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How to convince Entrecard Users to read your Blog

Entrecard users are almost everywhere and numerous contests are being held to give away Entrecard points just to get visitors to their blog. If I may say it correctly, more bloggers are promoting Entrecard more than promoting their blogs. It is unfortunate that it is actually happening. For the record, this is not what Entrecard man Graham Langdon’s appeal when interviewed by Darren Rowse of Problogger. With this, here are some suggestions you may want to think about.

1.0 Re-locate the Entrecard. Place it in the middle of your blog, and not on the top most. By doing this, your reader can have time to glance your post before dropping a card. Do not let that small card be more attractive than your blog. After all, your readers know that there is an Entrecard in your blog. I now seldom see a blog without it.

2.0 Make your blog faster to open. I must admit, I am one of those who drop a card and click on it even before the blog finally opens. This is because it took my patience off waiting while there is a chance to drop a card. I suppose all of us know the importance of the first eight seconds of a blog, with or without an Entrecard.

3.0 Make your contest more sensible. Many contest holders are giving away Entrecard points by simply asking them to promote the contest and mind you, leaving a comment is a requirement. Now, where does the king content go from there? I just hope the next contest that I will see has deeper sense so I can religiously join.

4.0 Use your card properly.
If your Entrecard is being advertised on a blog that is not within your category, your posts will not be even be noticed. The reader will then click on the card or simply back off. Furthermore, dropping a card to a blog that is not somehow related to your blog does not make sense. You may have a lot of visitors but not to read your blog, but just merely a card dropper.

5.0 Maximize the card.
The card is only 125 x 125 and it will be useless if you do not maximize it. Although it looks attractive when you use wonderful pictures or caricature in it, but again your purpose is for your readers to read your post, not just a place for advertisements. It is much better if you include your blog title or a phrase that would define the content of your blog.

Striking an iron when it is still hot is good. But if you do not know how to strike it, then your arm might be hit.

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