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Most Ignored Mistakes by Bloggers

I have been blogging for nearly half a year and I must admit I committed many mistakes as I am growing here. There were some honest mistakes and there are some I did because I ignored the consequences. Up to now, I am still making a few and I am not justifying them. I should not even tell everybody that I am committing them because I am only human. For me, that is such a stupid alibi. However, I need not to reveal them here. But I believe that it is my responsibility to share some of my observations that you would possibly be doing or have done. There are plenty of them but I chose to post that I think the most ignored ones.

Not reading the Rules and Regulations.

Forums owners and the like are spending long hours in creating and publishing their Rules and Regulations for us to read and understand them before we join. We are supposed to do this before we agree. Unfortunately, some of us tend to be lazy and just click the I Agree box right away, assuming that it is just common sense or boring to read. We must understand that these long paragraphs serve as reminders to us the do’s and don’ts when we join them. If we do not agree, then we are free not to join. This is one of the reasons why some of us are being banned or disapproved.

Copying a portion of blog posts

Although all of us are aware about the rules of copyright, but some of us think that it is just fine if we copy just a small portion from other blog posts and paste it on ours. Although we already put a link back to the original posts and inform the blog owner afterwards, it is still incorrect. In worst cases, some bloggers do not even inform the real owners, thinking that the blog owner will be happy instead when he found out because you are promoting his posts for free. If we really like a post, we should only read it and use our words to make a post out of it. But if we really like to copy it, we should inform the owner prior and respect his decision if he disagreed.

Not talking to his readers

I noticed some blogs that are not being updated for quite some time. I try to understand that but when there is a new post, the blogger will not even mention why the post was late. Moreover, I also view some blogs that look like reference books. Although the content is helpful, the readers cannot help but doubt that the content was copied from somewhere. For us bloggers, it is very important that we post as if our readers are just in front of us even if our blog is not a personal one. The best word we can start with our blog posts is “I”, or at least mention it in your first paragraph. This is the difference between a blog and a huge website like Wikipedia.

Misleading the readers

I have browsed some blogs that has different details of facts from each other. This maybe because some of them do not read their references well or do not even had a reference at all. So if someone reads them, he will be confused. The sad part is if he read the wrong one only. I also noticed that there are some bloggers who tend to destroy some social bookmarketing sites and advertisers if they did not succeed when they joined them. Although it is but natural for anybody to share his sentiments, we must not over exaggerate the issue. In addition, there are also blogs that has ads hidden intentionally and obviously. Although it may be a nice strategy to earn more money, I think it is still unethical.

Not caring for kid bloggers

Blogging is not only for us adults; it is in fact for everybody. We must realize that there are kid bloggers as young as ten years old that were given permission by their parents. Although it is the responsibility of their parents to guide them when they are on-line, I still believe that we should do our share. I am not being hypocrite here, what I am saying is that at least we must to warn our readers if we have adult contents. This does not only include obscene pictures and videos, but also hardcore words that children should not be reading.

I am not expecting everybody to agree with me, but I hope you just think about them.

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How to Maximize the Power of Entrecard Dropping

I must admit, I am now taking dropping very very seriously as my Drop rank describes me. On the left is the current statistics of this blog. Actually, I am using a lot of strategies before but they do not seem to work out. Fortunately, my good friend Article Specialist unselfishly shared some of his techniques to me. This is the reason why this blog is improving in terms of visitors and quality traffic. And because of this, I would like to share them with you.

1.0 Prioritize your inbox. They are the ones who drop their cards to you. You can find the recent ones in the upper portion of your dashboard. If you will like to see the older ones, just click the Drops Inbox and it will lead you to them. By doing this, they will be glad because you are returning the favor. This is also known today as Recipro-Drops. Before you know it, they may be your regular visitors. They may not have the same category as yours but who knows, they may be interested in your posts later. It worked for me.

2.0 Drop at the same category. This is very useful because if you become regular droppers for each other, you will be creating a good harmony with them. Hence, you will learn from them and vice versa. This is simply because you have common interest of topics. I must say that some of my readers today came from the drops by using this strategy. I am also visiting them regularly and even subscribe to some that I found useful to me. However, I strongly suggest that you make your blog speedy and position your card well.

