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Useful Tips in Effective Article Directory Submission

Submitting quality articles to article directories is another way of increasing traffic and income. Just like submitting your blog to blog directories, it has also some similar restrictions but quite harder. Not that it is difficult to follow, but it requires unique strategies and hard work. Remember that your articles are being distributed to various publishers with different tastes. To understand more what I mean, you may want to check these items:

1.0 Correct use of title. The title is the most important since this will be the first thing publishers and search engines will notice. Although there is really nothing with the title “How to be a Guest Blogger” but most quality article directories would rather accept “The Right Time to be a Guest Blogger”. Another thing that makes a title worst is the ALL CAPITAL LETTERS title, as well the use of exclamation point.

2.0 Correct grammar and spelling. Most article directories will inform you that the article you submitted articles contains a lot of wrong spelling and grammar. Some of them will not even accept it until corrected. If the directory is not strict with these items, this means they are not effective and your articles are probably thrown on low quality publishers.

3.0 Proper use of punctuation marks. Arranging your sentence is very important to article directories. Most of them do not allow improper use of ownership such as “your child’s pediatrician”. It would be better if you write it this way, “his pediatrician”. You will notice that the apostrophe is not used in the second phrase. Another bad example is the “his/her” ownership wherein it is much appropriate to use “his or her”, or better yet avoid using pronoun.

4.0 Do not put affiliate links. Affiliate links are not supposed to be anywhere in your article or in the resource box. However you can use words that identify your product indirectly, or put a link that directs to the page where the affiliate link is. Publishers are not interested in the products you sell. Remember that you are selling an article, not a product.

5.0 Re-write your articles. This is not usually being mentioned in the submission guidelines, and most article directories allow the same articles in your blog to be submitted to them. However, re-writing each paragraph of your article will be very helpful to increase your traffic. This is because search engines hate duplicate content. If your articles are being duplicated many times, only one will be credited since it is not practical to see the same articles in the engine search.

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