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The Best of Humane Blogging Tips

Since I made a similar post on my Happy Family Matters blog, I decided to do the same thing here. This is because my archives are plenty enough as I approaching my one year in blogging. The following list is according to their categories.

Here they are.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

Things You Should Know before you Blog
Why Bloggers should show their own pictures on blogs they own
Tips on How to get Tips from Google
Five Qualities of a Successful Problogger
20 Uncommon but Effective Ways to Increase Traffic
How to convince your Visitors to read your Blog Posts

Blog Promotion

How to make your Blog post land on the top spot of Google Search
75 Free SEO Friendly Directories (No Reciprocal Links Required)
20 Free Blog Directories Without So Many Restrictions
TOP 10 Free Article Directories According to Alexa and Google
Useful Tips in Effective Article Directory Submission
Useful Tips for Effective Blog Directory Submission
How to Post Comments on other Blogs to Promote your Blog

Traffic Generation

How to Post on Forums and Increase Traffic to your Blog
How to convince Blog Owners that you are a Good Guest Blogger
The Right Time to be a Guest Blogger
How to Get High Traffic from your Resource Box
How to Choose an Attractive Pen Name
How to Attract Visitors from Yahoo Answers
How to Make Your Readers Post a Comment
What I am Gaining from Entrecard

News and Views

Welcome to Father Blogger dot Com
Article Directory Submission and Guest Blogging – What is the Difference?
Blogger’s Name – To Use or Not to Use
License your Work with Creative Commons
A Funny Way to talk about Serious Dangers in Blogging
How to be a Popular Blogger in the Newspapers
Z Solutions Inc. – Not An Entrecard!
Blogsvine – A Fast Rising Social Bookmarking Site
Is my English Good-looking Over There?
Are you doing the Right Blogging frequency?

Blogging Tips

Why you should also read Blogs that are Different from your Blog Niche
How to Make your Post a Masterpiece
Responsible Parenting – A Guide to Effective Blogging
How to Blog like a Boxing Champ
Tips on how to give Blogging Tips
How to post a Good Post
How To Reply On Comments
How to Socialize within your Blog
Are you a Humane Blogger?

Blogger's Problems

How not to be a Prisoner of your own blog
How to motivate your self in Blogging
What to do When you Cannot Think of a Good Post
What Makes A Blogger Quit
How to Keep your Health when Blogging
Most Ignored Mistakes by Bloggers
How to fight your Insecurities in Blogging
How to avoid burying your own Blog
How to avoid your Subscribers to Unsubscribe to your Blog

Blogging Resources

Why you should leave Entrecard
Steve Pavlina dot Com: The Smart Site that can make you Smarter
Why you should visit the Blog Network of Article Specialist
Daily Writing Tips – An Effective Guide for Effective Writing
Blogger Buster – A Blog about

I just hope you can learn from them somehow. I will be updating this list as I go long. Enjoy reading!

Last update - July 23, 2008

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May 9, 2008 at 7:11 PM

Congratulations on almost reaching 100 posts. Looks like you have quite a line up there.

  Guardian Angel

May 9, 2008 at 7:48 PM

Thanks, Kate. My other blog - Happy Family Matters blog has just reached the 100th post.

By the way, I was wondering where you found my blog. Your blog has no social bookmarking widget and I don't know how I found my blog.

Hope you can tell me.

Thanks again.