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How to Keep your Health when Blogging

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Before anything else, I would like to apologize to my regular readers and subscribers for not posting for almost a week. I have been through a minor operation last Saturday but I am a bit alright now. After five months of blogging, I noticed that I am consuming a lot of time making posts and promoting my blogs, and I somehow neglect my health. Although my mentor warned me that blogging can be addictive, I thought I can control myself. Nevertheless, I think I can share some of my doctor’s advises that can be related to blogging.

1.0 Do not push your limits. Set your available time for blogging and follow it. The problem with me is that I think too much on what to post and how it can be presented. Although I said to myself that I will stay in front of my PC until 11 pm only, but most of time I stay awake until two o’clock in the morning. Then I have only 4 to 5 hours sleep since I have a separate work. I guess I really have to discipline myself in terms of rest.

2.0 Have sufficient fluids. Having enough fluids inside our body is very important and all of us know that. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily is sufficient enough to keep us healthy. My doctor advised to have bottled water near my PC in case I will be lazy to get from the refrigerator. Avoid drinking too much coffee was also his advice although most of us can think more when we drink it hot. Red wine is much better than beer and alcohol.

3.0 Maintain a personal hygiene. I hate to admit it but there are weekends that I forgot to take a bath and when I realize it, I become lazy because it is already time to sleep. It may sound absurd but when you are concentrating on something, you really tend to forget other things. You do not even want to get up from your chair. To avoid this, you can set an alarm clock beside your PC or any form of reminder.

4.0 Exercise daily. According to my physical therapist, sitting for two straight hours is just fine. However, it is better if you stretch your fingers and other joints every thirty minutes. My mother also told me to walk at least 500 meters a day without pressure. This is different when we are walking during office hours. Allow yourself to sweat sometimes also keeps you healthy. It is also advisable to use the stairs when going down, instead of the elevator or escalator.

5.0 Have a healthy environment. Since I am doing this regularly, I would like to share this with you. Clean your PC at least every other day to remove the dust that may cause you allergy. I use a small paint brush to clean the exhaust fan and other parts of your CPU that cannot be reached by rags. Of course, it is better if you use a vacuum cleaner that is fit for your PC. Dismantling your CPU at least once a month to clean it well is also advisable.

Blogging can be harmful only if you allow it to harm you.

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