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License your Work with Creative Commons

Another way of protecting your work is to require others to use have a proper license before they use it, and this is what Creative Commons is all about. This has been advised to me by a fellow Filipino blogger from Pinoy Entrecard, but recently it was also being suggested by a guest blogger of Problogger, named Patrick who is the owner of Piggy Bank Pie.Com. So, here are some of its features I found that you might be interested of:

1.0 You can choose what type of license you want, which you can allow others under the following conditions: attribution, non-commercial, no derivative works, and share alike. Each license has unique html codes that can be recognized by some search engines. These are being represented by unique icons which are explained further in their About page. You can find mine on the top right side of my blog just under the waving Philippine flag.

2.0 They have a detailed explanation on how they operate; from FAQ, videos and comics. They also provide some things to consider before choosing them. You can also use it for your off-line works. But of course, there will be no metadata and therefore will not be recognized by search engines.

3.0 Since the licenses are non exclusive, you can still use your site for commercial purposes. Non-commercial in item # 1 is for the licensor and not for the content owner. Actually, this is their main goal to help bloggers and sites owners to maximize their revenue.

4.0 Their services are not limited to blogging industry only. They also cover artists, scientists and other professionals who want to protect their works from illegal copyrights. Moreover, their services are free of charge since they belong to a non-profit organization.

For more information, you can visit their site and be sure you understand the whole context first before joining.

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