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Why some Bloggers Disable their Blog Comments

Comments from your readers are helpful in analyzing yourself if you can create an interesting post or not. Although there will be negative ones, they can also help you somehow. However, you might be wondering why some site and blog owners decided to disable their blog comments. Before making any wrong conclusion, you might want to understand that enabling comments is optional. Every blogger has his right and views about comments. Furthermore, you yourself might think of doing the same thing one day. But before deciding to keep it on or off, please allow me to share to you my thoughts about enabling comments:

1.0 It diverts your focus.
Let us say you are in the middle of creating your next post, when suddenly you received a comment to one of your previous posts. You cannot help but read it and reply on it. Although the comment is a simple “Thank you for this tip, I learned a lot” Being a good blogger, you will reply with a simple “You are welcome” Now, when it is time to continue your work, you will find it hard to focus again. In basketball, it is often called momentum. Now, imagine doing this at least once in all of your posts.

2.0 It is time consuming. If you are receiving a lot of comments on your blog, by simply reading them will take out your precious time. Of course, you will also get interested to reply to some of them which will add to your lost time. In addition, there may have some follow up questions that you have to answer. When I say lost time, I did not mean it is useless to reply on comments. It only means that you have more valuable things to do to your blog like improving it.

3.0 It can be annoying. There are people who love debate. If you are this type of blogger and you receive a negative comment, chances are a debate will start and it will go on and on and in the end, no one will win. Unfortunately, it will be you who will loose more since it is your blog that served as the fighting ground. In addition, there are some comments that are not related to your posts and intended only for blog promotion. In short, you are being used without your approval.

4.0 It does not generate traffic. Having comments on your blog posts is a good form of communicating with others, and can attract your readers to come back and talk to you again. But you must remember that your readers will still come back if they find your posts interesting to read, whether they can post a comment or not. Therefore, we can conclude that it will not help you to increase traffic. There are a lot of high traffic sites with their comments being disabled.

I am not encouraging nor discouraging you to disable your comments. I am rather giving you another choice and this is the more important thing.

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