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Guest Blogging: The Effect of Good Article Writing

I would like to reserve this post to thank Kevin Muldoon of Blogging Tips who gave me this great experience to be a guest blogger to his very informative and clean blog. This was my first time for me to be a guest blogger, and I am very enthusiastic about it. For the record, I have been viewing his blog for a quite some time. In fact, I am also planning to submit this blog to his directory just like I did to my parenting tip and marriage tip blogs. But for now, I would like to share to all of you how I felt when I saw my post on his blog:

1.0 I felt like a professional. If you are a new blogger, being a guest blogger in a huge site will make you feel like a professional. This will upgrade your status as a blogger and you will strive to write more good quality articles. It can also make you more competitive, and you can now think that you have a space in this blogging industry.

2.0 I felt challenged. If you can write just one good article, you can write a better one next time. You will not be contented on a single result. Therefore you will be stricter in your writing style and you will be able to face new challenges in writing good articles. You also tend to be more creative to be able to surpass your first time.

3.0 I felt dignified. It will be such a great honor when someone better than you are will trust your ability. Take note that not all bloggers are given the chance to be a guest blogger. Since the site has more readers than you have, it will be a step ahead for your blogging career.

4.0 I felt confident. Sometimes, it is frustrating when you think that your articles are good but no one seems to notice them. By being a guest blogger, it will add confidence to your self and you will realize that you deserve to be noticed. However, confidence must only be in your heart, not in your mind.

5.0 I felt I belong here. Sometimes, you might be wondering if blogging is really for you. You have been blogging for months but your traffic is still low as well as your earnings. You have tried all the possible blogging tips but it seems nothing works for you. Do not loose hope, for it is one of the painful reasons why some bloggers quit.

With this, I am cordially inviting you to view my post entitled “The effects of Good Article Writing” and you can see it now live at Blogging Tips. Please feel free to apply to be a guest blogger and you can be sure of his kind assistance especially if this will be your first time.
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