3.0 Advertise wisely. Advertising on a blog that has the higher price does not follow that your ads will do well. If the blog has low volume of followers, your ads may not sell. So you must view the blog first. Otherwise, you will just be another victim of junk traffic. Apparently, there are new members who are already doing well before they joined Entrecard. In addition, you may also check the Unseen ones in which you can find in the campaign section. But of course, it is better if you place your ads on blogs that is stable and in the same category. View and analyze your statistics regularly.

4.0 Socialize with others. This is the main reason why Entrecard was made, for us to read each other’s blogs. Although I am recently dropping my card to about 250 blogs a day, it is taking me long hours just to finish because I read blogs. I even provide valuable comments and recommendations if they are worth for. I also meet cool bloggers who are patiently taking their time to answer my questions. But of course, I also drop and run if the blog content is not valuable for me. That is why content is the really the king.

5.0 Maximize your credits. There are other ways to use your Entrecard points to increase traffic other than placing ads Sponsoring a contest is one of them. They have also this shop where you can buy something out of your points. You can also help other bloggers. I remember one occasion that I contributed 300ec to a fellow blogger who lost her husband.

In addition, I am now running a contest in which the prize is 2,000+ Entrecard points and each entry will receive 100ec instantly. I just hope this could help me more as well to others especially to new members.

If you want to join, please read the whole details in this post.

Although some may say that Entrecard is not helping them, I believe that just like any other networking site, you just need to learn the techniques that will work for you. So for those of you who are not a member yet, I am inviting you to join and give it a try. But be sure you know the right approach and how to maximize it.

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How to Spot a Work-at-Home Scam

Photo from Tracy O

I do not usually make posts about making money on-line simply because that is also my problem. Until now, I am still discovering the right strategy for me. But as I am browsing the net, I found a good article at MSN Career Builders how we can have an idea whether a particular work-at-home program is for real or not. This was written by Anthony Balderrama who is a writer for Career Builder. This is a long article but I think I can point out some important facts here. As Christine Durst of Staffcentrix explained, here are some of the important facts we should be really concerned of.

1.0 Resume optional. If you are applying for a job, resume is a must. This is the same for business transactions. Obviously, no one will enter a hire a business partner without knowing if the applicant he is capable of doing it or not. But sometimes this logic is being ignored by the applicants especially if they think they do not have enough credentials. In fact, I believe that this dirty tactic can easily convince applicants.

2.0 It has incomplete details.
If the offer does not explain the complete details of your task, be doubtful. Do not be contented that you can easily be hired. The offer should be transparent in all aspects such as gain, activities and target. You might be surprised later on that you should meet a certain target before getting your share. Furthermore, do not be fooled by the attractive pictures you will see at the front page. The job offer must be straight forward and clear to all.

3.0 You can make $3,000day! Imagine a job that will give you around $75,000/month or nearly $1M a year. What kind of home-based work is that? If the offer is really authentic, then how much is the company getting? The funny thing is you may found this kind of ads through junk mails. A good-offer job ad can only be found from reputable advertising companies. You must be able to learn how to identify an offer that is too good to be true.

To learn more tips about on-line scams, you can check out this very interesting post at MSN Career Builders. Do not worry, it is free to view and I am not selling anything. I am just a concern blogger like you.

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Blogger Buster – A Blog about

Logo from Blogger Buster

I am using Blogger since the start although I find Wordpress quite attractive. This is because I find blogger simpler to use even without deep technical knowledge. However, I am also planning to have my own domain later because I think it is really better to have one. But for now, I am making the most of what I have.

Apparently, I found a very interesting post at Entrecard blog. This is actually an interview by Laura to Amanda Fazani of Blogger Buster, who is currently having a blog about

After reading the post, I immediately visited her site and true to her word, she has numerous articles and tips on how to maximize my blog. This includes How to Customize Blogger Templates, Widgets and Add-ons, and attractive templates. She has also very helpful tips if you decide to have a custom domain. In addition, you can also contact her if you encounter problems about blogger templates.

In fact, I have just modified my sidebar in which the names of my Top Commenters can be seen and hopefully, my commenters will be happy. Right now, I am busy reading other articles and will try to apply other useful techniques to attract more readers.

