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Useful Tips in Proofreading your Posts

There are bloggers who care less about the correctness of their posts but there are those who are really conscious about it. Although I do not blame those who ignore it, I really admire those who are spending hours of double checking their articles before they post them. In addition, spelling and grammar checker are far away from proofreading it. This is because the checker will think it that these are what you really want to write. With this, here are tips that you may find useful when you proofread your post.

1.0 Have full concentration. Do not allow any disturbance when you are proofreading your post. This includes turning off the television, radio and cell phone. You can also concentrate more if you will write it on a piece of paper instead of reading it on a screen aloud. This is because your own voice can also be a distraction. Reading your post backwards can also help. I usually make a post when I am alone and if you will notice, most of them are posted during the late hours of the evening.

2.0 Know the potential source of mistakes. You should know where the possible mistakes may come from. Sometimes, we know the correct word or punctuation marks to use but our fingers tend to go the wrong way. A good example is the period and comma. In case you did not notice, they are placed side by side and they are small enough that you can barely notice the difference. Your worst mistake would be doing is that you did not type them at all. Therefore, you should also analyze the principle of your keyboard.

3.0 Know the confusing words. Homonyms or words with the same sound can really be confusing so you should be aware of the right words to use. Take note that MSWord cannot correct everything. There are also words that have a one-letter difference from the other but misusing it will create a misleading post. A good example of a bad mistake is writing one billion instead of one million. I hope you could imagine the damage of a 999,000,000 difference if you are writing about money.

4.0 Do not trust your self alone. It is common sense that you should trust yourself but asking others to read your articles before posting them will be a very big help. The more you check it by yourself, the more your confidence will have and therefore, you might not able to see the minor mistakes. You may not need to hire a professional proofreader to check your post. Sometimes, I got surprised when my 11-year old daughter sees the simple mistakes I did not see even after I read it multiple times.

Writing is also the same as speaking. It influences people and may change a life. You may not know the damage that has been created before you made the correction.

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