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How To Improve Your Blogging Strategy

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In any activity that you are into, you want to be great if not the greatest. In blogging, there might be than more than tens of thousands bloggers who have the same topic as yours, and it feels quite frustrating that you think you already did your best, but still the results are unsatisfactory. So if you feel that last year’s scenario needs improvement, here are some of my advices I think would be applicable:

1.0 Focus on a single agenda. There may be a lot of activities in your mind but you must know your priority and focus on it. If you want to blog about making money on line, avoid reading blogs about cats even if you are a cat lover. This will divide your attention and time.

2.0 Make a concrete plan. In making a plan on what to do, make it a concrete one. A plan is will never work if it does not have sufficient data, detailed activities and target date of accomplishment. But make sure it is attainable.

3.0 Write your plan. You will very busy and if you do not write our plan, you will forget some of the details and you might go into circles finding data again and again. Write it on a sequential manner; from step one to the last one. Make it friendly with you when you look at it.

4.0 Follow your plan. This is the main purpose of your plan, to follow it. You might learn that there are other bloggers who have different plans as yours, but it does not mean it will also be applicable to you. Changing of plans frequently will end up achieving nothing but plans.

5.0 Monitor the effect closely. This is the sole purpose of statistics, to know what your current status is. However, statistics sometimes is not that reliable so you may want to have other sources instead of depending on a single group. Moreover, do not expect a rapid change on the effect.

6.0 Do not sleep. You may take a rest once in a while, but do not sleep. Of course, sleep here means to stop for a long time. Although sleeping gives us more energy to work, it also can make you lazy after you wake up.

7.0 Be patient. As the saying goes, Patience is a virtue, my friend. If you will succeed within a very short period of time and with less effort, you cannot repeat it again not with the greater effect. Success in blogging is not magic, and even magic has its own right timing too.

If you fail again, there is always a Plan C to think of. If it fails again, there are 24 other letters to choose from and I am sure one of them will fit into you.

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