To read the whole post, you can see this special post at Entrecard blog. So If you are a blogger user who wants to learn other concepts on how to maximize your blog and to make it more attractive, I strongly suggest that you check her informative posts at Blogger Buster.

Lastly, I have no qualms in using blogger because I think it is user-friendly and mostly likely, I will be a loyal user for a long time.

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I am giving away 2,000+ EntreCredits for quoting my posts!

This post is to clear the mechanics and prizes of my contest which was posted recently. I decided to make a new post about it instead of editing it to avoid confusion. So here it is latest one.

I am giving away 100ec for every post about my tips that you will make on your blog. You can win daily provided that you choose another topic. Last submission will be on April 23, 2008, since I will be choosing the best post that will receive additional 1,000ec. The rules are very simple.

1.0 Choose from the tips you can find in my All-Time Favorite Tips and Categories located in my sidebar, or Older Posts at the end of this page.

2.0 Make the best posts out of them in your blog with the freedom of using any title and style. I am not particular in the number of sentences as along as you tackle all the essential points of your chosen articles.

3.0 For every entry, you must inform your readers that you joined my contest with a link to this post.

4.0 After every entry, please comment on this post together with the link to your post so I can verify it and immediately send you 100ec.

Moreover, I will make a weekly update including the list of the names of the contestants which means a back link to them.

On April 25, 2008, I will announce the grand prize winner and award him the 1,000ec.

I have a separate contest on my Happy Family Matters blog and you can also join there even if you already joined here. This means that a lucky blogger can win 2,000+ Entrecard points.

With this, I would like to say Thank You Very Much to Article Specialist who unselfishly and patiently helped me so much in this contest.

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Daily Writing Tips – An Effective Guide for Effective Writing

Photo from Qwurky

This is my 5th time that I am writing about a blog. Please note that this is not a blog review and I am not getting paid to do so. If you will check my side bar, I am using Blogs I Admire instead of Blogroll. This is simply because I really admire them, and Daily Writing Tips is definitely one of them. Actually, I learned about them when I was looking for a blog that can help me improve my writing. Now I can say that I found the right blog and here are some of the reasons why.

1.0 Grammar 101. This is our most common problem, I guess. There are some bloggers who request me to visit their blogs and ask me to check if their grammar is correct. This is because they thought their English is bad that drives their readers away. I felt glad somehow because this means that my grammar is correct. Not until I start browsing Grammar 101. I discovered some confusing words like shall and will. If you are not sure on what to use, you better visit this category.

2.0 Correct spelling. Actually, I was hesitant to visit it at first. I thought I am already good in spelling and besides, I can always use the spelling checker at MS Word. However, I was amazed how they are discussing the topic. They always seem to remind me about my elementary teacher. It is funny that now that I am writing articles, I forget the correct spelling of simple words. Actually, they had this small spelling quiz and I cannot believe that my score is only 80%. You have to check this out.

3.0 Common misused words. I must admit, I have older posts that have misused words. This is because I thought I was using the correct ones. Sometimes if we use a word many times and no one corrects us, we already thought we are correct. One good example is the word famous; it is only recently that I realized that it should not be used for people who did bad things like murderers. So what is the right adjective to describe them? If you are not sure with your answer, research deeply instead of making a wild guess.

4.0 Punctuation marks. Are you using them correctly? How long is your sentence? How many punctuation marks are in it? This problem is sometimes being ignored since readers may still understand what you are writing even if there are some mistakes in punctuation. I remember I mentioned in one of my previous posts that comma and period are beside each other in keyboards. With this, I strongly suggest that you review your posts again and again before submission.

5.0 Vocabulary. Most of the times, our readers may get confused with the words we used. In worst cases, they will stop reading our post even if it has an interesting topic. This is because there are readers who like simpler words while some don’t. Readers admire bloggers who has the ability to choose words to suits the sentence. That is why frequent reading is also important. Improving our vocabulary is endless Remember it is the words that really convince first time visitors to visit again. It is our cream and crop.

With this, I am recommending this blog to all of you even if you think you can write well.

If you want to make your content king, then improve your writing skills.

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I am giving away 2,000ec for the best post of my tips!

