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How to be an Effective Co-Author

Being a co-author of a blog is somehow different from a guest blogger. As the name implies, a co-author is also the author of that blog while a guest blogger is just a guest, and not the author. Another thing, guest bloggers ask permission first from the blog owner for the review of his post while co-authors can post any time he wishes. This is the aspect of being a co-author that makes it critical. Although you can freely post a topic, an effective co-author has other important tasks to perform and here are some of them:

1.0 Assist the original author. Provide helpful suggestions to improve the blog like arrangement of posts, rules and regulations and the like. Remember that you also own the blog whatever agreement you had. Communicate with the original author and help him if even if you are not being asked. Do not just make posts and leave the original author alone. Treat him like a business partner.

2.0 Submit quality posts regularly. This is your main task, to post quality articles regularly. If your posts are not helpful to the blog, then you might be the first one to ruin it and the original author will decide to remove you as a co-author. Posting regularly is also a must to prove to the readers that you really are a concern co-author. It is not necessary to post all your articles from your blog, just choose the best posts that you have.

3.0 Submit posts effectively. If you just post a picture or a link to your own blog, then you are not helping the blog. Instead, you are just using it to promote your own blog. Consequently, readers will not be interested in reading the whole post even the content is useful to them. The best thing you can do is to put a teaser with two to three sentences that can be attractive to readers to click the link to the original post.

4.0 Promote the blog. Invite others to visit the blog too. Although you may have only a small share of the blog, you must also promote it like your own blog. If the blog has a widget, place it on your own blog if you have one. You can also include it on your signature on e-mail and forums. It is also helpful if you write a post about the blog. Share your expertise to make the blog grow.

5.0 Protect the blog. Do not allow anyone to destroy the blog. Ensure that the rules agreed upon are being followed, and report anyone who abuses the blog. Contribute in anything that you can to make the blog stay alive. Although you may not be the only co-author, treat the blog like your own too.

I am a proud co-author of Pinoy Entrecard and I am cordially inviting you to visit the blog by clicking the waving Philippine flag on the top rightmost of this blog.

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