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I am giving away 2,000ec for the best post of my tips!

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Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

As gratitude to all Entrecard members and to give new members a chance, I am giving away 2,000ec for the lucky winner who can make the best post out of my tips. The rules are very simple.

1.0 Choose the best tip for you that you can find in My All-Time Favorite Tips, Categories located in my sidebar, or Older Posts. You can also choose any of my articles in my Happy Family Matters blog if you are interested in parenting tips and marriage tips.

2.0 Make the best post out of it in your blog using the same title. I am not particular in the number of sentences or words as along as you tackle all the essential points of your chosen article. It is very important for me that your readers will understand and learn from my tips.

3.0 In addition, you must inform your readers that you joined my contest and include the name of Article Specialist who unselfishly sponsored this contest, with a link to this post and to his Blognetwork.

4.0 After you post your entry, please comment on this post together with the link to your post so I can verify it. Please do not send your entry through email to make it easy for me to count them.

5.0 But why do I need the numbers of the entries? This is because I will be giving away 100ec to each of the non-winners if they reach 30 or more, isn’t it wonderful? However, I am only allowing a single entry for each blogger to be fair with others. This is also to encourage you to make the best post.

This contest will run until April 24, 2008 and I will make a separate post that will inform you that the contest is over. Then I will make another post where I will announce the winner and give away all the prizes. Moreover, I will make a weekly post about the status of this contest including the list of the names of the contestants which means a back link to them.

Lastly, although this is not a must but I will really appreciate it if you drop your card and subscribe from my posts.

With this, I would like to say “Thank you from the bottom of my heart” to Article Specialist for helping me here. Apparently, he is also giving away 100ec unlimitedly if you could make a small post about his Blognetwork.

This means that by joining my contest, you may also receive 100ec from him. So before you join here, I strongly suggest that you visit his Blognetwork and check the sidebar for the details.

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