This post has been succeeded by a later post to make the make the mechanics and prizes clearer. So, please ignore this post and visit this link instead.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

As gratitude to all Entrecard members and to give new members a chance, I am giving away 2,000ec for the lucky winner who can make the best post out of my tips. The rules are very simple.

1.0 Choose the best tip for you that you can find in My All-Time Favorite Tips, Categories located in my sidebar, or Older Posts. You can also choose any of my articles in my Happy Family Matters blog if you are interested in parenting tips and marriage tips.

2.0 Make the best post out of it in your blog using the same title. I am not particular in the number of sentences or words as along as you tackle all the essential points of your chosen article. It is very important for me that your readers will understand and learn from my tips.

3.0 In addition, you must inform your readers that you joined my contest and include the name of Article Specialist who unselfishly sponsored this contest, with a link to this post and to his Blognetwork.

4.0 After you post your entry, please comment on this post together with the link to your post so I can verify it. Please do not send your entry through email to make it easy for me to count them.

5.0 But why do I need the numbers of the entries? This is because I will be giving away 100ec to each of the non-winners if they reach 30 or more, isn’t it wonderful? However, I am only allowing a single entry for each blogger to be fair with others. This is also to encourage you to make the best post.

This contest will run until April 24, 2008 and I will make a separate post that will inform you that the contest is over. Then I will make another post where I will announce the winner and give away all the prizes. Moreover, I will make a weekly post about the status of this contest including the list of the names of the contestants which means a back link to them.

Lastly, although this is not a must but I will really appreciate it if you drop your card and subscribe from my posts.

With this, I would like to say “Thank you from the bottom of my heart” to Article Specialist for helping me here. Apparently, he is also giving away 100ec unlimitedly if you could make a small post about his Blognetwork.

This means that by joining my contest, you may also receive 100ec from him. So before you join here, I strongly suggest that you visit his Blognetwork and check the sidebar for the details.

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SPOTTT – A Fast Growing Free Link Exchange Habit

logo from SPOTTT

As a consistent Entrecard dropper, I noticed there are some blogs who have another 125 x 125 widget but with the word SPOTTT on the lower part. Since I am seeing it almost everywhere, I became curious and check the site through Google Search. To my surprise, it is a free tool for link exchange for everyone.

Being still a new blogger, I read their blog and learned about the history of free link exchange tools. According to an article at Fortune, the original free link exchange site was which was found in 1996 and used the banner size ad. However, Microsoft shut it down after nine years although it was very successful. This is because the pop-up banner is getting unpopular due to the rise of text ads by search engines like Google.

Now after 12 years, Philip Kaplan the co-founder of AdBrite thought of reviving the strategy, but this time using a 125 x 125 widget. Last February 12, 2008 if my calendar searches me right, SPOTTT was launched. As of this posting, more than 2,000 websites owners and bloggers have joined including me. My blogs were approved yesterday and you can check out the widget on my sidebar.

Although I still have many questions in my mind, I think there is no harm in giving it a try. Who knows? It may boom more than I can imagine. At least, I can still consider myself as a pioneer member. Apparently, Philip Kaplan the owner himself just made a separate post asking for suggestions for improvement in which I plan to submit some, especially regarding to tracking of impressions.

If you are interested, simply visit their site and let us cross our fingers for the benefit of all. I will be closely monitoring the effect on my blogs and find time to update you.

Thank you.

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Article Directory Submission and Guest Blogging – What is the Difference?

Photo by alcomm

Article directory submission and guest blogging are some of the most effective ways to promote yourself outside your blog. But of course, you cannot do either of the two if you cannot make quality posts. For the record, I submit most of my articles to some of the top article directories which you can find in my sidebar, and I also posted three guest posts at I can say that I am quite lucky; all of them have been approved with minimum hassle.

But after I posted a comment on a post about guest blogging at Article Specialist’s Blognetwork, he asked me how the two differ from each other. This is quite a tough question so I decided to make this post to somehow provide more profound answers. Based on my experience, here is what I have observed.

1.0 Although it is not advisable to do so, you can readily submit your posted articles to article directories. Unlike in guest posting, the blog owner always require original posts. This is probably due to the fact that blog owners do not want their blogs to look like social bookmarking sites. However, the problem with submitting the same article for various article directories is when the article is being crawled by search engines. No matter how many times you submit it, it will only be crawled once.

