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How to Blog like a Boxing Champ

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Although boxing is about strength and it requires being physically fit, a boxer must also be intelligent. He will not just punch with all his might, he must also have different strategies in order to win the fight. Apparently, it is quite easier than blogging in terms of competition because you have only one opponent to beat. While the former looks bloody, blogging is also a tough battle since we are dealing with millions of blogs and many of them may have the same concept as yours. If you are going to ask how a trainer prepares his boxer, here are some of his tips that you can relate to blogging.

Study your opponent

A smart fighter will watch videos of his upcoming opponent to understand his strategies. In this way, he may find ways to anticipate the strength and find the weakness. He may also have an idea on what kind of approach he must do. As a blogger, you must view some blogs with the same topic as yours to know the chances that people will still like to visit your blog.

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