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Most Ignored Mistakes by Bloggers

I have been blogging for nearly half a year and I must admit I committed many mistakes as I am growing here. There were some honest mistakes and there are some I did because I ignored the consequences. Up to now, I am still making a few and I am not justifying them. I should not even tell everybody that I am committing them because I am only human. For me, that is such a stupid alibi. However, I need not to reveal them here. But I believe that it is my responsibility to share some of my observations that you would possibly be doing or have done. There are plenty of them but I chose to post that I think the most ignored ones.

Not reading the Rules and Regulations.

Forums owners and the like are spending long hours in creating and publishing their Rules and Regulations for us to read and understand them before we join. We are supposed to do this before we agree. Unfortunately, some of us tend to be lazy and just click the I Agree box right away, assuming that it is just common sense or boring to read. We must understand that these long paragraphs serve as reminders to us the do’s and don’ts when we join them. If we do not agree, then we are free not to join. This is one of the reasons why some of us are being banned or disapproved.

Copying a portion of blog posts

Although all of us are aware about the rules of copyright, but some of us think that it is just fine if we copy just a small portion from other blog posts and paste it on ours. Although we already put a link back to the original posts and inform the blog owner afterwards, it is still incorrect. In worst cases, some bloggers do not even inform the real owners, thinking that the blog owner will be happy instead when he found out because you are promoting his posts for free. If we really like a post, we should only read it and use our words to make a post out of it. But if we really like to copy it, we should inform the owner prior and respect his decision if he disagreed.

Not talking to his readers

I noticed some blogs that are not being updated for quite some time. I try to understand that but when there is a new post, the blogger will not even mention why the post was late. Moreover, I also view some blogs that look like reference books. Although the content is helpful, the readers cannot help but doubt that the content was copied from somewhere. For us bloggers, it is very important that we post as if our readers are just in front of us even if our blog is not a personal one. The best word we can start with our blog posts is “I”, or at least mention it in your first paragraph. This is the difference between a blog and a huge website like Wikipedia.

Misleading the readers

I have browsed some blogs that has different details of facts from each other. This maybe because some of them do not read their references well or do not even had a reference at all. So if someone reads them, he will be confused. The sad part is if he read the wrong one only. I also noticed that there are some bloggers who tend to destroy some social bookmarketing sites and advertisers if they did not succeed when they joined them. Although it is but natural for anybody to share his sentiments, we must not over exaggerate the issue. In addition, there are also blogs that has ads hidden intentionally and obviously. Although it may be a nice strategy to earn more money, I think it is still unethical.

Not caring for kid bloggers

Blogging is not only for us adults; it is in fact for everybody. We must realize that there are kid bloggers as young as ten years old that were given permission by their parents. Although it is the responsibility of their parents to guide them when they are on-line, I still believe that we should do our share. I am not being hypocrite here, what I am saying is that at least we must to warn our readers if we have adult contents. This does not only include obscene pictures and videos, but also hardcore words that children should not be reading.

I am not expecting everybody to agree with me, but I hope you just think about them.

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