2.0 Article directory submission has a wider scope than guest posting. This is because your article may be submitted by these directories to their customers just like Article Marketer is doing, and some are also being downloaded. Although some guest posts are being immediately being scattered to social bookmarking sites like Digg, the ones that are being more popular are news rather than ageless articles. There are also times when the news is very popular, some bloggers get annoyed and they kill it.

3.0 Article directories submission looks slower in terms of traffic to your blog than guest posting, but once your articles are liked by publishers, the effect is long lasting. This is because your articles are more seen in article directories, unlike in blogs where the older ones are hidden in archives. Moreover, you can submit unlimited number of articles to these directories almost simultaneously which is opposite to guest posting where you have a limitation since the blog owner will have to post his own too.

4.0 Speaking of traffic, the problem with article directory submission is that you have to submit multiple articles as you can before you get noticed. This is because you have a lot of competitors and the article content that you will submit has been most likely submitted already. Unlike in guest posting, the blog content and style are somehow different from each other. So when your guest post looks attractive, your visitors will suddenly increase. Moreover, guest posts are more sociable especially when the blog is really popular.

I hope this answers the question of Article Specialist who incidentally has an Article Directory himself where I also submitted most of my articles, and other bloggers who would ask the same question. But if you will ask me what is more effective, my answer is both. This is because both require submission of a link to your blog and if you will be noticed, you will enjoy the effect.

However, it will always depend on the quality of your submitted articles or posts, finding the perfect timing and choosing the right blogs or directories where you decided to submit them. That is why you should be as strict as the blog owners and article directories. In addition, you have to know your capability.

No matter how well you promote yourself, The best way will always be the overused phrase – content is king!

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Why you should visit the Blog Network of Article Specialist

This is the first time that I am writing a second post for a particular blog. This is because I cannot help but share to you the wonderful feeling I am enjoying and of course, the traffic it is giving me continuously.

Since I made the first post about him last December 5, 2007, the authors who submitted quality articles to his Article Highlight directory increased from 1,376 to 2,484 and the quality articles submitted rapidly increased from 19,005 to 29,397.

To this date, I have already submitted 55 articles to his directory about blogging tips, marriage tips and parenting and family tips. Fortunately, some of them have been featured on his showcase which leads to a tremendous traffic on my blogs.

Now, he is now among the top droppers of Entrecard in the Internet Marketing category even makes him more popular in this industry.

Apparently, he is now giving away 100ec if you could just make a small post about him every time you do it. Yes, you can earn multiple times by doing so.

For more information, you can visit his Blog Network and check his sidebar.

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How to Blog like a Boxing Champ

Photo from Wikipedia

Although boxing is about strength and it requires being physically fit, a boxer must also be intelligent. He will not just punch with all his might, he must also have different strategies in order to win the fight. Apparently, it is quite easier than blogging in terms of competition because you have only one opponent to beat. While the former looks bloody, blogging is also a tough battle since we are dealing with millions of blogs and many of them may have the same concept as yours. If you are going to ask how a trainer prepares his boxer, here are some of his tips that you can relate to blogging.

Study your opponent

A smart fighter will watch videos of his upcoming opponent to understand his strategies. In this way, he may find ways to anticipate the strength and find the weakness. He may also have an idea on what kind of approach he must do. As a blogger, you must view some blogs with the same topic as yours to know the chances that people will still like to visit your blog.

To continue reading

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How to Make your Post a Masterpiece

Photo from Wikipedia

It is surprising that Leonardo da Vince lived during the 15th century while his paintings still lives on and probably will live forever together with his name. If he had lived in our present time, he can also produce the most artistic blog post of all time. But one might wonder, what makes an artist? How do they make such great works of art? Are there secret formulas? After thinking a bit, I realized that bloggers can also be artists and they can make a masterpiece out of their post. Besides dedication and hard work, here are some of the practical tips that are usually being taken for granted.

1.0 Know your gift. This is very important when you are choosing a subject. You will look like a trying hard copy cat if you post about a popular topic that you are not capable of. Analyze your inner soul and write about something that you like most. If painting requires a steady hand, then article writing requires healthy fingers. There is a big difference between a musician and a composer. After all, it is still the talent that counts first.

