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How to use Blog Contests to increase Readership

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Blog contests are now popular in the blogosphere, and it seems that everybody is crazy about them, and that includes me. I already joined 3 of them and won 2 times, and that is not bad for me. I also ran a small giveaway on my blog and I was satisfied with the result.

Nowadays, prizes and mechanics are getting more exciting, and more bloggers are getting interested to be part of these blog contests. But what some bloggers do not realize is that contests also serve as a good medium of increasing readership. However, one must be able to find good strategies to maximize the opportunities. Here is what I learned and for you to think about.

For Contest Owners

Give reasonable instructions

Although you may be giving attractive prizes, contestants will think twice before joining if your instructions are not reasonable. Reasonable instructions include making a post about you and your blog, instead of the contest alone. You can also choose from your best posts and ask them to make a post about it. Requiring them to add you to their favorites is also a good idea. On the other hand, subscribing to you may also increase your readership, but they can easily unsubscribe anytime after the contest.

Don’t forget to post

Promoting your contest takes a lot of time and effort. To save time, you can place an attractive banner on your blog, and use its URL when posting comments on other blogs. Running a contest may increase your readership but it will only be temporary if you neglect your blog posts. Do not run a contest just to tell others that you are generous. If you do this, they will only visit you again if you will run your next contest. Go back to the basic; readers will always look for quality content.

For Contest Sponsors

Maximize your exposure

Sponsors are allowed to have a small text to let the readers know who the contest sponsors are. Grab this chance by using the best resource box you can make. Make it attractive to win the readers. If other sponsors are your competitors, check their signature and make yours the better one. In addition, use your link URL to your best post, instead of your homepage. So every time a contestant checks your blog, he will realize that you are not a simple sponsor, you are also worth to visit.

Share a priceless prize

Instead of sharing a cash prize, offer a free service to the winner such as banner ads, lectures, reviews and interviews. Use your expertise to help the winner. This is not only free promotion on your part; it will also increase your credibility when someone learns from you. When he becomes successful because of you, he will be eager to introduce you to others. Therefore, readers will come to you automatically and it will go on almost endlessly. You will be a well-respected mentor someday.

For Contestants


Socializing is an effective tool to convince readers to your blog. Although winning the grand prize is your main goal, you can also be friends with the contest owner and other contestants as well. That is why it is also important to join a popular contest. Although you may have a lesser chance of winning, being a contestant is great opportunity to promote your blog. Making your entry post attractive to potential contestants can also increase your readership. If your entry post is convincing, the news will be passed to others and most likely, they will be interested in reading your other posts.

Be prize conscious

If you are allowed to choose a prize among money, points and interview or blog review, I suggest you choose the latter. While prize money is direct income, blog review or interview is better in the long run. Actually, it is priceless as many would call. This is because a post about you does not only attract readers but also search engines as well, especially if the blogger is influential. If you win one, it will be your passport towards future readership. Grab this chance to tell everybody about yourself and your blog.

Incidentally, I won an interview prize from joining The Party Contest. In due time, this will materialize and through the help of the interviewer, Alexys Fairfield of Soul meets World, I hope it can create a one-step forward for me as a blogger.

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