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Blogging: Make it towards Responsible Journalism

People around the world who turn themselves into bloggers are increasing rapidly. However, the sad part is that blogging is not being regulated the same way newspapers and magazines are. Although there are a lot of blogging experts who are sincere in assisting the new ones, very seldom that we heard of someone teaching how to blog the humane way. Most of us are here focus on how to earn money more than doing it the right way. With this, I would like to share some of my ideas on how to convert simple blogging into a more responsible form of journalism:

1.0 Write quality articles only. Although there are common topics being discussed by bloggers,it is how it is being presented that makes it high quality article. Choosing the proper words and format is totally different from just merely creating a post. Just like delivering the news they must also be properly examined and proven correct. Note that blogging is sharing information, not a monkey business.

2.0 Blog like a good parent. A good parent will never allow his children to be hurt or even bitten by a single mosquito. He will cover all possible passage where even small insects cannot sneak. If only all bloggers will treat his readers like his own children, then we will not be worried that our hard work will be wasted. The next generation of bloggers will be enjoying it more than we are now and this will be continuous process.

3.0 Make your blog sugar-free. Although sweets are delicious, too much sugar can cause diabetes and is not healthy to our teeth. A blog with too much attractive banners and flashy pictures tend to entertain visitors rather then educating them. Instead of wasting your time to find the best banners, choose the right title to make the post interesting to read.

4.0 Watch your move. Sometimes, we feel pressure when our mind is not in the mood to write, but we think we must so. We get afraid that our loyal readers and subscribers will leave us if we do not update our regularly as we used to. However, posting a bad article will not only deteriorate our image in front of our followers but also would inspire other careless bloggers to do the same. Bloggers have their own moods too and readers can understand that.

5.0 Guard each other. If someone will accept any blog to join his community or group in a social book marketing site without confirming that it is worth to be a member, then one of your goals is missing and that will make this industry not long lasting. Therefore, we must take time to analyze carefully its intention instead of just admiring its popularity and number of subscribers. Feel free to report the abusive ones.

Blogging is an industry where only responsible people should belong to. Let us unite to make it more sensible.

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