To continue reading

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What made me joined Mr. Javo’s Birthday Contest

I am receiving a lot of invitation to join a contest and I must admit, I am not comfortable in joining any of them. It is not that their contests are boring and prizes are not attractive, but because I think I am not that sociable. I prefer writing semi-formal articles and sharing tips about my chosen topics. Besides, I have 2 other blogs to maintain which makes my schedule more hectic.

However, Mr. Javo’s Birthday Contest is somehow unique for me. Actually, his name and blog is quite familiar with me because he is almost everywhere. But again, I thought he is just an ordinary young internet marketer who is pretending to be nice and intelligent in giving tips on how to make money from blogging.

Upon viewing some of his posts, I realized that I misjudged him. His capabilities and talent are amazing, and his tips are realistic. I can feel his sincerity in his posts and you can check his blog to prove me wrong.

For his Birthday contest, the rules are simple and fair, and the prizes are generous. For more details, you can visit his special post.

Now I guess win or loose, I will consider joining other contests as long as the blog strikes my analytical mind.

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EntreCredits Donation Campaign for a fellow Entrecarder – Heidi @ who lost her husband

Photo from chrisjm

I would like to reserve this post to share my sincerest condolences to a fellow Entrecarder by the name of Heidi of who lost her husband recently due to heart attack.

With this, I would also like to request all EC members to share some EC points to her as an equivalent of financial assistance. If you are interested, please feel free to visit Deimos Tel`Arin’s special post for more details.

Any donation will get a sure back link to deimos’s prestigious and informative site who is deeply committed on Entrecard dropping.

To read the whole story, you can visit her very touching post and learn more how obesity can kill.

Life is short, my friend. So it is better that we inspire before we expire.

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Article Source: Humane Blogging Tips

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How to Keep your Health when Blogging

Photo from Qwurky

Before anything else, I would like to apologize to my regular readers and subscribers for not posting for almost a week. I have been through a minor operation last Saturday but I am a bit alright now. After five months of blogging, I noticed that I am consuming a lot of time making posts and promoting my blogs, and I somehow neglect my health. Although my mentor warned me that blogging can be addictive, I thought I can control myself. Nevertheless, I think I can share some of my doctor’s advises that can be related to blogging.

1.0 Do not push your limits. Set your available time for blogging and follow it. The problem with me is that I think too much on what to post and how it can be presented. Although I said to myself that I will stay in front of my PC until 11 pm only, but most of time I stay awake until two o’clock in the morning. Then I have only 4 to 5 hours sleep since I have a separate work. I guess I really have to discipline myself in terms of rest.

2.0 Have sufficient fluids. Having enough fluids inside our body is very important and all of us know that. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily is sufficient enough to keep us healthy. My doctor advised to have bottled water near my PC in case I will be lazy to get from the refrigerator. Avoid drinking too much coffee was also his advice although most of us can think more when we drink it hot. Red wine is much better than beer and alcohol.

3.0 Maintain a personal hygiene. I hate to admit it but there are weekends that I forgot to take a bath and when I realize it, I become lazy because it is already time to sleep. It may sound absurd but when you are concentrating on something, you really tend to forget other things. You do not even want to get up from your chair. To avoid this, you can set an alarm clock beside your PC or any form of reminder.

4.0 Exercise daily. According to my physical therapist, sitting for two straight hours is just fine. However, it is better if you stretch your fingers and other joints every thirty minutes. My mother also told me to walk at least 500 meters a day without pressure. This is different when we are walking during office hours. Allow yourself to sweat sometimes also keeps you healthy. It is also advisable to use the stairs when going down, instead of the elevator or escalator.

5.0 Have a healthy environment. Since I am doing this regularly, I would like to share this with you. Clean your PC at least every other day to remove the dust that may cause you allergy. I use a small paint brush to clean the exhaust fan and other parts of your CPU that cannot be reached by rags. Of course, it is better if you use a vacuum cleaner that is fit for your PC. Dismantling your CPU at least once a month to clean it well is also advisable.

Blogging can be harmful only if you allow it to harm you.

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How to be a Popular Blogger in the Newspapers

Being in the front page of a daily newspapers means you are popular. All bloggers who want high traffic needs to be popular and his name should be the talk of the town. These days, it is hard to be one especially now that bloggers are being born every now and there are a lot of them more popular than you.

