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Qassia: An Effective Way to Increase Traffic while Earning

As I am hoping to find other ways to increase traffic to get more earnings, I found this unique site called Qassia. This is not your usual blog directory or article directory. They do not require reciprocal links, when you submit your sites. Another good thing about them is that you can get unlimited back links and earnings through easier ways, and here are them:

1.0 Add Intel. Intels can be of short sentences or simple paragraph about a product, a place, an event or anything that you like to describe, related or not to your own blogs. You do not have to make a long post; just make sure it is understandable to readers. Each Intel that you add can carry a backlink to your site so the more Intel you add, the more backlink.

2.0 Screen the Intels. When you screen or rate an Intel, you will get credit which is called Qassia dollars, the more Intels you screen, the better chance to be on top of their tag-based directory. Likewise, members can get credits when they screen your Intel. You can earn also them through referring their site to others.

3.0 Earn 100% of your hard work. You can do that through Google adsense running on each Intel you make. These ads are registered at your Google account so you are sure that you can get all the earnings from your hard work. It is just like making a new blog but with more simple content.

It is very seldom that I write a separate post to promote a single site. But do not take my word for it, visit their site and register so you can confirm if I am telling the truth or not.

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