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How to invite your Subscribers to open your Blog

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Subscribers are loyal readers and it is good to have a lot of them. However, we must admit that sometimes our feed counters are not working well and we doubt that our subscribers are really authentic recipients of our posts. But if you have proven that the numbers are for real, you must cherish them. Besides avoiding them to unsubscribe, it is also better if we can invite them to open our blog. Here are my tips that you may find helpful.

Improve your blog looks

Our subscribers can only read what they receive, and they may get bored when they open your blog and see the usual looks again. I strongly advise that you also consider how your blog appears on the screen. Change your template or blog design to a more wonderful site to view, and ask for their opinion. Have additional widgets on your blog such as Top Commenters, Recent Comments and other rewards to your readers. However, changing it frequently is not a good habit.

Host something they can participate

Run a blog carnival, contest or a poll where your readers can participate. Post a sticky invitation so they will be magnetized at once. Convince them that they will not only enjoy the fun, but they will also benefit a lot when they join. However, be sure that you have enough time to accommodate them when they come in numbers. Valuable giveaways such as free e-books and tutorials are also a big help. Being a sociable blogger is a big advantage to have a convincing power.

Maximize your related posts

If you have related posts on your blog, include them at the end of your post with a highlight so they can easily be noticed. But be sure that these posts are really related to the current post. Do not worry about the age of the posts as long as you are making timeless posts. Related posts can also be placed in between the post but do not overdo it. They will be suspected as affiliate links. Be conscious when you are endorsing something. Subscribers are after our posts, not on our advertisements.

Make a summary post

If you think you have enough number of valuable posts, make a post with a link to each post and invite your readers to view them. This post is somewhat different from the sitemap in the sense that you will only choose the posts that will be included. Arrange them categorically and make them reader-friendly. Use an attractive title to identify that they are your best posts. You can also add your older but ageless posts. Your subscribers will then be curious about the posts that they may not have yet read.

Make your posts worth to comment

Comments are the result of an interesting post. Do not be satisfied with what you want to write. Write for your readers, not for yourself. They are our end customers, and their comments are important. Having regular commentators and friendly critics on your blog will spice up your energy, and if your subscribers will know about it they will be attracted to join the crowd. If you can invite your readers to post comments, your subscribers may also do the same.

To gain loyalty, build a character.

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