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How to Attract Visitors from Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is sometimes being neglected as an alternative way of increasing traffic. One must remember that it covers around 24 countries worldwide and there are a lot of questions to choose from and are rapidly increasing. Moreover, you can be sure that the questions are authentic and their visitors are dying to get the best answers. Besides you need not to be a technical person to be able to answer their questions.

As a proof, the picture attached to this post is an example of one of the achievements of my parenting blog and even had numerous visitors. With this, I would like to share some of the strategies I think are very useful:

1.0 Find the best question for you. Find the questions that you can readily answer with good content. This is very important to be able to have a better chance to win additional points. After finding a good question in which I am pretty sure that you can easily find one, read it carefully and understand what really the question is. Sometimes, there are confusing questions and confirming it means that you are really willing to help him.

2.0 Have a prepared answer. It is better that you have a post that is related to the question. This can help you answer faster and more detailed than the others. Remember that there are other possible answers and the game is first come, first serve. The question usually takes three days before the inquirer chooses the best answer, but he think that he immediately found what needs to know, he can choose at once.

3.0 Be a sincere friend. The inquirer may be look begging for immediate answers, but he is also finding a friend and strong shoulder to lean on. Be polite in giving your answers because you will also benefit from doing so, even more than the additional points. He is still a potential visitor to your blog even if you will not win. Do not waste both of your time by giving nonsense answers. Besides, there are also other possible visitors other than the inquirer.

4.0 Invite him to your blog. Although this is obvious that you should also add the URL of your homepage, you can also add the page URL where you got the answer and of course, invite him to visit your blog. You can invite him by telling him your answer to his question is just a portion of the complete answer and the complete answer is on your blog. Just be sure that you provide him the correct page URL.

Your legitimate visitors can be your regular readers because they are the real ones who need your blog content and you must be able to find them quickly. This is the real traffic.

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