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Revealing my wildest dreams!

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They say that life begins at 40. I say it is not always true. Last year I just turned 40. I tried so hard to get a better job, safer house, pay all my overdue bills but none of them came true. But last September I heard about blogging. Although I knew about web sites before, I assumed only computer experts can make them.
Honestly speaking, I am an engineer by profession but communicating is really my passion. I loved to be writer once but in those days, only few writers have enough food on their table and money in their wallets.
So last October, I took the chance by using my last money to buy my own PC. I am now trying to make a career out of blogging, not just because of money but also to fulfill my wildest dream.
Although I still have a job, I am now maintaining my 2 blogs; in which one is about parenting and other one is about marriage. It is very hard for me to be a husband, a father, a son, employee and a blogger all at the same time, but I am using all my strength and effort to be good in all of them.
This time, I will share what I will be learning, not only about blogging, but also about life, work and anything that is worth sharing.

Now my life has just begun! Sometimes life begins at 41!