sites that are just waiting for you to open. However, as you can see in the picture on my previous post, there are a very few products or companies that do not have a web site yet.

2.0 When you open a blog or site, you might notice the RSS Subscribe in a reader icon. This means that you can subscribe from his site regularly through a feeder. You can also subscribe from him through emails. You will receive everything that he posts on his site automatically, even without going to his site.. The more sites you subscribe from, the more tips you will get. Therefore, this will save a lot of time. However, your inbox might be full every now and then. But do not worry, you can unsubscribe any time.

3.0 Just recently, I discovered about this google alerts. By using this, you can receive emails daily, weekly or as it happens, depending on what you want. You can also choose from blogs, sites, videos, news, etc. Just select a keyword/s and presto! All sites with latest updates will flow into your email. Now you can choose which site to open. Do not worry, you can easily manage them if you want to change the frequency, or even delete them any time you wish to.

Of course, all of them are free of charge.

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