With this, I would like to share to what I discovered to make us popular through newspapers. How? Well, you simply put yourself the way you want to.

You may notice the picture attached to this post with my name on the headlines. I made it by myself and you can do the same thing too.

To know something about it, it is called the Newspaper Clipper Generator. They have this stuff where you can make your own newspaper clipping and decide what news you want to have about you. So start making your own now.

Hope you enjoy doing this like I do.

I would like to thank Marhgil for unselfishly sharing this information on his blog and hope he continue posting good and entertaining posts like this one.

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How to Find Effective Ways to Get More Subscribers

RSS Icon from devianART by petemh

For me, subscribers are loyal friends and I am very much thankful to have them. They are the ones who tell us indirectly that our posts are good and worth reading. Although it is best to have a lot of visitors in your blog, you should also have regular customers. However before you can get convince them, you must be able to discover effective ways or techniques how to do it. We all know that content is king but it will be useless if only a small group knows about it. I have done some researches about it and am currently making some experiments. With this, I am excited to share them with you.

1.0 Join related forums. Find a forum where you can be a regular contributor. This means that you must choose a category that is related to your bog topic where you can start a good thread or reply to posts continuously. If they will like your posts there, you can gain a lot of your regular subscriber. I am a regular visitor of Steve Pavlina's forum and I try to share some brilliant ideas about parenting, marriage and blogging.

2.0 Be a guest blogger. Being a guest blogger means you can write well. This is because guest posting means making posts exclusively for other blogs. If first time visitors learned that you can do guest posting, they will be convinced that you are sincere in making good posts. Incidentally, I posted as a guest blogger for the great but humble blogger Kevin of for three wonderful times. I am still working hard to submit more.

3.0 Learn from the experts. Problogger and Copyblogger are among the few blogs where I learn useful tips in blogging. These two generous bloggers have good articles where you can learn a lot to gain more subscribers. They have posted in depth analysis articles to help us achieve what they are enjoying right now, Needless to say, both of them has thousands of regular subscribers and I am honored to be among them.

Here are some of the useful tips I learn from Copyblogger and hopefully these can help on our target.

3.1 Provide options. Some first time visitors would also like to be subscribers but they are hesitant to do so because they want more options on how get posts from you. They are your potential regular customers and you have to provide them some choices. This is the reason why I provided them two options; one is through a feeder and the other one is through e-mail. In addition, make the icons readily accessible but not to blind them.

3.2 Make it easier. Although you have already provided options, it is best to make them easier to know that you are inviting them. It is good that you have icons at your sidebars to let your readers know that they can be a subscriber, but you can also include a friendly invitation at the end of each of your posts. I will am starting this strategy in this post and provide time to edit my previous posts.

A business will not grow without regular customers. They are the ones who will help you promote it without a single penny.

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My Blogs are now wearing Better-looking Templates!

For the past five months of blogging, I have been concentrating on writing quality articles and promotion of my three blogs. However this morning when I was dropping Entrecards, I browsed a lot of blogs with beautiful templates and I found them attractive. Then I noticed that some of them are using but the designs I saw were not available in the collection of my free host. My dear friend then asked me search at Google. But by accident, I found which has a post about free templates for and Wordpress. I immediately visit where I found a bunch of wonderful templates. I did not waste my time and started to make some experiments until finally, I came up with this template which I am currently using.

Now, when I compare the old template to my existing one, I understand how important it is to have an attractive template.

An attractive template symbolizes the artistry of the blogger. It has an eye-catching impact to the readers. After I changed the templates of all of my blogs, I felt I just finished a masterpiece. My blogs suddenly look like a true website.

It also adds life to a blog somehow. Although content is still more important, it may look quite boring if the blog contains pure words. Not unless your blog belongs to the group of the elite sites such as Steve Pavlina’s site. He belongs to the very few bloggers who really do not need attractive templates.

Now I suggest that those who want their templates look attractive, you may check out this site. However, I just want to remind you two very important things before you proceed.

Download your existing template content to your PC in case you will need it again.

Do not forget to put a link of his site, not only that it is a requirement but also to show gratitude to the owner.

