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This is my 5th time that I am writing about a blog. Please note that this is not a blog review and I am not getting paid to do so. If you will check my side bar, I am using Blogs I Admire instead of Blogroll. This is simply because I really admire them, and Daily Writing Tips is definitely one of them. Actually, I learned about them when I was looking for a blog that can help me improve my writing. Now I can say that I found the right blog and here are some of the reasons why.

1.0 Grammar 101. This is our most common problem, I guess. There are some bloggers who request me to visit their blogs and ask me to check if their grammar is correct. This is because they thought their English is bad that drives their readers away. I felt glad somehow because this means that my grammar is correct. Not until I start browsing Grammar 101. I discovered some confusing words like shall and will. If you are not sure on what to use, you better visit this category.

2.0 Correct spelling. Actually, I was hesitant to visit it at first. I thought I am already good in spelling and besides, I can always use the spelling checker at MS Word. However, I was amazed how they are discussing the topic. They always seem to remind me about my elementary teacher. It is funny that now that I am writing articles, I forget the correct spelling of simple words. Actually, they had this small spelling quiz and I cannot believe that my score is only 80%. You have to check this out.

3.0 Common misused words. I must admit, I have older posts that have misused words. This is because I thought I was using the correct ones. Sometimes if we use a word many times and no one corrects us, we already thought we are correct. One good example is the word famous; it is only recently that I realized that it should not be used for people who did bad things like murderers. So what is the right adjective to describe them? If you are not sure with your answer, research deeply instead of making a wild guess.

4.0 Punctuation marks. Are you using them correctly? How long is your sentence? How many punctuation marks are in it? This problem is sometimes being ignored since readers may still understand what you are writing even if there are some mistakes in punctuation. I remember I mentioned in one of my previous posts that comma and period are beside each other in keyboards. With this, I strongly suggest that you review your posts again and again before submission.

5.0 Vocabulary. Most of the times, our readers may get confused with the words we used. In worst cases, they will stop reading our post even if it has an interesting topic. This is because there are readers who like simpler words while some don’t. Readers admire bloggers who has the ability to choose words to suits the sentence. That is why frequent reading is also important. Improving our vocabulary is endless Remember it is the words that really convince first time visitors to visit again. It is our cream and crop.

With this, I am recommending this blog to all of you even if you think you can write well.

If you want to make your content king, then improve your writing skills.

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  Dennis Edell

March 26, 2008 at 10:57 AM

Thanks for the tip! I just subscribed to DWT.

I'm already subscribed here :-)

  Guardian Angel

March 26, 2008 at 1:36 PM

You are welcome and thanks for being one of my subscribers.