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How to Choose an Attractive Pen Name

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Some bloggers do not want to have their real names to be revealed in their blogs, and I am one of them. It is not that I am not proud of my real name or afraid to be exploited. In fact, there are some instances when I use it especially if I am submitting articles to top article directories. However, I choose to use a pen name for my blogs and when I join forums simply because I think it will attract more visitors rather than using my real name. If you decide to do it too, here are some useful tips that can surely help you:

1.0 Relate it to your blog. It is very obvious that all my blogs contain useful tips and guardian angels are identified as beings that help humans. If your pen name is not related to your blog posts, people will be less interested in viewing your blog. Remember that when you are joining forums, your pen name is what people will see first and not your blog. Moreover, there are great forums that do not immediately allow having your blog name included in your signature.

2.0 Make it easy to memorize. I noticed that there are bloggers who have their pen name very unique. Although it is alright to be original, your pen name should stick into the mind of the readers. If your blog is about sports, think of a familiar name in sports and choose a pen name that is close or sounds like the famous sportsman. Although you can also a personal one, do not use a hard-to-spell word or with confusing syllables. In short, you should use a pen name that can easily be shared to somebody else.

3.0 Do not play with it. Changing your pen name frequently will not only confuse you, but also your readers. Although it is nice to improve it to make it more attractive, avoid changing it every now and then. Moreover, inform your readers about the change so that they can still recognize you. It is better that you ask your friends about their personal views before changing it. As the saying goes, do it right for the first time.

4.0 Be wholesome. Your pen name also reflects your personality somehow. Take note that you are not only selling your blog, but also yourself as a person. I am quite sure you do not want to be popular by having a bad image to the viewing public. In addition, there are also youngsters who blog and if your pen name is not good to the ears, you might be influencing them to be like you. Bloggers are public image and I believe we have a responsibility to our audience.

Our name is the sweetest sound we will ever hear so make the most out of it.

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