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The ABC of SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a great way to increase traffic. It is like submitting your blog to thousands and thousands of blog networks simultaneously. By this method, your blog will attract search engines that will help you climb to the top. Spiders are called to these unique programs since they are crawling to millions of sites around the blogosphere searching for the best site and show it to human researchers. Although deep study and different strategies are required to achieve that, you can start with the basic. Here are some very simple but essential techniques:

1.0 Use attractive keywords. This includes your title, description, blog content and resource box. Let us say your blog topic is about blogging tips like mine, therefore the phrase “blogging tips” must be included in your title. This is the main reason why I changed the title of this blog.. However, being very rich in keyword content is not also healthy for your readers. Remember you are blogging about a readable topic, not a bunch of keywords.

2.0 Provide links. The quality and quantity of links you have goes together. Therefore, the more number of powerful links you have, the better chance of getting easy to search. This is why most bloggers are requesting for exchange links. Subsequently, you are forming a network of links. Joining huge blog networks and top social book marketing sites are very helpful to invite others for link exchange. However, broken links must be avoided.

3.0 Learn from experts. There are a lot of SEO experts around to assist you, custom paid and for free. Joining SEO enriched forums like digitalpoint will be very helpful to gain more knowledge. At first, you may not appreciate their topics but as you go along reading, you will be enjoying the show and later participate. However, there are those who misunderstood the principle of SEO and there are also who claims that they are expert but as dumb as he can be, so you must be very careful.

4.0 Submit your site to search engines. if you think your site is ready enough, submit it to top search engines like Yahoo and Google. There are a lot of search engines around but submitting to all of them is not also healthy. Just like links, if a search engine is not powerful enough, then you are just hoping for nothing. Moreover, you should ensure that you are in the nearest topic related category. If you fail to do this, you will be transferred to the right category but of course, to the last spot of long lines.

5.0 Patience, my friend. This is the most humane way to get traffic through SEO. SEO is a very long journey, and not all kinds of SEO techniques are applicable to all. Choosing the fast way may also be a success, but definitely not for long. Search engines are so powerful that they can detect spammers and have them easily removed from their system.

Remember, SEO is only one way to increase traffic. If you feel it is not working for you, try other techniques instead of wasting your precious time.

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