If you have time, I am requesting you to check out and enjoy the new look of My Other Blogs. I am very much open to comments and healthy criticisms.

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How to Attract Visitors from Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is sometimes being neglected as an alternative way of increasing traffic. One must remember that it covers around 24 countries worldwide and there are a lot of questions to choose from and are rapidly increasing. Moreover, you can be sure that the questions are authentic and their visitors are dying to get the best answers. Besides you need not to be a technical person to be able to answer their questions.

As a proof, the picture attached to this post is an example of one of the achievements of my parenting blog and even had numerous visitors. With this, I would like to share some of the strategies I think are very useful:

1.0 Find the best question for you. Find the questions that you can readily answer with good content. This is very important to be able to have a better chance to win additional points. After finding a good question in which I am pretty sure that you can easily find one, read it carefully and understand what really the question is. Sometimes, there are confusing questions and confirming it means that you are really willing to help him.

2.0 Have a prepared answer. It is better that you have a post that is related to the question. This can help you answer faster and more detailed than the others. Remember that there are other possible answers and the game is first come, first serve. The question usually takes three days before the inquirer chooses the best answer, but he think that he immediately found what needs to know, he can choose at once.

3.0 Be a sincere friend. The inquirer may be look begging for immediate answers, but he is also finding a friend and strong shoulder to lean on. Be polite in giving your answers because you will also benefit from doing so, even more than the additional points. He is still a potential visitor to your blog even if you will not win. Do not waste both of your time by giving nonsense answers. Besides, there are also other possible visitors other than the inquirer.

4.0 Invite him to your blog. Although this is obvious that you should also add the URL of your homepage, you can also add the page URL where you got the answer and of course, invite him to visit your blog. You can invite him by telling him your answer to his question is just a portion of the complete answer and the complete answer is on your blog. Just be sure that you provide him the correct page URL.

Your legitimate visitors can be your regular readers because they are the real ones who need your blog content and you must be able to find them quickly. This is the real traffic.

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How to Get High Traffic from your Resource Box

By definition, a resource box is simply the author’s signature usually found at the end of an article. This indicates where the article came from. If someone likes your post and adds it on their favorite social bookmarketing sites, your signature will come along and other readers can trace the original source through the link.

If you are to place it at the end of your post on your blog, make it short and simple. You can just include your name, blog title or unique pen name that can easily be familiarized with. Be sure that you add some words that can identify that it as your resource box. You can check mine at the end of each of my posts.

If you are submitting your article to article directories, the approach should be totally different. This is simply because you have to attract readers to visit your blog. Although your article can be interesting to read, they will not visit your blog if they found it dull and boring. Here are some useful tips on how to do it:

1.0 If you have more than one blog, put only the one that is related to the article so that the readers will not be confused. If you fail to do this, he might be going to the wrong blog. H will be upset and decide not to visit the correct one. Besides, it is annoying to see too many links in a single signature. You can link your blogs with each other on your side bars anyway.

2.0 If you are into business or offering paid services, you can include some contact numbers, email address and other related information. But do not be too flashy because visitors might be distracted with them. Moreover, do not also show overconfidence like telling that you have the best product in the world.

3.0 Although you must sound like a competent businessman, you must not exaggerate the words and include only what is the true content of your blog. Your readers will confirm it and if they cannot find any, you can be sure that they will not come back again.

4.0 Include the URL of your blog and make a hyperlink on it. This is more applicable if your URL is not the same as your blog title. By doing this, you are telling your readers that you have such URL. Although they might not click to the link now, at least they will have an idea about it.

5.0 Since you can add at the most of three links, you can also include the link of the original article source besides leading them to your homepage only. However, take note of the limit of the number of letters or words that you are only required to.

6.0 Never use the words CLICK HERE. Besides the fact that you are hiding your blog title, this can annoy your readers. It is a very unethical phrase anyone could use because it looks very informal. It is like giving command to the viewer and you do not give command to your customer.

After I did some experiments on my resource box, I finally arrived at this one in which I think is very attractive. Here is what I have been using recently.

I am a Filipino engineer who found himself more comfortable in writing letters instead of numbers. For more quality articles about blogging tips, internet marketing techniques and article marketing strategies, please feel free to visit Humane Blogging Tips at

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