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How to Get High Traffic from your Resource Box

By definition, a resource box is simply the author’s signature usually found at the end of an article. This indicates where the article came from. If someone likes your post and adds it on their favorite social bookmarketing sites, your signature will come along and other readers can trace the original source through the link.

If you are to place it at the end of your post on your blog, make it short and simple. You can just include your name, blog title or unique pen name that can easily be familiarized with. Be sure that you add some words that can identify that it as your resource box. You can check mine at the end of each of my posts.

If you are submitting your article to article directories, the approach should be totally different. This is simply because you have to attract readers to visit your blog. Although your article can be interesting to read, they will not visit your blog if they found it dull and boring. Here are some useful tips on how to do it:

1.0 If you have more than one blog, put only the one that is related to the article so that the readers will not be confused. If you fail to do this, he might be going to the wrong blog. H will be upset and decide not to visit the correct one. Besides, it is annoying to see too many links in a single signature. You can link your blogs with each other on your side bars anyway.

2.0 If you are into business or offering paid services, you can include some contact numbers, email address and other related information. But do not be too flashy because visitors might be distracted with them. Moreover, do not also show overconfidence like telling that you have the best product in the world.

3.0 Although you must sound like a competent businessman, you must not exaggerate the words and include only what is the true content of your blog. Your readers will confirm it and if they cannot find any, you can be sure that they will not come back again.

4.0 Include the URL of your blog and make a hyperlink on it. This is more applicable if your URL is not the same as your blog title. By doing this, you are telling your readers that you have such URL. Although they might not click to the link now, at least they will have an idea about it.

5.0 Since you can add at the most of three links, you can also include the link of the original article source besides leading them to your homepage only. However, take note of the limit of the number of letters or words that you are only required to.

6.0 Never use the words CLICK HERE. Besides the fact that you are hiding your blog title, this can annoy your readers. It is a very unethical phrase anyone could use because it looks very informal. It is like giving command to the viewer and you do not give command to your customer.

After I did some experiments on my resource box, I finally arrived at this one in which I think is very attractive. Here is what I have been using recently.

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